Free Services: Look Before You Leap! (Applies to buying as well)

I’m sorry, this is a clickbait title, because frankly something needs to be said, about things going on lately on our forum.

I see a lot of people accepting free rituals, free familiars. free advice about their life paths, opening sigils, testing servitors and a whole score of things- and most of these people accepting help, have little or no magical experience themselves, so they think WOW, this is amazing and so helpful and life changing.

I’ve been following a lot of these posts and frankly, the number of people I am seeing afterwards that have parasites, attachments, curses and other issues is astounding. I’m not going to name names, or bash anyone as I don’t think that’s right to do, and well, its always difficult to be certain- but I am asking you, all of you, to be a lot more careful when someone offers something free and you just accept it.

Exercise some discernment, and consider what the person gains, from helping you in this way. Are they gaining fans? Are they touting a business under the radar, by mentioning how often they do the same ritual for clients? If they offer it as a paid service and have done it successfully, why are they now offering it to you for free? Are they trying to build their reputation? Are the luring in, inexperienced newbies, so that they can spread parasites and then swoop in and play hero, when they supposedly save the day, only for the person to find out they are even worse off than they began, a short time prior?

If you’re bullshit radar doesn’t work as well as mine, find some people you can trust and ask their opinion before you dive in. I know many of us don’t have any of those in our real life, but you could reach out to a forum regular. We aren’t all good people or helpful in the regular department either, the status can be essentially bought, but for the most part, the majority of our regulars have put in the time, they’ve earned the status by helping and sharing their experiences. If you pm one of them that has been around for years, and is still active, chances are they will at least tell you whether or not they think the offering is safe to engage in, even if they don’t give a blunt honest opinion of the person doing the ritual- You should at least get an idea if it’s a bullshit working, like some of these promises are, or if they believe it’s legitimate.

If you notice, few regulars sign up for any of these free rituals, do you ever wonder why? I once in a while see someone jump on the trolley just to check it out or because it for one reason or another calls to them, but usually unless they have a pretty damned good feel of the operator, the regulars take a step back and consider if it’s a fit for themselves, and if the person making the offering is delusional, mentally ill, a drug abuser, or a legitimately experienced member of the magic community.

That’s not to say that everyone who offers something free is out to harm others, we most certainly are not. I myself have offered free rituals, but only to the lounge, where I knew I would be working for more experienced magicians that could give me feedback on my skills and the outcome, not the general public where the odds of this are much lower.

I even recently released a servitor to the public forum, and if you’ve not checked out that post, please do. When you do, question my motivation, question what you know about me from my replies, read the responses from the members that have posted about her, check in with the regulars who tested her, before the rest of you and ask why I did it.

Did I do it to get more customers? Did I do it to gain recognition? Or did I do it, because I’ve found, looking at my activity, the majority of my forum time is wasted on members with parasite and shielding issues, rather than productive magical conversation? Do I feel like someone who legitimately wants to help, or am I contributing to the problem? Do I act like I know everything about everything, and refuse to learn or try to understand other peoples points of view?

I know this post will not get to everyone it needs to go to, or to those who need it the most, but take a minute and think about the things you accept for free, before you do it.

Please, for your own sake.


I feel like this needed to be said.
And said again. And again.

Great post. Thank you.
Could not help but think about that saying “If it’s free then you’re the product” :rofl:

Although, just like you said, it all depends and it can go either way. Just have to be cautious and take a step back before jumping on the bandwagon.


Exactly, sometimes you get exactly what you pay for. I’ve been tossing it around in my head for days, and I couldn’t go back to sleep this morning, until I put it out there. It’s been driving me nuts, keeping it to myself.


Maybe I needed to read this lol. I’ve been seeing some of the free offerings and I just miss the boat for a few of them. I haven’t done any of the servitor( except for one) or sigil ones because I got a pretty decent servitor of my own and most of the sigils I need are in books I’ve bought. Newbies like me who are curious are eager to try something if it looks/sounds promising. I like to read the comments before jumping into something new though. But even then… lol


Indeed, even reading the comments, sometimes the new members think what they received is great, and haven’t even connected the fact that they now have a major issues, no idea where it came from, but just accepted something free.

I’ve even seen it with one or two of the regulars, they are usually newer regulars or the experiences they share are flaky at best, so always, always try to use good judgement on any advice or free thing you receive.


The only free services I accept are readings. They’re usually safer but keep in mind, I banish and cleanse and if things get top heavy I have guides to help me this is also the only thing I offer as I’m still learning.

You give good advice to a lot of begginers on the forum. It’s really appreciated! I personally won’t ask anyone to do a service for me as I think it’s better to learn this through trial and error. Members I have seen offering these services have good intentions but keep in mind if you’re a beginner with no basic knowledge, you are still opening yourself up to other forces even if the practioner offering help has taken precautions because the spirit world is very complex.


Something “funny”, I woke up this morning with this sentence in my head without knowing why. Now I see


Thank you very much for the post. you just hit the nail on the head.
your advice is well taken

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Synchronicities…always amazing ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome post, thank you for taking the time to write this up.

I may occasionally volunteer for a free reading but it’s usually from a regular that got a new deck or so.


Thanks for the post. I find myself in the same boat as the topic of this post. Well, I did all the
free reading without the free servitor thing and it didn’t even once crossed my mind about the wolf in sheep clothing that could be. I didn’t even thought about it. I would like to thank you for the great topic, for the warnings and for the guidance and the advice that you given us. Really appreciated. I will check your post about the servitor. Thanks again.


thanks for speaking out about this.


Just posting this so it gets more reckognition! I’m super careful with free stuff unless it’s readings or scans. I have a way to get rid of parasites, negative energies and cleanse in case if I do get anything bad but not everyone’s that careful


Thank you. Words of wisdom

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This should also be considered for paid services. If you are planning on paying to have someone cast a ritual or whatnot. Spend the little bit of time and do your research on the seller. Read reviews, ask around. Otherwise its only your fault in the end( taking my own advice on this currently).


You earned yourself a fan for life!
So well articulated.
This has been playing on my mind since the past few days but I assumed that I was just being negative and not thinking in the right direction.

I have a question to ask. With your permission may I PM you?



Me? Sure, but I don’t know if I will have the answer :slight_smile:


Can u get curse, o parasite by scaning,?

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I think you could, though not as many people are able to give real scans as claim to be, so the risk to me, at least in my mind- is slightly lower.

If you think about how they need to connect or view your energy to scan you, it wouldn’t be hard to attach something to you, while you were doing a scan imop.

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I agree with this. Because my current issue is because I was scanning and it saw who my soul is and though it was really after her husband it is after her/me now.