Is there a way to tell if someone is using these practices to drain you and is there a safe way to utilize these practices to counteract it?

I have been have health issues, extreme fatigue, depression for many years now. Medical tests are inconclusive. The past few years it’s gotten worse with the suicidal ideation. It’s almost like someone it’s implanting repetitive suicidal thoughts in my head. I feel cursed and drained. Lots of bad luck, as soon as things start go well, it’s taken from me in the most chaotic ways, literal rug being pulled out from under me constantly to the point I’m scared of everything. I’m perpetually stuck in life. I am not attracting good people into my life but what feels like constant undercover enemies romantic or otherwise. Strangers on the street look at me and it’s like I’m disfigured or something. I know that I’m not, I’m pretty average nothing to gawk at. I see shadow people on and off and sometimes have the feeling of being watched, and the feeling of someone standing in my room. Is there a way to determine what is happening and who is doing it and a way to protect myself? I don’t think I’m a particularly bad person even though when I was younger I wasn’t the most careful with people’s feelings, particularly men, but most young people are like this due to immaturity. I never did anything outrageous or purposefully cruel.

One guy in particular stands out for some reason as the the potential person to do something. I don’t fully understand why. Maybe this is just something he does to women he feels wronged him. (I only rejected him). He has a wife, there was no overlap but I can tell she still watches my social media because she copies me. I don’t really think about her, it’s mostly him I think about. I haven’t seen him in years but I haven’t been able to get him out of my head even though I REALLY want to. It’s a constant thing. I even thought he was my twin flame but I feel like there is something darker going on. It just feels like someone outside of me wants be to die/suffer.

How can I figure out what’s going on and who’s doing it and how can I stop it in a safe way. I can only assume it’s the guy I mentioned but I don’t know that for a fact and I don’t want to do anything to an innocent person. I just think the constant thinking about him is some sort of spell. That’s what it feels like. It’s really painful.


This is a job for a therapist, first and foremost, or some really careful introspection. There’s no reason to look for spells unless you know the person performs magick, and it doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

You can try a cord cutting (a common techniwue you can google) but this might be deeper considering your feelings about random people on the street.

I don’t think magick is a good idea for people in this kind of emotional space, and it’s quite likely to make things worse. You’re better off using this as a challenge to really understand yourself psychologically.

“Know thyself” is a tenet in magick that will always stand you in good stead. But only you can do that inner work to find out.


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Thanks, I’ve seen many therapists and they don’t seem want to or know how to help me. It’s like they’re afraid to go there with me. It’s possible I get labelled a schizophrenic and I don’t think that’s it. I do have plenty of logic and reason still I feel pain from something that seems external to me. I don’t want to think about this person and I can stop. I’m stuck and it feels like something has latched on to me and it draining my life force. I don’t know if it’s him, some other person, or an entity. I have the resolve not to end my life. I just feel like this will result in some terminal illness.

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I introduced myself, thanks!

How long have you had these feelings?

Was there a definite start? Any triggers?

Any hallucinations as a kid?

Do you seem to have either strong allergies, or 180 degrees opposite, do you seem to be almost bulletproof when it comes to allergies?

Were you involved in any rituals or religious work that you suspect could’ve caused an attachment?

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I don’t recall anything mystical as a kid. I didn’t hallucinate but I had vivid dreams. The bad dreams decreased a lot I would say about 6 years ago that’s when I started actually doing protection work. I don’t remember what I did but it was general new age stuff, like crystals and mantras. I got more into new age at that time because that’s when my life started really going downhill more so than ever and my life hasn’t ever really been easy. I was around toxic people and in a toxic relationship at the time, not with the guy in the OP, this other guy would also have nightmares bordering on night terrors. Different partners would always have bad dreams sleeping next to me. I don’t know what that is. From what I remember one guy said he saw snakes, another saw some sort of dystopia, another saw a beautiful woman/succubus I guess? This all happened around the same time period give or take a year. The Guy in the OP I met before the toxic bf, it was short-lived, the obsession was triggered because I had visions, literal flashes of lustful images upon first meeting, never had that happen before or after which is why I feel like he did something. I still feel him in my energy and I don’t understand why it’s been years and we were nothing. It’s not like I’m some inexperienced woman that can’t let go. I have let go of others after a reasonable grieving process so many times, just not him for some reason.

