Your thoughts on my strange..... visitation? encounter? something else?

Had a strange incident last night and thought I would seek some insight from your good selves.

I was lying in bed mucking around on my laptop when quite a strong energy became present in my room. It didn’t feel at all off or anything. I felt it in the external environment and also strongly moving through the right hand side of my body. I did a quick time check and was 11:11pm when it kicked off (yes, I know there are a million theories on the number thing, including whether or not is actually a thing).
I closed my laptop and lay in the dark, concentrating on noticing the sensations of the energy. This went on for a bit, then a very bright white little spark thing appeared off to my right, about six or so feet forward by my estimation. It very rapidly shot across from right to left, then zipped back to the right a little way, then back left and vanished. It was visible for maybe 1.5 seconds or so.

Moments later, I had an audient experience. I have had audient experiences before, but they are a rarity for me. It was a very clear female voice, sounding as though it was in my right ear.
It said “My mother came to you twice. She’s angry because you couldn’t hear her”.
I have no idea who this may have been in reference to.
I closed my eyes and queried this. There was no audient response. Instead a number of blue shapes or symbols or something appeared visually, as if the inside of my eyelids were a movie screen so to speak. They moved around and changed for maybe 10-15 seconds or so before fading.
The energy in the room and its effects in my system faded gradually over the next few minutes.

So, wondering what people’s thoughts are. What came to visit? I’m thinking of trying to call it back and seeing if I can have a pendulum chat with it (although my penduluming can be unreliable sometimes)

I follow @Mulberry method, setting up wards, preventing contact with unknown spirits, if they are really inclined to approach me, they can do that through signs and omens.

Many thanks. I am pondering though whether this might be something that needs some help. That thought just occurred to me.

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Much appreciated. I dont think there was anything hostile. Im going to give them a call and see if i can have a pendulum chat. I’ll have counter measures on standby of course.
Not sue i’ll need to give them a call though. Feeling the same energy again now. I guess they know im talking about them