Sharing my servitor

Given the utter shit storm going on I thought I’d offer my servitor to everyone. Kor’at is basically a less cute and friendly SCP 999 that’s more protective than kind. Imagine a guard dogs attitude, not the most playful and if it has to get nasty to keep things away from you it will. So you you want a little black blob of slime keeping you and those close to you safe from harm then feel free to try. Oh and not that I don’t trust people here but I did my best to make sure nobody can mess with or alter it. It might help you out when you need it but at the end of the day it’s loyalty lies with me.

Now an explanation, the sigil I’ll post is just the basic image but the full image has more sigils meant to help make


Is this tested by one of the regulars?


Is it supposed to be? Sorry if I missed anything saying that is a rule. And admittedly I had help from friends with more experience in the creation of a servitor but he (and his sigil) are entirely my own. I did personally use other sigils to make it easier to charge and manifest but nothing that would be harmful.

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There is no rule to have your servitor checked out by Regulars.

However, with the high incidences of parasites currently on the forum, some members are a little wary of anyone posting sigils and servitors who hasn’t been here long, or has a small post history, that’s all.


I’m curious, how can it protect multiple people? Does it replicate? If not it may be busy at one point in time protecting someone and then is unable to protect the others. If protecting multiple people does it just travel to each one regularly, like doing rounds?


Well the idea with a slime creature was something that could split itself apart. The amount of focus and energy people give it determines just how effective it is. If it works as intended it should be able to.


That’s fair. I tend to lurk on here but not really interact. Most of the time any questions or comments I would bring up have are already been brought up and I don’t want to bother people.

Are there limits on how many times it can split? Surely there is.

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This is my first time testing it this way so possibly, but at least the idea was for it to work somewhat like a rose bush or moss. You could take a single “cutting” and grow your own by essentially nourishing it. So long as this post doesn’t suddenly get an insane amount of attention and dozens of people attempt to take a fragment at once he should be able to replenish.

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In my experience, servitors usually work like this:

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Oh thank you. I’ve never actually tried to make one for other people use so it’s all new territory for me. This really helps thanks.

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Sorry to take so long (been a crazy few days). Has anybody had any problems? I can take this down and rework it.