Afraid To Start?

Hi, I have recently put a hold on beginning my journey with magick because I’m pretty afraid to start. I’ve recently been having trouble sleeping because I feel something is watching me. I don’t believe it’s that serious so I always just ignore but I’m afraid still. I’ve read a thread about evocation and it said to picture a cloaked man standing in front of you and look for signs of life such as red glowing eyes etc and that’s what comes to mind when I’m afraid at night. I don’t know if this is just me scaring myself unintentionally but I really do want to try and start my journey even though I’m afraid. But I can admit I always wonder if there are consequences if I start.


Start with this:

Not only will Luna clear the area of the unwanted, but she will also help you get over your fear of spirits.


Thanks so much, will look into

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You could use Law of Attraction (which is really powerful when done right) and chaos-style magick, and never have to handle any of this stuff, and still get amazing results? :thinking:


In my experiance magic is a great way to deal with these sorts of feelings. It gives you something to do besides feel afraid.

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I have a similar problem … have been procrastinating on summoning Archangel Michael for months. I’m mostly worried that it will be a one-way communication, which is really frustrating to me. So I’m trying to work on my senses instead, but time flies, and I really need to get over myself at some point.

Anyway, I’ve been working with Luna (what DarkestKnight recommends). It’s been helpful, a lot of fun, and certainly less intimidating than summoning a popular spirit.


I think that if you dont feel a need* to practice, or dont have a willingness to endure scary stuff, up to and including risk on your life, then the best move is to keep at a distance. Anonymity is one of the best defenses against spirits.

Many practitioners put up a really good public relations front for entities, but this is not the reality of the entities themselves. Sometimes, you make good friends and things work out for the best. Most of the time though, you will be tried, tested, pushed, poked, and prodded by entities. This isn’t always for ‘your greater good’ as most people around here claim.

When you practice, you also become a beacon for spirits. Could be random passerby, could be parasitic, but your chances of being noticed spike.

Most spirits dont do stuff for free. At some point, they can ask for repayment. What happens after that depends on you.

I sincerely dont think spiritual interaction is a “for everyone” kind of thing. They are different than we are, and operate as such. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and it is necessary to be able to roll with the punches and be prepared for when things dont go well.

I just felt like giving an honest opinion, I can elaborate further if need be, and my intention isnt to scare you off. I simply want to bring your attention to a couple potential problems before you practice


This sums up my situation perfectly. And I’ve been wondering whether I should be doing any of this if I don’t even have the guts to summon the angel I’m most drawn to.

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I will say this though.

Whenever things have gotten too far off the rails, and dangerous, Michael has come to help whenever I’ve called. Gabriel and Raphael as well. They arent without empathy and understanding. I’ve actually gone from having somewhat of an aversion to the angelic, to having a lot of respect for them.

Another, that is relatively friendly and very insightful, is Brigid. Maybe working with her will help uncover a bit more about yourself. She’s wonderful about getting to the root of things, and can help you find some confidence in self


Never heard of Brigid before. Thanks for the recommendation.

Michael, I’ve actually met him already. He showed up a few months ago based on my invitation. The story is here: A nightly visit. Now if we look at how this went… He didn’t do anything to upset me, he even hugged me, but I was shocked out of my mind. Couldn’t talk to him, and for some reason had a moment of imposter paranoia. Then I opened a topic here asking for a technical explanation on what even happened :joy:

Needless to say, I’d like my next encounter with him to go better :sweat_smile:

That’s great you’ve worked with Luna and it’s been a great experience. Do you think this will be a good first spirit for me to summon? It seems pretty harmless overall. My room where I spend most of my time holds a lot of negative energy so I feel like Luna may help with that.

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Thank you for your response it’s really appreciated. I do have the willingness to endure scary stuff I just need to toughen up I feel. Thank you for the information

Yes, it’s hard to imagine a more harmless spirit than her. She comes across as totally innocent and has the kind of personality you’d expect from a cute cartoon animal.

I am also a bit scared to start, but not for the same reason, I think I am not ready yet, even though there is entities literally giving me BIG ass signs that they might want to work with me, between Cernunnos always popping in my head or my dreams, Belial, and now Azazel seems like (got a dream 2 nights ago about “The Gate of Azazel” :thinking: and had another one about him few weeks ago) and I’m like “Yeah I don’t know guyyyys”.

But in any case, I don’t think being afraid of something is a bad thing, as long it doesn’t block you for too long. If you were to jump into things all the time, without thinking about it… Not that good right ?


Thanks so much I’ll definitely try to contact her within the next few days.

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That’s really incredible you’re getting signs. I have never had any interaction with any demons or spirits so it’s pretty discouraging. But if you’re getting signs that’s amazing & I wish you success!

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They’ve never put me through hoops :grinning:

They never asked me for anything :neutral_face:

Yeah, Belial was the first one to reach out to me in a dream, when I literally had no interest in the occult. I am sure it will happen to you aswell :relaxed: Is there any spirits you would like to work with ? Or nothing yet ?

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I’m very interested in Lilith, I might look into contacting her

@9cat Seems more psychological perhaps you have fears that have been planted by previous fear mongering of the subject of magick ect. Best thing to do is start academically do some research into some fields of intrest. Maybe your fascinated by certain ancient culture maybe look into there various mythologies. That way while not doing magick physically you are gaining magical knowledge which will come in handy when you are ready.