Have you used collective servitors not created by you?

Has anyone used (and what are the experiences and opinions) collective servitors(a servitor created by other person intended for being used for anyone)?


I guess it depends on the thoughtform.

Quite a few people on here have worked with Luna, kindly created for us by @anon97554939 :slight_smile:

You can see some of the feedback here:

Many have worked with Mr Silvera, the BALG forum’s egregore created by the previous Global Mod. He gets mixed feedback when people try to use him, especially ah, “off label” it seems, but I enjoy his company and he’s never failed me for forum stuff. He is part of why the forum is as clean as it is, spiritually speaking. (An open to google magick forum attracts a lot of dross.)


I’ve created a talisman for an egregore entity before, something like a school, city, or other institution/group/collective. One side was for love, the other power. Both sides dealt with wealth and protection. It’s somewhat difficult to say what exactly results were, but I have had good outcomes with regards to people and situations involving that egregore, and I have established a semi-permanent, strong physical link on the premises. The feet that walk over me now do so on the ground that I have paved.

What was more interesting was interacting with the spirit. There were some instances when it seemed to want me to do certain things for the betterment of the egregore. I did not always follow this, for my own purposes. I can see this sort of magick bringing benefits, but it runs the risk of enmeshment.


I tried to create an egregore:

I’ve had some success and honest feedback, so far.


I use Fotamecus all the time (heh). He’s a group-created egregore whose primary function is to bend time perception, i.e. slow it down or speed it up when needed. Usually there is a trade-off, so for instance if you’re having a boring day at work you can use Fotamecus to speed up the hours, but then you’ll need to balance it out by either slowing down hours later, or passing the energy back to the egregore for someone else to use.


A while ago someone on the forum posted some servitors that they made and I played around with them: I made a batch of 3 Servitors. Feedback Requested

I still have Lucy on my person.


Nice work! I will give them a try. I am always keen to acquaint with more servitors.

I’ve used various collective servitors:
-Luna (whom someone referenced above). Strongly recommend. She’s effective and also very pleasant company
-Various servitors from Jareth Tempest’s patreon. I’ve been trying these for about a month and a half. Haven’t seen any results yet, but time will tell
-Xaturing (whom I interpret as a collective servitor/egregore type deal, but I know many disagree) I have only tried tasking him twice and as yet haven’t had a result

I have actually made a servitor intended for shared use. I am still in the testing and growing her skills phase. In due course, if she tests well I will share her with the group. She’s intended to assist in telepathic operations.


Xaturing seems a bit fickle to work with on account of user reports. Personally, I’ve had some success with him when asking him to break things so I have more work to do at work or keep things from breaking, so I can do less, lol.

Though, key component for me is that I have a digital altar for him, so that might be the difference.

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Ah that is a fun one. So fun thing I found you can store the time in objects to use later or cast it on someone else. It is fun to watch the annoying coworker scramble to get stuff done while you finish long before them and can sit about and relax a bit.

I’ve also used entities of a nature around popular fantasy and of course the religious idols of many religions. You can also tap into the energy and consciousness of corporations, organizations, anything you want with a collective of energy usually has some consciousness to it and can fit the definition if worked with properly. Exodia is particularly fun at some parties.


Hopefully not too off-topic, but I too like the idea of tapping into egregores or thoughtforms created by attention, chaos-magick style, in the greater collective unconscious or whatever.

Maeve from Westworld is a great one.


Maybe this would be up your ally then? I haven’t worked with it yet, but the first 19 pages seem legit so I plan to look a little harder at it in the future. Assuming the forewords are correct, this is a combination of servitors and tarot, but the servitors can be used without the tarot.

I don’t want build a tarot deck, but I was thinking about assimilating groups of my servitors to present together so I’m curious to see if they operate similar to mine as expected or not.

I have worked with one of Taylor Ellwood’s servitors, and I’ve checked out a lot of servitors for people in my pms.

I find it as a whole to be rather hit or miss. If the magician has some skill, usually their servitors pan out, otherwise they sometimes seem to need some tweaking, or might take a bit of slow start route.

I’d advise being careful as beginners using servitors from others- not all who share servitors have good intentions, even if most of us do- sometimes people attach nasty stuff to them, or don’t create enough food sources or the servitor otherwise thinks you should be food when your not.


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Does anyone know and have experienced molamp project?

I am very proud of them qnd am glad they are growing qnd being of help to others.