Possession by Azazel

So my friend had invited Azazel into his body a while ago during a rage filled night he fought his roommate and went to jail now me and 2 others are trying to help me

I’ma call him " John Smith" for this and anonymity reasons

Azazel is telling jhon why he should stay and at this point he is Azazel 's slave

My question 1 how can I prove it’s really Azazel
2 if or if not how can we force the spirit out if him

I’m planning on binding jhon Smith from doing any self harm as a precaution measure

Anyone with knowledge please commet below


Summon Luna and tell her to banish anything that is not the real Azazel, and allow her to set up wards to protect you from fake/parasitical entities.

If she exorcises your friend or chases the entity away, it is not Azazel. She’s designed to discern the difference between real and harmful entities.


The archangel Raphael is the one who, legend tells, originally bound Azazel, so he would be the one to call.


You do know if it is Azazel he will be like peace out I am not helping. I couldn’t get them in the same room once and needed Raphael badly.

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I thought that too, then realized if they weren’t sure about Azazel, they might not be sure about any entity that came to help either so figured, well- make sure they can’t let anything else bad in!


Yea I think you offering Luna was really smart.

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I guess part of Luna lives in my house now.

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You can dismiss her, if you dislike it. I don’t remember the exact wording on the phrase I programmed her with, but it’s on her stat sheets, or you could just ask her to leave, more than likely.

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When i was possessed before some years i was use names of christian god(Adonai,El Shaddai etc) ,and i just feel something fly out of me was strong feel.

Why do you think that was

My guesses would be an imposter and bad intentions of the operator. You get what you seek for, how can you determine either? Research this forum finding your own knowledge and conclusions is much stronger than someone simply telling you their own methods or beliefs.

let me explain feels of true possesion, you feel head split in half,you feel double in body,lost of free will ,you cant control self,lost of positive emotions, till day today i do and will always do possession and invocation in self, idk when i used its fly out of me something like stone fall from my heart. Btw things i did was so sick,pyscho,sadistic,evil that even now i think wtf was that. Thats dark side of me let free. Later i was dream self as black flame, i was do some things from sophia bestia,which was result of soul and taken by angel Michael. Since then just darkness in me, there is no some beautiful feels.Like my human side go away

the way i did it i was cut self and let blood run and cover self in blood, coz blood is power , i was call demon,and that time i was first time see shadow direct, was amazing i was feel like that up i write plus somehow beastly powerful,even when i did some rituals was strong. Invocations are too powerful, but full possesion is much more powerful.Which i will do one day. Its when demon is in body its easy manifest what wish,get it. Its was even old times its some our satanist who do call Satan in male body and Lilith in female body and then have sex and demonic child be made.

A few years ago I noticed my palms emanated hot air (because of meditation and/or spirit contacts) but recently I attempted a possession by Azazel and they were burning :smile:


i haved similar experience but with crystals, i haved about 5 crystals and in my hand was shiva eye and its burn very strong. Actually when feel heat on some part of body some say its touch of spirit who is ready for contact.