Entity attack

I think i was attacked last night. I felt a presence either when i was half sleep or a sleep but i remember sitting up and yelling im protected. When i woke up i had a scratch on my face. Now i did do 4 rituals before i went to bed, im wondering if i attracted somthing like a parasite?

Possibly. Scratches are usually a desperate attempt to get attention, sometimes fueled by negative emotion. Doing rituals kind of lights you up on the astral so you get noticed and attract things.

The thing was either in your house already and your banishing prep didn’t get it out (if you did any, but this is exactly why you should), or your wards are shot and you need to fix them.

Either way something is wrong as it should not have been able to get into the house in the first place to reach you.

Keteriya’s servitor called Luna has protected me from parasites. Check her out!


Din you cleanse and banish after breaking your ground? I’d go take a hot shower and rub down completely in salt, sage smudge or cedar smudge and then rinse off. that should take care of any minor critters snacking on you, Or you could just feed it and make a pet out of it. I have a post here somewhere about feeding your spirits.

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Magus_shadow you know i think i forgot to banish when i finished. I used art of the root uncrossing spray to banish in the beginning. I will try out your suggestions for the shower. Thank you


Not always. :slight_smile:

I’ve had two times now where I was scratched in the shower. Astral scratches will feel a bit like someone’s holding a blow torch on your skin, and in my case, I could see the skin swell up, turn red, and the blood just begin to ooze out of it despite nothing having touched me there physically.

In the first instance, I suspect I attracted a little parasite and hadn’t banished properly. The second time, I had flippantly said to someone before my shower that I would later offer blood to the spirit I was working with. I believe the spirit felt that I was giving permission to do that (I wasn’t), so we had to clear that up.

Sometimes a scratch is just because that’s what parasites do. Better banishing practices are always a good idea, or else consider it spirit contact and work with it.

I call her in each night before I go to sleep as a part of daily routine

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