Having trouble with a trickster demon

for a month ive had troubles with a trickster demon. it used to whistle, touch me when i was trying to sleep, scratch at the bed, etc, but when i ignored it that stopped.

it’s preventing me from communicating with spirits now though. my pendulum won’t swing and it takes over my tarot cards.

i tried everything to get it to leave. saged the house 3 times, candle cleansed, called upon the gods, asked my spirit guides for help, called upon azrael, made a sigil, literally everything i could possibly thing of.

it won’t leave, help?


Have you tried Luna?


If you haven’t already, you need to do a proper introduction as per forum rules


i just tried her, the things still here :frowning:

and yes i made an introduction

I’m a big believer in making the COMMAND to depart, but it must be done with authority (meaning, you understand and know to your core that you are divine and to be obeyed).

Believe it or not, freshly cut garlic irritates these little bastards. (Annoying “demons” are often astral minions that live on your fear and anxiety.) Also, wrought iron can repel them from an area.

Are you sure it’s a demon and not a spirit?


Have you tried to question it? Maybe it doesn’t need to go away maybe it needs to be put to work.
Several years ago I took a break from sorcery. Put all in the back burner and left. Then things began happening similar to yours. Poltergeists and what not. I thought I had an evil spirit but it was a shade of the dead as soon I contact it and put it to work for me all stopped. I don’t know. Maybe this might be your case.

tried commanding it to leave, wouldn’t work unfortunately. i don’t know 100% sure what it is, but one medium told me it was a trickster, and the other one told me it was a trickster demon. ill try the garlic thing though, thanks!


Maybe you should try the bornleess ritual beforehand, then standing within your authority and power command it gone.

It probably has little astral tendrils in your space giving it a foot in the door so you probably want to do a thorough cleansing and banishing of your home and/or property so it doesn’t have any cracks to slip through.

You’ll also want to thoroughly cleanse any objects it interacted with or otherwise get rid of them. So the pendulums and tarot cards will need thorough cleansing/grounding.

After all of that warding and setting up astral boundaries, wards, etc would be important.

You’ll also want to cleanse yourself of any energetic links it may have to you and revoke any previous ties/permissions you may have given it consciously or not. You must be clear, and concise. No quarter. (Cord cutting might be a good idea, Archangel Michael is frequently recommended for that, and a petition would be an easy route).

Assert your authority and sovereignty, you are master/mistress and commander of your space and reality.

(You may also want to incorporate the LBRP if you haven’t done that:)

The bornless rite:



ill try all this when i have the time, thank you so much!!

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