Daemons or Angels?

Hm. Not really buying this level stuff.
Some entities might be easier to approach than others, simply because they can connect to humans easier. And some just rather mind their own business.
But that doesn’t mean you will have no success. You can be unsuccessful with the most beginner friendly spirit ever (whoever that would be).

In the end what matters is your work. Your intention, and persistence.


Tysm Helena :cherry_blossom::pray:t2:

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Okay, I got an idea. Do you know what path working is ?

Dantalion was the first demon i evoked, i literally was a total newbie (i still stuck in that point though), and his presence was really friendly, like when someone you love hugs you.

In general there’s demons that are said to be better for experienced magicians but as i understand, it’s more an energy processing process.

As example, Andras might be feel like a really friendly being while evoking but it can bring some energies with him that can cause troubles in your home if you don’t know how to handle a ritual with someone like him. There’s also some demons that are said that unless they’re welcoming with newbies, their methods are not the best to everyone (Lucifer is said that can turn your life upside down if he feels it’s necessary for your own good). Anyway there’s people that are not experts and have had amazing results with them.

So i guess it’s always a bit relative to every person



Pathworking is basically having a set of images in your mind that will push your consciousness to the residing place of an entity in the astral realm (as above so below, imagining those images connect you to them.) you follow me ? ( sorry I do it in spares messages like that but I need to be sure everybody is following in case someone else is trying to do it too.)

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So what my heart basically gravitates towards? Is that a mandate? The choice?

No lol. Each demon has a set of images that when imagined one after the other allows you to contact him. It’s not full evocation and it doesn’t not require any sigil. You get it now ?

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Yes yes - I can’t conjure up any image tbh - except what I’ve seen on tv and that stuck around - long blonde hair, devastatingly hood looking - it could be Michael or Lucifer or Gaap or Zeus or Ganesh - who knows

Can you share the steps if that not too much to ask ? Thnx

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This is an evocation tutorial

And this is other option: a petition spell, it’s more easy if you don’t have your senses developed

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Thank you so much - I read up on petitions - tell me something - is it as good as a proper evocation? Does it require protection ?

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Yes, as i mentioned it’s really useful for when you have not developed your sense to prove you’re with the real entity and not some imposter.

From my point of view, protection, or at least some kind of banish work, it’s always important, even more when you’re starting. It helps to keep away any unwanted being or energies.


Banishing chant

Servitor that might help

About circle

Circle ( goetic, universal circle, etc) it’s important to keep a safe place (i might be wrong with this). That can also be helped with the triangle that serves as a place to the spirit to manifest (or them could appear behind you, at your side, you get he idea).

The circle has many options, you could buy one, the BALG official page has one actually. You could draw your own circle permanently or in something that you could store when you’re not using it. Some people use salt, some erasable tool.

I remember once i read a member use a blue light on his/her mind as a circle. I, personally, imagine a white ball that grows until covering the place i want as my space inside the circle.


You know I simply yelled my lungs out balking my eyes and called upon any one who heard me - and no circle no nothing - just candle and incense and offerings that’s it - 2 days I got the help. Like I also feel there is this stray dog near my area - I have no recollection feeding him or petting him ever I guess - and every time I am out ( esp late night ) it follows me and jumps on me like he knows me for ages. It’s weird. I love dogs tho and I feel someone is symbolically watching over me. Or maybe am just overthinking.

Anyway - this material is gold. Thanks bunches. Glad to be part of this community :cherry_blossom::pray:t2:

Just a question outta curiosity - Why do they ( Angels/Daemons) don’t contact us directly in a more fairer form?


Do you mean with a “nicer” looking? I guess it depends on the magician and how the being wishes to show itself, only in those cases when you’re able to actually seeing something (through a flame, smoke, water, mirror, on your head, dream, etc), becaus there’s some people that never get to look an angel/demon, only hearing or sensing). I don’t know is that was what you were asking for

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Like when you call upon them - they can’t appear in a physical form? I am sending the original form would be too overwhelming for mortals - so like maybe as a human being with wings but wings that can disappear with a click or something

I am sure am sounding like a lulu head - sorry

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I mean, i know they can have the appearance they want to (from a tiny bird to a bodybuilder, dragon). But I’m not sure if it’s thaaa possible to see them with that appearance like in fron of you. As i mentioned, you can see them as they want but all the forms i know are not directly, only through something or like an image in you head. I thing that it might be possible but it would require a big amount of practice

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He’s one of the most friendly entities for beginners whatever app you’re using delete it :rofl:


Hmmmm - Thanks ya :cherry_blossom:

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Alrighty - thnx for sharing the info bro :cherry_blossom:

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