Game Changing/Ground Breaking New Way to Contact Tribal Ancestors, Guides, Gods and Deities/ FREE Servitor!

This is not a click bait title. It’s going to be a bit lengthy, so I ask that you bare with me, it won’t be my normal just rambling off topic, I think these details are important for what I am presenting you with, more so than usual with me.

I want to start off by saying that what I am presenting here, has been tested by several regulars, @anon39079500, @ReyCuervo, @DarkestKnight and myself, we have a few others that are going to be testing it when they have time as well. The details for each persons experience is rather personal however, so I am not going to share their experiences for them, I just want to be clear that the following has been tested by several respected members of the magical community.

Now then, to get to the reason that we are here today. I have been working very closely with Apistotoke- the Blackfoot creator god, and Natosi, the Blackfoot sun god. My reasonings are personal and well, the reason we are here today, is I made a rather long term commitment to these gods, that I would do everything within my power to honor these gods in my home, and ensure that when the time was right, that my children, and my spouse would find the ancestor gods and guides appropriate for them, regardless of whether or not they were shared with me.

Now I really had no idea how I was going to keep this commitment, when I made the promise, but I did mean it, and if you follow me at all, you probably know commitment is not something I often do. I’ve had passing curiosity about whether or not I had ancestral guides in the past, and even curiosity surrounding my current life heritage- I’m significantly Cherokee and Choctaw. This is where things get interesting, or begin to. I have no current life Blackfoot Ancestry. When my son was born, an extensive genealogy was done on both parental sides of my family, by a family member, so I know this with very little reason to doubt it.

But, a guide approached me a few months ago, during a pretty low time in my life, and indicated to me that my spouse and I, share several ancestral guides from other lifetimes. He indicated that he was one of those, and that when the time was right, we would likely come into contact with others.

I dismissed the encounter as a batshit crazy encounter, I didn’t investigate it or expend any energy on trying to discover if there was any truth to it or not. I was curious, but honestly I didn’t have time to fit trying to find past lives and ancestor guides in my agenda. I know a few details, about a few of mine, none of his and well my soul name. The interesting part about my souls name, is that is a Cherokee, Choctaw, and Blackfoot name. It shares the same meaning across all three tribes, and there are few like this, but in my search for finding the meaning of my souls name, I didn’t notice many that crossed tribes like that. It’s spelled and pronounced very similar across all three tribes, and it’s also very similar in spelling, to another deity- within another pantheon that I have known ties to, but that’s not related to this, as far as I know.

So anyways, that’s the background, I made a commitment, and well due to this, I’ve been working with the Blackfoot gods, rather closely. Due to such it was impressed heavily upon me, that I should make a few servitors here and there, that were in tribal styles, similar to how I’ve drawn all my own tattoos, only with animals. I though this would be neat even, and I could see why they requested it. Honoring them with the magical practices that I frequently engage with, does make sense given the commitment.

Friday, I was out shopping and came across a few adult coloring books, themed with horses and butterflies. They caught my attention immediately and I was like OH, that would be a darned neat twist to the servitor work I am already doing on a regular basis, the creation process essentially the exact same, except as I put the energy into the form, I am coloring, rather than sketching. The forms decided as soon as a I choose a page, rather than left up to my imagination, but I think I can color some of these in ways that will certainly lend to the tribal theme. I even considered how it would mean I could do magical things on the days my kids are here, as normally they ask questions about why I am sketching what etc, but these? Hell my daughter and I have taken turns in these, done them together, etc. They won’t (and didn’t) question mom coloring.

I really didn’t think there was a specific servitor I needed to make, until I opened the coloring book yesterday morning. It became clear rather quickly, that there was a specific servitor I was to create, and that the intent was to be that, she would connect the summoner to the tribal ancestral gods, guides, and deities. At first, I thought they meant themselves, the gods I was working with. I figured well, this is a bit of a stretch, it will probably take the servitor a while to learn how to do this, but I made the connection, with very vague artwork I chose to represent these gods, there names, a wine cooler and a cheap pack of cigarettes with a Native logo, so. Why not.

It didn’t take me very long to get the message, that the intent was to be, that this servitor would connect the summoner to ANY tribal gods, guides and deities, that the intent should be they would NOT need to know if they have current life heritage, and even if they didn’t have current life heritage, she would connect them through past life ties, and finally, if there were no past life ties, that she would connect the summoner with the tribal gods, guides and deities that were willing to work with the summoner.

It got even more crazy sounding, when they told me that I should put in the intent, that she would be able to guide the summoner, like Raziel, Or Hermes does to a particular deity, and that she would be able to offer guidance on the appropriate way to approach the spirits she was leading the summoner to, as well as what offerings should be made, if any based on the summoners current means.

Whoa. This sounds fucking batshit crazy. They want me to create a servitor to do fcking what? Yeah that’s right. They asked me to create a servitor to serve as an intermediary spirit of all tribal gods, guides and deities. I don’t have this skillset, and well most of my servitors have had damned near immediate responses and results for the people I’ve created them for, but servitors take time to learn the things that you cannot give them the knowledge of how to do.

