Help with Identification of Paranormal Beings

#1 : A friend told me as her partner was getting up from bed a dark shadow being got up with him. As he was getting up the shadow being assimilated with his body.
#2 : in an old house in which I used to live in the middle of the night a floating ball of light flew through the walls slowly, then flew out the room.
#3 : a being in my house that scratches me when good things happen and when I am happy. The claw marks are like three long fingernail marks on my skin. Sometimes it scratches hard enough that the scratches are blood red. This thing has been in my house since the house was built. It’s getting on my nerves. It comes and goes. When things are going well in my life then it attacks.

Well, we can probably rule out shadow creatures and people then, because they tend to like to feed on fear, pain, grief- negative things. I always think of parasites in terms of feeding mostly on the bad things but that’s not really true, so shame on me for thinking of them like that.

If it comes and goes and you built the house, or seem to at least be familiar enough with the house to know it’s always been there, I’d say you probably accidently brought it in. Most of the time when people talk about spirits being attached to a place, it’s because they died there or some other reason to be there.

What are you doing as far as banishing, shielding and warding goes? If it’s been years it may be hard to get rid of, but not impossible.

My servitor can help you banish, shield and ward, but I’d take up a banishing practice of my own, if I didn’t have one as well, particularly if you summon things. Luna will banish everything that’s currently there, but if you invite something in she won’t banish it or it’s energies unless you ask her to. She won’t allow parasites, imposters and things of the like in however, that applies to entities you intend to invite.

This mantra can raise your vibrations and make you harder for spirits to attack, I’m the tester who lost their desire to smoke though, so something to keep in mind if you like your bad habits :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve used it a few times when I was feeling really low, and it does seem to help with just raising your vibrations, but I like my smoking habit so I don’t use it daily or anything like that, but if I thought I had a spirit attacking me, I would probably change my mind and add it to my personal routine.

As far as this one goes, I have no idea, could be a parasite, could be a part of him that was astrally traveling prior to waking (whether or not he was aware) and probably several other things, like her sleepy mind playing tricks on her and things I can’t think of.

Could be ambient energy, could be how your eyes perceived a spirit, you could have been seeing between the planes… eh once again too many possibilities to be certain other than to give you some ideas to chase.

I sometimes see orbs of light when I am summoning angels. :woman_shrugging: Usually just flashes and travels in front of me then poofs. The only other time I’ve seen stuff like that is when I am going through a portal for soul retrieval journeys- I’ll see a bright blue orb of light flash behind my eye lids, just before reaching the other side- sometimes.

After chanting the mantra I felt like something was lifted from my head.

I’m still learning. I haven’t summoned anything yet. I don’t have any kind of protection aside from crystals and positive thoughts. I don’t know how banishing, shielding and warding works yet.

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Lots of methods. I use Ben Woodcroft’s rituals from Angelic Protection Magick (Idr if magic is with a k or not for him) because they are simple and easy to remember but most people here prefer some version of the LBRP. I dislike the ritual myself, but it is highly spoken about.

As far as shielding and warding goes, most people start with visualizations as they are really in tune with energy and how it feels to begin with, but I can’t make pictures with my mind due to anphantasia, so I use the way energy feels, and my servitor Luna that I linked you up there for that.

A search either here on the forum for shielding then warding or on google for Psychic shielding and warding would help you get more information on those.

You don’t have to summon anything to attract parasites- we’ve kinda been using the term to apply to any spirits that just want to use you as food, though a lot of beginners do it while summoning and don’t have the discernment yet to know if they got the right entity or something bad