Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Right now im depressed and at work. I work in logistics and I wanna keep my job. I wanna finish with this hell because is energy consuming for me.


I am in a situation where im recovering from injuries causes by my partner.
I have 2 kids and currently thankfully i have them together with me and we are at my parents house. My husband was the bread winner hence now I need to get back on my feet to look after myself and my kids.
I have some things i advertise on Facebook for people to buy but I just got phone calls but no one really made the effort to buy them.
I was reading more about Bune and Lucifuge Rafocol and I decided to call upon Lucifuge Rafocol but im at my parents house and my bedroom i share with my 2kids in wich one is a toddler and I dont have space at all to do my ritual. Would reqlly appreciate anyone willing to help me out here.
Thankyou so much.


I will add one here as Im hesitant about doing magic, just a chaotic time for me.

The biggest issue for me is a financial breakthrough, although I am not sales, business or finance oriented. I just need a way to payoff my debts and be stable with my bills. I don’t give a fuck about being the richest man in Babylon, just never in financial need again, through affecting my life only (in other words not though inheritance etc). I actually don’t even owe that much that a bankruptcy couldn’t handle, but its all a tangled mess. Add to that Im now unemployed.


I got you on a tarot reading. Give me a minute or two to deal some cards.
Im not familiar with how timeframes go, just a general idea about the cards and a few spreads, so timelines, if you’re interested in that, hopefully the answer can be found on the cards dealt.

Split Hexagram Spread - Im going to go with love and relationship type answers here.

Greater Spiritual Influence: XXI The World (Saturn/Earth)
It appears that your request has been answered, this signifies often the end of a matter.
Lesser Spiritual Influence: XVII Star (Aquarius)
I would meditate on being more attractive, eat natures best food, and join social awareness circles.
Spiritual Advice: XIV Temperance (Sagittarius)
Transmutation, spiritual alchemy taking place. Explore spiritual alchemy and apply it in a spiritual and practical manner.
Unconscious Desires: I Magician (Mercury)
This is interesting as part of your name, Mercury is the planet of magic, so likely this is where the waiting is building up. The good thing is is Mercury is quick.
Conscious Desires: XVI Tower (Mars)
Mars, the planet of sex and war.
Practical Advice: XI Justice (Libra)
All matters in balance.
Final Outcome: X Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)
Fortune smiles on you, or cause and effect has caught up.

Top of Deck is Chariot by the way.


You’re overthinking it. One thing to say you’re not lusting for results, another to actually not lust for results. Right now you are in your head about it, intellectually, looking for rational, reasonable, measurable “signs”. The entities are working on your behalf (3 of pentacles always appears in my readings to indicate working with an entity or entities). You need to let go of logic and “feel” their influence working, or feel the certainty of the change being wrought, regardless of what other people reflect to you on the outside. I can’t tell if I am off-base here but maybe this is a new endeavour for you (magick). You’re going to get results and examine them critically when you do, so it seems you have nothing to do but be patient and try your best to embody the qualities you seek.

tl;dr shift your focus from vigilance and rational/logical reasoning, and emotionally embody the state you want to inhabit.


I don’t have photos/proof since this was all journey magick, but I petitioned Hekate. She should weed out any parasites, root and stem.

I am really glad to hear you are back with your children.

If you have a way of doing so, I would recommend leaving offerings for Bimé (Bune) to establish a relationship with her, and then petition her after a week or so. There is also that angelic mantras thread I linked; I would recommend using the one for manifesting material needs.

I’ve not done much beyond initial assessment but I feel like you’re being watched over, not threatened. I’d hazard an educated guess that it will be an entity whose general elemental current is either opposite, or completely alien, to your own. E.g. if you are predominately fire, it may be generally Water or Earth aligned.

I would recommend this: Safe Servitor for beginners, banishing, protection, shielding and warding

To ask her to both remove any negative influence, and further to gently remove the overstimulating energy from your space, or create a buffer if you don’t want it gone entirely.


Hi Everyone, I have a love/lust spell request, I have tried this a few times but I get no results. I hope a fellow practicioner is willing to help. I don’t mind if it’s an actual spell or a request to a demon, as long as I have the girl I’m good lol.


Thank you so much for your reply! That’s a really interesting take. I’m primarily water/earth, so I suspect the spirit is fire and/or air.

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It’s been about 3 weeks since my last set of workings for you. The path for things to get to you is hard, so please keep that in mind.

I don’t kniw why you were calling on Lucifuge Rofocale, so I can’t help with that.

Lady Bune for financial, Lord Abaddon to clear the road, and King Paimon for your business.

And another, for the other problem I know of.

Give them some time to do their work.


Thankyou for your help. Truly appreciate it. I havent called on him yet. I was reading through the forums and I came across his name for wealth etc hence my post.
Thanku so much for this.
Yes patience is what i truly need in this times. Thanku so much for your help. Truly appreciate it :pray:


Hello everyone, my problem is insecurity and belief in things around me. I asked several members for help, but none gave me a precise answer. My guess is that I have succubus, but I’m not entirely sure. I have a certain amount of distrust, because I felt weird things a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have a problem if she’s succubus, but I’d like to know what she wants with me. I’m torn between what I really want and what I have now. I’m asking for help if anyone wants to scan me, or if anyone can talk to her. Thanks in advance😉

Can someone help me contact lucifer?

I was told that he is one of my spirit guides and that he have been reaching out to me, so i meditated on his enn the last 2 weeks but i wasn’t able to contact him.


I want to help you via remote banishing, spiritually nuking your immediate area. I understand (and correct me if I’m wrong) that you’re aware of this parasite’s presence at all times, correct?

I would like to coordinate a exact time to perform the banishing, so you can test its effects and give me some more accurate feedback, if it is okay with you.


Hoping someone also chimes in on this and verifies both our requests were made with him, I focused on the Death card as a symbol for Lucifer, and made a short invocation for him to contact you.

Heres to your new buddy Lucifer, cheers (as soon as I refill my coffee)! :slight_smile:


My senses are not well developed. A while back, I sensed the presence of a spirit in my house( sudden drop in temperature and a very loud whisper that was enough to wake me). I would like to know who it was… Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Didn’t mean to reply to Morpheus. Sorry

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Could someone do a ritual for me?

Some time ago I got the instructions to do a ritual with Decarabia, and given tools, and planetary phases.

I tried to do the ritual, but nothing happened:

You will need silver, purple candle, jasmine essential oil, jasmine and sandalwood incense.
Direction is east, element air
Tarot card-9 of cups
To open sigil, after casting circle as is your custom, first apply a few drops of blood to it, then the essential oil, run it quickly thru the incense smoke, add a few drops of water, pinch of salt to it.
Hold sigil in your left palm, gaze onto it, do not stare, just relax, the
candle should have already been lit. You may sense his presence or see sigil change, wait a few moments meditating on your desire, see it happening.
In the name of Lucifer, Mighty Marquis Decarabia I call thee forth,
I welcome thee to my temple, come mighty Decarabia, Abraxas, Carabia,
Decarbia, come forth as I need thy assistance.
When you feel the presence, say:
I give them thanks for your aid Marquis Decarabia,
Please, I ask that you develop my psychic abilities, and do take me to the astral realm safely, gently take my spirit from this mortal shell that
I may know the unknown, hear the unheard, and see the unseen realm.
Grant me understanding of these things, and develop my psychic ability to aid me in my daily life. When I have been taken to astral realm ease my spirit back into this body, while my spirit is away, I ask for your protection mighty marquis Decarabia, do what it is I ask of thee, as I will it, so mote it be!

  • This should be performed on a Monday, in the evening without artificial lighting or disturbances.
    Let candle burn for 9 minutes each Monday evening, and extinguish.
    Each time say: Thank-you for coming to my temple Decarabia, I bid thee a fond and respectful farewell. Thank-you. Ring bell 9x. Begin this spell with the moon waxing in Pisces or Scorpio

Thanks, blessings

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Thanks for the help.


Hi. Any one willing to help me also?


NO! Does no one read the OP? The rule is NO PM! Everything must stay in the public thread.