My life has gone to hell and I feel completely drained and a shell if my former self the especially the last 3 years, the negativity and intrusive suicidal thoughts have escalated. I basically stay in bed most of the time. Nothing goes right ever. Relationships don’t work out.

I didn’t have allergies as a kid but I have them as an adult. They started 6 yrs ago.

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Whereas I agree with Mulberry, I would like to suggest something that you might find helpful. This is completely safe and will help remove any unwanted energies around you.

One of members has created a servitor for this purpose. Shes designed to be totally user friendly for beginners, easy to summon and safe to use.

I feel that you would likely benefit from some localised energetic clearing. The link below gives you the details.


If you’ve seen many therapists, and you’re afraid they will misdiagnose you as a schizophrenic, yet none of them have, then it’s unlikely that any of them will. If you look up the requirements to qualify as a scizophrenic, nothing you’ve said meets them except for the paranoia, which by itself is not enough.

Basic magick would be banishing and ckeansing and a cord cutting. You should banish assuming you have astral parasites.

If you try the search at top right, and use “spiritual hugiene tutorial” as your search term and start learning about how to keep your space clear of entity influence.

If that helps, you were parasitised and will want to study that for longer as where there’s one there’s often more.


Thanks I will research spiritual hygiene and parasites. It literally feels like a parasite. If I smoke weed I feel an energetic pull from my body, feels like leeches.

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That makes sense, drugs including weed are known to open doors and attract parasites. It’s a good idea to banish before partaking. You can also ask the spirit of Marijuana to guide you, heal and protect you. :slight_smile:


I don’t know what it could be but I had to answer your post because that’s SO SIMILAR to what happened to me.

And I used to think about it like @Mulberry “is this paranoia? Am i sick?” I literally would cry thinking I was losing my mind. How could a person be thinking of someone they dated 10 years ago? But now thinking about him 24/7 non stop, if when we broke up I was fine? I had years without his memory even crossing my mind!? How could this happen now? I’d get out of bed crying?!?

This started 2 years ago. I just didn’t see it as a spiritual problem, so it went on for almost a year. I just thought I was obsessive and crazy.

Even though I didn’t acknowledge it as a spiritual attack I started to use magick rituals and servitors to get rid of it.

But the funny thing is I had this strange intuition, EXACTLY LIKE YOU, saying to me he did something to put me in this state. Because that’s not normal, I haven’t felt like that for 10 years, why this now? And of course without any lead I’d dismiss it the very minute and go back to think I was actually going insane.

And there was this strange timing, when he posted something even though I don’t have him in any accounts and didn’t see any notifications or something, I’d have this urge to see him, see his face. I remember the phrases in my head “I just have to see him one more time. I just miss him so much”. And when I’d enter his profile, there it was, a new post/photo. When I fought those thoughts, they’d be in my head for 3, 4 days non stop, I couldn’t do anything in my day, just cry remembering when we were together. When I finally gave up and went to his profile, the new post or photo was already there for 3 or 4 days. It was so clear I was being guided to see that. And his posts were all victory, milestones in life.

But the thing is, when we dated he was “behind me” in all those things. And he was always a person who wanted to show off, (I now know he fits the narcissist behaviour) but with me he couldn’t, my life was on track, my family had more money than his, I was at college and he wasn’t. I never used this to belittle him in any way. But i know now how a narcisist can’t stand not being number 1, is always a competition.

So, cut to the past year, after all the pain and feeling crazy, to be missing him, and to be thinking he did something to me without any evidence… he starts posting things about his religion… an african religion that messes with craft. And he is part of it from a long time. I think from when we dated, only he never told me. At this point I just got digging, because I couldnt believe my intuition was right all this time.

