Words to use against evil incubi or succubi

I need this information …it ts very importantly BC I’m under attack and need some assistance. Is there any small prayer or short verse to rid of them or to start the. Binding off .?? Apparently I have two succubus and one of them is evil. She always tryna to drain me every time in asleep or going into slumber!. I must find. A way to rid her …that is affordable bc I have no money right now to do ridings that included objects that costly . sometime next week I should be able.

But I have to try something before than

Most people recommend the LBRP, but it’s not what I would call short. The easiest two things I can think of are here, but you’ll need to chant the second. You could also command it to leave in the name of your self or any high being you consider above it, if you are strong enough willed to force it to leave or have belief that an entity will respond.

Pazuzu was recommended in another thread tonight as well.

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Thank u .

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You don’t need to purchase anything, except maybe a book for rituals to banish and that’s only if you are looking for a different technique than the ones above. you can even banish with your own energy if you’re familiar with how to push it out.

I do like Ben Woodcroft’s book Angelic Protection Magick, because it has two short rituals that both banish and protect, they are easier for me to remember than the LBRP make more sense and seem more effective to me (Everyone is different) but I think I paid $5.99 for that ebook.

I’ve never purchased an item for banishing and would not recommend it unless you know the caster personally or can discern energy types to determine if it’s truly safe and will be effective for you.

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