Why im scared summon spirits or demon? + Introduction

Hey guys

four years ago I summoned a succubus at the moment
I do not follow any magical tradition except of course that I think that willpower is something more than people think
my practical experience in magic was as follows: I summoned a succubus demon using a ritual , accidentally contacted Lilith using her sigils
current ambition to know the truth, fight my doubts
I was a Christian not so long ago, now I’m just an ordinary person from the Russia

It still scares me that if I call on one of the demons, they will take everything from me and maybe even I will die because of this.
Yes, I was a Christian not so long ago, but I was very interested in the topic of the fact that everything may not be as we are told
but when i decided to turn on Enn daemon King Paimon I was terrified and stopped listening to it
although before that I calmly, albeit with doubts, called the succubus demon to me
maybe the demon doesn’t like what King Paimon can tell me about this
and maybe I have an ordinary parasitic spirit or what is it called lavra
now I’m confused and the fact that I can be influenced secretly from your forum

You forgot to mention where are you from.

Delete what exactly, btw I can’t delete anything as only the mods can do that.

I guess you are referring to an ‘enn’ There is nothing to be terrified about King Paimon is considered a suitable demon for beginners.
Just listening to his enn often will diminish the leftover anxiety caused by the brainwashing from Christianity

now I’m confused and the fact that I can be influenced secretly from your forum

We are not here to influence anybody, this forum is created to share experiences and expand our knowledge.

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yes, I later added that I was from Russia, but why did it seem to me that the space of my room was filled with some kind of sinister aura and on YouTube under the video with Enn (thanks for correct me) they write that this demon will take much more than it will give
ok then don’t delete anything, it doesn’t matter anymore
or are you hiding something from your users ? (mean hiding the fact that demons have a bad effect on people)
I’ve already encountered a hostile attitude towards a users on another forum…

on YouTube under the video with Enn (thanks for correct me) they write that this demon will take much more than it will give

People can write all day long, most of the time it’s just edgelords that write a bunch of bogus statements, I summoned King Paimon quite a bit and never had anything negative happen.

Use this if you think you are under attack,

Made by lovely @anon97554939

This is made by our awesome mod @DarkestKnight

This is made by a former member.

Information about the Seal of Manifestation

Protection rite by @C.Kendall


who are they edgelords?

on YouTube under the video with Enn (thanks for correct me) they write that this demon will take much more than it will give

Most of the time, people want to make it scarier than it is.


Welcome to the forum! : D

In this case, I would say don’t call demons. This level of doubt and fear could sabotage your magick, and even make you magickally manifest problems for yourself.

There are hundreds of other ways to get spiritual help, including non demonic entities. You can call the angels and deities of other pantheons.

We have a few former Christians here so you’re not alone. :slight_smile: Hopefully one or two will see this and chime in with their experience.

That’s possible, that a parasite would fill you with fear to stop you getting stronger, but easy to fix. Banish and clesnse, then summon your succubus bsck.
Set up wards so that only entities you invite may come into your living space.

Usually the entities get along fine. Can you contact your succubus and ask it if that was it’s doing?

I’m not sure how the forum would have influenced you? :thinking: What do you mean? Did something happen?


I didn’t talk about your forum, I just came from another forum where, it seems to me, they use trouble “darkness clouded mind” to connect people to the egregors they need and I’m afraid of something similar or worse, maybe they still affect me

and now I’m not only afraid of their forum, but also urs same Xd)

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yes, it seems that my attempts to contact this entity have failed at all, not in dreams, not in response to requests to respond in a vision or in other ways do not work

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“Edgelord” is English slang, it means a person on the internet who deliberately wants to shock people with exaggerated claims that do not come from experience.

They act “edgy”, meaning, trying to look tough and cool.

Most of the time, they are not serious magickians. They may be only repeating gossip. They can be safely ignored as simple minded and worthless drama queens.

The antidote to being fooled by edgelords is personal education and experience, which is the same as the antidote to fear as well as the fear they try to sell :slight_smile:

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thanks, i just don’t know english so well

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Ah, yes that’s also possible. Banish and cleanse and get rid of any lingering influence.
You might like to try the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or LBRP for short, as that is from Kabbalah, an Abrahamic system, and you are already in tune with that energy.

Sensible: always take responsibility for your own spiritual hygiene.
We’ve have had issues in the past with members attempting to bring parasites to this forum but we have protections, rules that help prevent it, and many great members that notice and fix things.

Members here has posted many tutorials and ideas to help get the basics of spiritual protections and banishing in place. It’s ideal to learn and practice these first before contacting entities.

