Creating sigils to absorb negativity energy and banish it

Can you creating sigils or servator to absorb negativity energy and banish it?

So for example you are trying to focus but have negativity thoughts or some negative energy still after banish it with the LBRP?

Maybe placement on your entrance to your house or temple?

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Yes. Servitors can even transmute that bad energy and change it into something more useful, store it for later baneful ritual use, or use it to shield/ward you and diminish how quickly it builds up.

My servitor Luna, does pretty much all of these things, depending on what she’s told and what is needed :slight_smile:




Ket is the queen of servitors from my experience. My only advice would be to learn to deal with it on your own, too, to some degree, so you can help if shit goes totally south and you need to help. Nothing worse than watching an entity save your ass and seeing a tidal wave of nonsense coming that you can’t do anything about…

Just like automation in the workplace, learn to do it to plug the small holes when the whole house comes down. And know that something like Luna has your back as you learn :slight_smile: