Psychic attack via the internet

I won’t go into detail in fear of maybe sounding like a conspiracy theorist (which I’m not trying to use in a derogatory way) but I fear I’ve been the victim of a psychic attack after visiting a website that seems to have been compromised. I was doing some research on a specific topic and went to a website that was scrubbed of all of its pages and would only direct to one page with occultist imagery and quotes. Considering the nature of what I was researching this shouldn’t be that strange, but based on old captures of it as well as the pages to it linked on the search engines, the website used to look different and acted more as a directory with resources. However, now every link directs only to one page that seemed to function as a warning. I don’t want to describe it too much but it’s obvious that, at the very least, it’s meant to be disarming and threatening. I felt my heart drop immediately and have just been feeling a bit off – not sure if I am reading into it too much but this is new territory for me and not sure how to proceed on what I can do to bounce off this attack or at least create a protective barrier around me


Yes, techno-occultists sometimes booby-trap websites, so it is very possible you were unlucky enough to come across one.

You need to shield yourself, and ward your area. Charge any anti-virus software you have with intention to clear out anything that may have downloaded itself to your computer, and also clear your browser history so there is no digital link remaining to the site in question through which anything can come through.


To add what dk said, you can try these two servitors as well, which don’t require any skill to use, but can help with these things.

This one is straight up protection, especially for attacks, and physical safety.

This one can help you ward, banish and even manage your long term home/temple safety with you or teach you how to yourself.

I mention these because psychic attack can be very draining on your energy, and it may be easier to call servitors with static images than it is to discern if you connected with the right other entities or successfully warded yourself or any of that If your senses aren’t strong or they themselves are attacked.

I mean depending on what they are using and how they did it, I’ve even encountered some stupid good energy masking designed to look like other perpetrators causing the issues, or entities even, here lately.

Absolutely take extra precautions, I know some magicians even set up special wards/servitors and the like- for the computers and phones because of these things- you can’t be too safe unless your only giving into fear and paranoia which can make it worse- but extra protection can sometimes help alleviate that by helping your mind accept your safer now.

There’s a Raziel sigil @DarkestKnight channeled For similar too, I like to use it in conjunction with my other methods.