Working with Lilith

ive never felt low working with her

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@Naina Try eating or drinking something sweet after working with a ritual or magick. People seem to forget how much energy we release or use when we do this. So try replacing the energy you have lost during magickal work. Plus it helps you ground yourself too.


Also ask Goddess Lilith which is her favorite colour and wear it when you work with her. Or paint her sigil with that colour. :wink: you establish than a very powerful link between you two.

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@kiss-lamia-lilith I usually work with her very late at night. It’s usually 10 or 11pm when I am doing my spirit meditation. So it’s too late to have any food after that…

@Rav, I read that her favorite colors are purple, red and black. I have adorned her alter with red candle holders red tea candles and a red rose plant. I also read that she likes owls, so I drew a picture of an owl and wrote her enn on it. I also have a Lilith portal from a seller. I use all this during meditation. I chant her enn for sometime and then wait for her messages in meditation. I offer her rose incense or wine during my meditation sessions.


@Naina even if it’s just a sweet drink after the ritual it’s better than nothing.


I would be careful with this one if you don’t know the seller personally- especially if you only notice this when using it. Sometimes portals can let in malignant entities, parasites etc. I’ve never used a portal of this sort, I’ve only gone through them so just throwing this out there as be careful, not everyone selling things knows what they are doing, or has good intentions.

So just make sure you’re banishing and shielding your space. It does take a lot of energy to summon and work with spirits, so feeling drained can be normal, but if it’s on going for a long period of time, I’d say either her energy doesn’t mix with yours, or you potentially have another issue going on.


@anon97554939, I had considered that maybe the energy is not compatible with mine. Initially when I began working with the portal, I used to get a bit scared and wake up mid sleep for no specific reason. Then in the next meditation I asked her why do I get scared in the night after meditating with the portal and she told me that I am not used to her dark energy. But after that the nightmares stopped, but I feel kind of depressed during the day. I use protection at the beginning of the spirit meditation in the form of prayers and reciting psalms 91 and 23. But what should I do in case of banishing? My understanding was that there is no need to banish an entity that has come to protect us

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Well. The thing is that not only that entity can come, but others can as well (not always good things) and their energy can be a lot to deal with also, particularly when we are new to this life. There’s a lot of ways to banish, and the LBRP and it’s various versions are often recommended, however I don’t care for it myself.

I personally push out my own energy to push out anything unwanted- mostly lingering energy from summoning and a ritual from Ben Woodcroft’s Angelic protection magic, as it’s much simpler to me than the LBRP and easier to remember on the whim, like if I scared for no reason. I also use servitors for banishing and warding my space. I banish entirely for the lingering energy from entities and protection from unwanted things, not from the entities that I summon.

One of the servitors I made publicly available to the forum, and she essentially does everything for you, you just need to summon her. She’s able to either stay with you for constant protection and to ensure that only the entity you want to connect with comes, or she can be sent away after banishing and warding your space. It’s personal preference, users here do both.

If you let her linger, she won’t banish anything you summon that is what you summoned or their lingering energy unless you ask her to. She won’t banish familiars/ubis and things of the like either. I think it’s important to still know how to banish, as you never know when you might unwittingly attract a parasite or malignant entity or in my case get attacked by another witch, but she’s great for use in conjunction with your other practices, on the whim and until you learn what works for you.


Thanks, i shall look into using the servitor you suggested. It sounds good. I also have protection spirits from sellers but like you said, you never can be sure what they sell. So better to use our own energy to create a servitor, to be on safer side…

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@anon97554939, I had a look at your servitor post. How do I use Luna? Should I just say Luna I summon you and imagine a pony. Then after the ritual say Luna banish xyz except ABC?

I find she will either energize you, encourage exercise even, or she will drain you hard!

Some spirits are vampiric in nature and they need to be fed. People who don’t give these spirits an offering of lifeforce get drained. If you don’t want to do this then I think you should shield yourself by using a proteçtive circle and bind her.

You use her sketch like a sigil, and summon like you would any other being. I personally can’t visualize so I don’t imagine anything :slight_smile:

Sure, he can do that, if he wants to anger her or hurt her that’s perfect, just saying

She probably doesn’t mind some bondage.:rofl:

There’s plenty of traditions that bind spirits with no problems. The idea of magick circles, banishing and shielding for protection came from magical systems that practiced binding.

I don’t personally bind spirits or banish outside of giving them a license to depart because I never had a need for it but I believe this whole situation depends on what the op feels is necessary.

I don’t like binding personally, I find it disrespectful, unless the intent is not meant to cage the spirit

We’re not King Solomon lol

(Btw I’m sure he suffered for what he did to the Infernal)

Crowley did fine. Lol

I mean Crowley did as he saw fit, this is just not my style lol

And didn’t he die homeless with a drug overdose?

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Something like that.