Ideas on shadowy entities draining energy?

I was a participant in psychic guidance for my own observation thereof. One moment I recalled being very tiresome. I began in slumber before hearing a high-frequency ethereal sound, and then three shadow entities wrangled with my energy - tumbling and spinning on multiple axes. I felt my heart thumping only to realize my both my hands were around my neck, choking myself once I awaken.

I confront some parts of this event to that psychic. The reply I recalled was that “ethereal sound was angels protecting me”. The psychic did not delve further into my experience. I am being presumptuous that the psychic had something to do with my experience. I do not recall any stone given to me during this event.

What did I experience? Would there be protection against this attack?


Banishing and cleansing. Setting up wards would be a good start. If you need alittle external help to compliment the work you do to protect yourself - then there’s plenty of spirits that can help. Or Luna! Luna is a servitor, that can help with banishing/protection that a member… I think @anon97554939 created? (Correct me if I’m wrong)

This would be more so if it’s the entities that caused said attack, if it was caused by a person then stuff like binding, freezing, mirror spells, and then of course different entities can help

Pretty much it’s important to get your foundation (basics) down before delving into any work/etc that could attract entities/parasites. Although technically even the demons alot of people on here work with, can have parasitic behavior - it’s not limited to thoughtform or astral parasites!

So there’s plenty you can do :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you so much. I ought to note, this attack was not repeated nor was it persistent.

I have much to go on - reading threads and researching on warding and servitor. Keteriya lists only one protective servitor for astral attacks on her Etsy shop, which I will explore once my research is complete.

Also, thank you for noting actions have reactions even if the action is only observation or protection.

Luna Servitor


Taoist training: offers great protection and nurturing of the energy

Shielding : Create a shield around you .
Visualisation and intention best tools here!

Cleaning baths with salt and herbs

Having a deity, demon , angels to work on protection

Crystals:clear quartz, black tourmaline etc

Banishing rituals as LBRP

Meditation morning and evening with the intention of releasing all energies that don’t serve you or harm you and take back the parts of the energy you felt during the day

Inner alchemy, develope an emotional education . Master your thoughts
I suggest you pay some attention on your emotions :hugs:( melancholia, nostalgia or even daydreaming can attract parasites )

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No idea.jusf that a big black blanket seemingly reassured on this thing
And now the risk stands of further isolation from people I know I truly care about now throughout the messy hesakd/she said “magic war” that’s starting some “global level rumors” that a non-narcisssszific “good therapist” would understand simply by listening.
Listening is easy.
Lisssssstining to what you perceived as a “baby” yourself
Clinging to your own fucked up ideas about recovery still???

Thank you. I have bookmarked the post.

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Great informational starting guide. I will delve on many aforementioned points in more detailed post, respectively.

How do I know my emotions and thoughts are mine? For quite some time, psychics have interjected these elements into my life as precognition or premonition. I conceive of these to be avoided rather than yielded. A psychic explained to me, “humans are not meant to foresee the future.” One interpretation of that, which I’ve accepted, was precognition and premonition are innate self-preservation of control and knowledge mechanism. Thus, we are meant to see the controls and actions forced upon us by psychic entities.

My apologies for not being more clearer. I rather hash this proposition out in another thread/post. But thank you very much.

The proposition of esoteric conflicts exists internally and externally. Many esoteric conflicts actualize in passing events or moments. Not just the proposition, esoteric conflict, but also its negation and antithesis concurrently thereof. This is why some form of history repeats itself in some exoteric form or another. Predecessors holding on to control and knowledge are cognizant of the losses thereof. Hence repeated esoteric conflicts.

The use of control keywords to characterize my plight does little to add to the conversation. Control, used in this sense, is not authoritative nor dictatorial absoluteness. But rather control as a known range of responses or actions – much like the scientific method. It is unclear what response is being elicited.

There is no recovery for me. Everyone has the unalienable right to their own control and knowledge – to live life innately, in preservation and succession in oneself and endeavors. That is my intention here: to strengthen both my control and knowledge of the esoteric or metaphysical propositions.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond. Some points may be expanded into their own thread/topic.

Witches have also a hidden shadow name which binds to the dimension where the shadows exist. Maybe you came in contact with the shadows accidently. Ask the Lord of the shadows Azazel if it is so. Work with Azazel only if you are attuned to the qliphoth otherwise ask other entities

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Thank you for responding to the first question and specifically about shadow dimensions & Azazel. Your answer greatly narrows my research. Shadows have had only occasionally observed me, with the exception of the aforementioned incident.

My thought is nothing in my life is accidental. I have had unrequested fortune tellers, psychics, and religious (cultic?) persons come up to me blaming me for impending civil war or war in general. Which, thus far has been limited esoterically with sporadic exoteric collateral results. Shadows may be mirroring their plight in hopes of actualizing in physical dimensions. I’m speculating, of course.

Maybe I ought to look into my shadow side to understand all that has happened to me. Again much is appreciated of your response. Thank you.

I’ve never heard of having to be attuned to the Qlippoth to work with Azazel. Where did you get this info from?