I found old posts, from more than 10y ago of him talking about offerings to the spirits. And it was for someone who asked, so it was clear: he worked with craft. He had real knowledge about magick, not like me at all.

I know its a good religion but it can easily be use for bad, and I know for sure he’s a bad person, he’d make me miserable and after it gas light the shit out of me, pit everyone against me lying, and the day he broke up he said to me I was never gonna be happy.

I always wondered why, I that had everything in life and was so on track got every door closed and failed so much in life even thou I always tried so hard. Today I actually wonder if he did something for that to happened over the years, because I didnt see at the time, I only had a feeling he was very jealous of the things I was achieving. Now that I’m older I am certain he was and probably did something spiritually.
Now HE has everything and MY life never evolved, I got stuck so hard. In situations that you do everything right and people are always against you and telling you no, jobs, college.

I don’t think for a minute that a narcissist would hesitate to use anything he has knowledge on to attack.

So… no. If your intuition says something to you about this guy, probably is him. Trust it.
I had no information at all, only a feeling and I rejected thinking I was crazy. For me he was a guy like so many, who don’t even go to church and believe in anything. Little did I know.


Thank you for sharing your similar story. I still think he did something. I have a feeling it was some sort of attraction/love spell upon first meeting then something nastier when he felt I rejected him. Even when we we dating, I felt a strong attraction combined with repulsion. He always knew stuff about me I didn’t remember telling him. When we went no contact, it was hell. Which was confusing to me at the time because despite the physical attraction I really wasn’t that interested him personality wise. He moved on quickly as seemed happier than ever. I learned of the term twin flame and it consumed me. The frequent thoughts still rarely let up and it feels like a curse/illusion more than any twin flame thing at this point. I don’t know his family background or what he’s into, he doesn’t share much on social media. I pray that if he or someone is doing something it’s just revealed it to me in some way.

I have a feeling he’s done this to other women to feed off them energetically. I think he hates / is jealous of women. How far he takes that hatred? Especially if he loses control? I don’t know.

I have bad luck all around. Nothing goes right. Everyone I meet seems like a karmic lesson. Men seem interested in me and want to pursue me but then their feelings will turn off like a switch with no obvious cause. His life seems fine from what I can tell online but I have no idea.

I’ve had other thoughts of him being a plant to run me off my course in life. Sent by who? I don’t know; Sprits? ET? Maybe I’m a targeted individual?


Yikes! That’s a whole lotta effects from someone who was obviously involved in the occult.

Can you easily buy ebooks?

If so, I’d love to see what happens if you do “Invalidate Magick” in Angels of Wrath. You call Sharphiel, if that’s okay with you. Usually this has effect the same day.


Oh man! Everything you describe is the same with me. Even how you said it: “a strong attraction combined with repulsion” it’s so like it happened to me.
I very much hope someone here can give you some direction how you can solve this. I’ll keep an eye on this for me too.


For anyone reading this who’s gone through something similar, try this I Am meditation as you fall asleep…

Just repeat the I Am statements as you fall asleep… then let the recording continue as you sleep. Listen as long as you can while sleeping.

I was highly trained in hypnosis and related areas by Richard Bandler and Dick Sutphen, earned half a psychology degree at school… yet I can say that simple “I Am” (Eh-yeah) loops near and during sleep are often as or even more potent than more complex techniques.

Sometimes simple is surprisingly powerful — and this is very true in this case. The effort to result ratio is in your favor, certainly.

In a sense, Reality ovulates while you sleep, so hypnagogic work and sleep programming can be a major reality “hack”. @Veil and many others can attest to this.

What’s more, Alice just radiates love, and she’s incredibly intelligent. I’ve used several of her meditations and sleep loops, and find them remarkably well crafted. Often wonderful effects.

She’s almost a female Brian Scott, but with more divine feminine energy. Just a lovely, lovely person. Highly skilled.

You get a massive “love download” listening to this, and some of her other works. Very valuable when you’ve been unfairly wounded.


Robert Bruce Psychic Self Defense Handbook. This will become one of your bibles.


I will check it out, thank you for the resource