I don’t have this knowledge. I can’t give it, it would take years, and many people using this spirit, to even BEGIN to see consistent, verifiable results. End of story.

Except, as I resisted, and colored, it became clear that I was creating this spirit, I was pouring my energy into her, I was putting the intent into her, but I was not empowering her. Apistotoke and Natosi, were going to do that. I still had more than my share of doubt, but I spent all day on this servitor, all evening, and the early night hours. I wasn’t in hurry. I wanted to set it aside till today, I did other things here and there with my kids, had conversations with them etc. But I still put more than double the normal energy and work into this spirit, than I have any other servitor I have created to date.

So I was going to set it aside, and I did even though I was almost done. I did my pathworkings with other beings, called these gods for the workings I am doing with them, and well. I finished the servitor, and they empowered her. I was then given names of regulars to request test her, and I felt silly and stupid, but I did.

I don’t want to ramble for hours, so the gist of the story is, one of the regulars I approached, was recently trying to discover if he had any tribal ancestry, another had contacted some tribal guides in the past, but certainly not this way, and the third well. He had no known history at all, but a passing curiosity on the subject. We have another tester with the ancestry, one I haven’t heard from yet, and one that has a very mixed cocktail so I can’t wait to hear their experiences.

One of the testers received what seems to be a visionary pathworking to a (I believe) South American tribe, a Canadian had a vivid experience with a very primitive African tribe, and the other tester, seemed to meet the appropriate tribe for him and received guidance that the tea he had brewed as an offer to the tribe, was not as good of an offering as another flavor he had on hand, as well as a method to contact the tribal members he was approached by.

So enough of the story, lets get to the facts, this already getting rather long.

-This servitors name is Stormy, she was created by me, solely with my energy and was empowered by the Blackfoot gods Apistotoke and Natosi. She will guide the summoner to their tribal ancestors, guides and gods- even they have no knowledge of whose those might be, or even if they only exist in past lives. If none exist at all (Rather unlikely but I suppose somehow possible) then she will connect the summoner, to the tribal deities that are willing to work with the summoner.

-She will give guidance on how to approach, she will work with the method of communication that works best for you, she will advise you on the best offering, if any should be made, based on your means. She won’t send you out to buy something you can’t afford, and if you are broke, she will indicate that you should offer something you already have, and what it is, if an offering is needed.

-She will not feed off the summoner, she does not require any offerings of her own, and her energy sources, are unwanted energies in the environment around the summoners as well as the energy and attention she receives by being summoned.

-She has a very noticeable, strong energy signature, that clearly shows she was created by me, and she may appear as a massive ball of energy when first summoned. Her presence is much stronger than any other servitor I’ve created to date. She also appears as her image, and if she appears as a massive energy ball, if you ask her about her image, she will take that form. She will not appear as anything else, period.

-She is safe to work with, regardless of experience level, and can be worked with on a daily basis. She will only guide you to tribal gods, deities, ancestors and gods- period. BUT I am going to drop a note here, because I feel it’s really important, that while this servitor is very very safe, she is going to connect you to tribal spirits, sometimes very ancient or primitive ones and as with all spirits, these should be approached appropriately and respectfully.

-I highly recommend that if she indicates a particular way to approach or an offering to make, that if you are going to continue, that you do it. She will never direct you to anything physically unsafe, or to offering anything outside of your means. I say this because my servitor is safe, but I will not take responsibility for any encounters that you have, if you approach the ancestral tribal gods, then act like an asshat, and they kick your ass.

-This servitor cannot be reprogrammed, not even by myself, and this why you do not see my normal programming sheets. She is a done deal. She is protected by tribal gods against tampering and malicious intent, and this ensures me, that she does not me to protect her and it was made clear to me, that I could not reprogram her or cause her to deviate from her purpose, even if I wanted to- despite the fact she is created from my very own energy, She is not mine.

-She does not have a sigil. Apistotoke and Natosi, distinctly influenced her colors, and while I have no idea what colors could mean, I believe they are a largely part of the reason she does not have a sigil.

-You summon this servitor like you would any other spirit, you use her image like a sigil and call her name. A light to deep trance can aid with the experience, but is not explicitly necessary. So essentially you gaze at her image, you call her name and the average first experience lasted a total of ten-thirty minutes. She responded very very quickly to all summoners, but as always- put in the intent to connect, put in the time, know that a one way call is still a call. If you don’t experience anything try closing your eyes, calming your mind and being patient. If nothing happens, pay attention to your dreams, pay attention to the things that come up in conversation etc. Standard signs of spiritual presence apply, even though everyone so far has got images, I don’t know that everyone- particularly those with zero open senses, will get images.

-I would expect the first encounter to be neutral as well as brief. Neither hostile nor welcoming, has been everyone’s experience so far. These deities, are willing to work with you but it’s going to be something you need to develop, if you want a warm welcome.

