Some unpleasant entity moment

i think i have a trickster some spirit that is now fucking with my stuff or it could be my dead uncle either way it has knocked down an empty pudding cup with a spoon inside on a shelf i have an ac but it never fell during several hours and somehow it was random and twice i have had pictures of my partner on my mini fridge fall but i didn’t bump anything and anything i do doesn’t make it fly up and down it’s always when i’m doing soemthing i just tested it and it doesn’t move unless you hit to fridge hard and no types of breezes work. it’s been making my pendulum jump answrs and yo can tell it’s a trickster of some kind.

what do you suggest to get rid of it i have made wards but maybe i trapped it inside but i’ve tried wards to banish what’s inside and a banishing candle and cleansing.

would like feedback on your expierences and i’m willing to share mine. it’s been difficult finding good information.

Say hello to my little friend…

Want to summon spirits, but scared/don’t have open senses? Start here! Safe Servitor for beginners/banishing/protector - Spirits, Evocation & Possession - Become A Living God

You could give our friend Luna a try. She’s very pleasant to work with and a very helpful cute little critter


Yes you need to banish it, and then a ward is like a closing the door to keep it out.

There are many banishing methods, and different ones work better for different people. What banishing method did you try and what did you sense while doing it? Focus on unseen senses and feelings. Did you do it only once?


Please use punctuation when posting. This is atrocious to read and makes people less likely to bother helping.


i’ve used a candle for banishing i used black salt and red pepper flakes i then tried burning the same candle twice i stopped doing that. i then made a protection spell i closed a mirror portal which caused a clean feel i then put another ward on my door set it to burn/banish anything not supposed to be in my space and that when it happens…

i also have a servitor to also ward what i need it to and for it to move if it gets tripped or anything. nothings happen.

i’ll feel heat and yesterday as i was talking to a god about soemthing i felt heat on my hand it was like a chime in chime out it was a quick feeling. i have a crystal in water for a protection ward. that’s all that i have. i’ve also used moon water with blacksalt garlic and red pepper to try and force it out before all the wards and sprayed it all over esepcially the water by itself and i’ve used sandlewood to do the same. i’m running out of candles i know that. my ways of testing is when i would vet who i’m talking to.

when i’d tune in and see and sense i’ve felt something hidden but a brave like sense.

i know when i listen i’ve asked is it an imposter and i hear a yes but i also hear a hidden no like it said no but got revealed (i work with leviathan and i’ve vetted him and he’s passed)

i know i can’t edit it anymore

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Ok that’s good. The candle is just a focus for your intention though, what did you do internally with your energy, what was your intention? Did you see the entity leaving in your inner eye?

All the wards will come later, we need to establish that the entity is gone first, then we can find out if the words are working. Wards are like screens on your windows, they keep bugs out, they don’t get them out once they are inside. But hey won’t keep them in if you intend themnot to.

And what did you do and feel when using these?

Have you tried “smudging” with wormwood?
Or white sage if you’re in North America? You can also use Mugwort or sandalwood or patchouli… If you like using house cleanses like the salt, I recommend trying this.

What you do, is:

  • carry the burning incense around the house.
  • Open your heart and feel love, then from your heart, send out that love as white light with the incense smoke as you waft it into every corner of the house.
  • With each wave of your hand you see all unwanted energy from every nook and cranny leaving your house, including this entity.
  • Do this over your entire house for each corner of each room, in cupboards and under the stairs.
  • When finished, love your house and how clean it is, thank it for it’s service protecting you and tell it you are taking care of it. Ask the house itself to get and keep unhealthy entities out.

my intention was “as this candle burns, anything that’s not supposed to be in here or not invited in here will be cleansed and banished, so mote it be.” it felt peaceful but i did relight the same candle and was told it could trap and release what was banished. with my mirror someone tuned in and saw entities and once i warded it they said everything was gone. i know specifically with that it felt a lot better. when i tune in it looks like there’s 2 and 1 hidden one but i could be wrong but they’re also dark looking.

i felt a bit raged when trying to force whatever is in, out. i don’t think it did much it felt the same.

i don’t have wormwood or anything white sage at all. i don’t have many herbs. espeically the most popular like sage

i used the luna servitor. it feels calm and quiet. when i summoned her i felt soemthing and took it for what it was it looked like her and so it felt a bit heavy and a bit empty when asking her to banish things and now it’s completly still in here it’s also calm too i told her to keep the positive energy.

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Ah good, so I’m blathering on for no reason? :smiley: Are you done and you think it’s gone?


She gets the job done (and is adorable at the same time).
Thanks to @anon97554939 for creating and sharing her.


no you’re not. i still want to identify my problem here at home.

i have a suspicion loki has been messing with me but aside from that i also feel my room is banished because the air feels calm but i’m still in a doubt mindset that it’s here or move over i’ll get another and what it even was to begin with.

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