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So I finally decided to grow the hell up and figure out what is going on with my spiritual life on why everything is so messed up so I grabbed my tarot deck out and asked some questions. One of these questions was am I essentially being screwed with by imposter spirits and it was an astounding yes also mentioning trickery and deception. My question is I don’t want to do the LSBRP as I seem to not feel inclined to do that.

Couldn’t I just right a petition to like the spirits of the air or something to clear out anything unwanted. I would listen to my intuition normally but that answer was very shocking cause I did a lot of “spirit contact” in the past few days so now I really don’t know what’s gonna work and what really won’t as a banishing ritual cause idk if an imposter will decide to give me a wild goose chase slap of the knee prank of a ritual that won’t even do anything but let my guard down even more….

My point is I have no idea now what is actually going to get rid of them and what won’t. I’m very lost since I asked my deck that question lol

Essentially I don’t know what to trust at the moment so I’d appreciate some guidance lol


Hopefully this section of tutorials on banishing and cleansing can help:


To add to the above,

Good job.

You don’t have to, I don’t use either the lbrp or the lesser ritual, nor do I employ the headless right or most of the more common things you see along with either. I combine several methods of banishing and protection in my overall plan. I use angelic methods like the circle banishing from Ben Woodcroft, or sword banishing from Damon Brand. I often use my own brand of calling the elements from deep within the earth and what I call the source. I also employ Luna to alert me to any changes or breaches in security.

Luna could be a good alternative that you could use in the interim while you figure out what to do and which system jibes with your practice. you can find here, I’m pretty sure she’s not in the above link anywhere. (but I could be wrong)


I been working with the goetia but now I got to deal with spirits that act like 13 year old children who have nothing better to do in any realm of existence

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My bad, I somehow forgot to the paste the link for Luna.

Well, if you aren’t establishing any sort of boundaries, doing work with legit entities lights you up so to speak, to other types of spirits.

I’ve had spirits in the astral tell me they can sense as soon as I leave my body, because of the energy of me being different than the common- I don’t know that if it’s truly like that, but you can be noticed- be it out of body or in body just doing magical like things.

It’s better to learn protection either early on, or as soon as you become aware that you should know how to banish, than it is to be really fckd up later and clueless.

I wouldn’t feel to bad about it, I’d just chalk it up to a necessary learning curve and proceed with a more while practice. :slight_smile:

Later on you might need some real hard core protection, and the basics will help you there.

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As was said above- Daemon Brand’s sword banishing is works like a charm for me. The master protection ritual will do a deep clean for you as well. Both from the same book