-Stormy’s energy is very feminine.

I think I’ve covered everything I can think of. If you have interest in any tribal gods, guides, ancestors at all, of any nationality, modern or primitive, I recommend you try this servitor, especially if you have no idea where to start. I would love to hear your experiences, they will be very very personal however, so the only experience that we will all share, is the servitor experience.

Here is Stormy’s image:

If you have not read my topic, about being safe and using good discernment before you accept a free or paid servitors, sigils, readings, scans, rituals or anything of the magical nature, please do so before you make a decision about whether or not you should work with Stormy.

If you want to know how I created this servitor, I wrote a creation tutorial you can review here:

If you’re not sure about working with Stormy, but want to work with a servitor that is safe, will protect and ward your home, try Luna instead or I’ve been told that Luna works really well at making sure things are save while you use Stormy, even for beginners:

EDIT: to hopefully avoid answering this question lots of times! Every servitor I have worked with so far can be summoned, by multiple people at the same time- quoting myself for explanation of how this works!


Well dang!. This is an INSANE breakthrough!! Honestly this is of a similar significance to the invention of the cell phone. Imagine if this was applied to other pantheons deities and energies. Well done!!


Well it has been for some, Raziel and Hermes are few examples of those I am aware of, but they are not servitors.


I wasn’t aware but it makes sense as hermes was the messenger God.


@ReyCuervo has worked with Hermes pretty extensively in this capacity for the deities that are appropriate for him and Hermes :slight_smile:

He talks about it in his journal, I think it’s called… fck idr, maybe he’ll chime in here with the name lmao. Something about First flight and Last dance?


First flight | Last dance, that’s my journal.


It’s pretty common, actually. As @anon97554939 mentioned, both the Archangel Raziel, and Hermes, have been used in the same capacity for a long time, and Lucifer is used as well, such as in the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.


Thoth in the Egyptian pantheon and Ganesha in the Hindu pantheon could, theoretically, do the same.


So far the only one of these, that I have personally worked with is Raziel lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a deity for this already, in most pantheons.

I’m not aware of a tribal deity for this however. If someone does know of one, I would love to hear about it.

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While I don’t think there is any specific deity for this exact function, from my experience, any gateway entity can be used in the same capacity.

For example, Papa Legba holds the function of opening the way to the LWA, and Janus is a Roman god of gateways who can also open paths to the gods.

Yog-Sothoth opens the way to the Lovecraftian entities.

I have read that Anansi, the African trickster god, knows the secret ways to the gods as well, though I have not tried him myself.

I’m not sure if there is much of a difference between messenger gods, like Hermes, and gods of the gateways, like Janus. It might be just the difference between opening the door for someone, and grabbing their hand and leading them through.

In my opinion, Stormy functions more as a gateway being, than a messenger, at least in my experience with her that was the feeling I got.


I agree, with one significant difference being, you don’t need to have knowledge of the tribal ancestors in your life, for Stormy to connect you. Maybe that’s not significant?

To me it was, because I had trouble finding the information I was looking for, granted I think most of us can agree the majority of the tribal spiritual practices, outside of some of the lore/myths is hard to gain knowledge of, without access to the tribe.

I wasn’t even thinking about the gateway gods, just the ones that guide you to other deties lol.


Yeah, Stormy pretty much opens the door and then you’re on your own, facing a row of spears pointed at you like I did :rofl:


To be fair, even though you got prodded with one, I’m pretty sure that disgruntled prodding-was a welcome…

well, poke. I guess this one Will do… :joy::joy:

They do not seem to be… overtly friendly at first, but they don’t seem to come across like they want to fck you up, if you are respectful either…

Feels like the relationships… mmm need to grow.

Idk, I seem to feel like this mannerism… is normal for these deities when they first meet a newcomer.

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It probably was. After they poked me, they turned around and left so I must have passed muster, or at least they decided I wasn’t worth eating :joy:

I got the feeling that they didn’t know what to make of me, like I was not animal or vegetable, but they weren’t sure I was like them either.


Well. Honestly that makes a little bit of sense to me.

Weren’t some of the Native American and white man first encounters similar in nature?


I’ve read descriptions of such, yes.


Also if it’s past lives, as the nationality doesn’t seem to fit current life… maybe that while it was similar to first accounts as above, was more like…

Poke, yep he’s xxx.

Maybe it was more identity verification? They haven’t encountered you this lifetime, to your knowledge at least🤷🏼‍♀️


Hmm…that’s an interesting point. I never considered that :thinking:


yep this jerks one of us…grumble bumble obligations and blah blahhhh

Idk I just do think lack of seeming to be this fluffy bunny deity that’s going be all hugs and loves, is normal in the beginning for the type of spirits we are talking about.

Physical/historical tribal encounters that I’ve read about, have often started where the newcomer didn’t feel welcome in the beginning, but was family by the end.


I can’t wait to try, thank you for this Keteriya, and all your hard work

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