In this case, the first place to start is developing your psychic senses so you can communicate.

Take a look at these tutorials and maybe they will help:


strangely enough, but I have already heard entities several times when they addressed me
but it happened twice
the first time was when i was back in 2018 or close to it , summoned a succubus by force of will , but she told me that she was not going to waste time on someone like me (implying that I’m stupid)
and the second time was when I looked at the sigil of Lilith and tried to call her or something like that , I just looked at her sigil and tried to meditate on it and she answered “speak” :joy_cat::joy_cat:

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So you can communicate and the issue isn’t you.

It may be that the entity you’re trying to communicate with can’t actually talk. This happens with some lesser entities in my experience. They’re just not developed enough, and are more like astral wildlife, than people. Imagine trying to have a conversation with a chicken :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s worth wasting any more time on. You could get so much more out of other work. Banish and cleanse, get rid of all of them, clear back to a clean situation, and don’t worry about it.

Then summon Lilith with the sigil again, thank her for coming, and ask her for a succubus that will love you, suit you and you her, and help teach you.

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it seems you are right , it may just be a parasite, or an underdeveloped entity that needs to be disposed of
or the possible destructive program of those bad people
in fact, I am very interested in the world of magic, but the fear about this haunts , imagine that you have been wrong all your life and your world of magic is an illusion and deceit

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I think that happens to most of us, and finding out what works for you is a journey that happens slowly over time. All you can do is keep learning and moving forward. :slight_smile:


it’s scary to make a mistake in choosing my beliefs and choosing a path
it seems to me since childhood I dreamed of some kind of nightmares and it seems that they were some kind of entities
some of them looked like cockroaches and others like leeches , and for some reason it was always scary, and something else often sucked me into the darkness in my dreams
it seems now I recently had very smelly creatures in my dreams they stank of rotten eggs and meat and vegetables at the same time and they had hair, something like small dogs or big mous
and it seems that during one of my attempts to enter the astral plane, I was frightened by some creature with green eyes
not so long ago I dreamed of a creature that tried to knock down the door and break into me, it did it anyway and it was a terrible creature on it there was no living place on it there were many ulcers, as if Bubonic plague

Then don’t :slight_smile: Consider it this way, if you picked up a new hobby, let’s say, wood carving, would it be scary to pick which design to carve first? You know you can always carve more and that you will be doing so later.

So it is with learning, don’t fix a “belief”, only experiment with the theory, try it on for size, and see if it works for you. You can change your mind any time, and nothing is lost because you gained experience, which was the whole point. You’re not committed to a single path forever. You are human and your have free will to change your path at any time.

Here we say “keep what works, and discard what doesn’t”. In corporate America they say “implementing half a plan is better than waiting or the perfect plan hat never comes.” Be agile and nimble in your approach and be prepared to adapt and make your own way.

Yeah, could be anything at this point… Banish and cleanse and set up wards, then reevaluate the situation. If that fixes it, they were entities, if it doesn’t, they were your mind trying to tell you something, and then you want to meditate on what.

Ignore these and move somewhere else. Again, astral wildlife exists, it get curious it’s not interesting to you in the end. It can’t hurt you, but your own fear can, so don’t be afraid. “There is nothing to fear except fear itself.”


imagine what you were inspired by the fear of death and what will happen after it if you make the wrong figure, God will punish you and you will end up in a bad place because you were not obedient and made the wrong figure
maybe I’m tired of you with my questions?

I was actually an atheist.

Imagine believing that the Christian god is nothing but an egregore made by the humans in the Church to scare people into doing what they say… such as, giving them land and money to buy a place in this fictional “heaven”.

We have had many, many conversations here about what hell is and if it exists. In my opinion humans create these as places in the astral simply by faring that they’ll go here, so they do. They do it to themselves, and they get what they expect because they created it. That’s how magick works.

If you try the search, you will see there are as many beliefs as there are people to have them. Are they all wrong or all right, or what? We make our universe every minute as humans are creator beings, which is what it means to be made in the “image of god”.

Not the Christian god, necessarily, but the all, the source, that is in all of us. It doesn’t have a human personality, doesn’t get angry and petty, doesn’t judge, it just IS pure potential that anything and everything comes from.

Look up the origin of the current ideas of hell: it’s all human politics. Not even spiritual, or original. It came of out of Egyptian myths of the underworld and was embellished over the centuries. Modern hell is a fairy tale t frighten children. Maybe it’s time you remembered you’re an adult and can put childish things behind you? :woman_shrugging: