I might be possessed

ok hello i need help i think i’m possed or idk ok how all started i was felling that sometimes i have a spirit an energy with me and i was able to do some strange things like if i wan’t somone hurt they gut hurt and things like this also i was felling that i’m gonna go crazy i fell that even now i also have suicidal tghouts that was telling to me to jump from the roof but i didn’t let him to get all of me but i’m also afraid when i sleep to not hurt somebody and also i eat a lot like now i’m eating and after 1-2 hours i;m hungry again i have a photo with my left eye complety black but the entety is not all the time present but i can call the spirit and when he comes i feel an energy i fell my eye like is gonna cry and after that he is present and i tell him everytime when it comes to not hurt people this what i’m affraid of not to controloing me when i sleep the photo is not edited or things like this i’m not affraid of him but i don’t know what spirit it can be or who it can be and also my family name is Toth i can have some roots with the god Thoth or what and also all the people from my village are avoiding me and they don’t tell nothing to me i’m very affraid with this spirit to no do bad when i’m sleeping. sorry for my bad enghlis image1 image2 [image3]

Well I would recommend banishing and protecting yourself.

But we also need a proper introduction if you want elaborated responses :slight_smile: Please tell us roughly how old you are, roughly how much experience you have with magic, what you practice or what you are interested in if you don’t currently practice and roughly where you are from.

After you do that, you might take a look at these:


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I recommend calling on either Lucifer or Opfaal. Opfaal will deliver the magician from any type of
magickal curse or spiritual bondage. He can free the mind
from any fears or plagues, and can release the individual
from addictions. It is in his power to lift any enchantment
that may be working on any person and to restore one’s
spiritual health.

If you simply say Opfaal come over and over until you feel his presence tell him what you need done and he will do it. The same as Lucifer. Lucifer is pretty awesome like that.

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I should probably keep my mouth shut, but sometimes I can’t help it.

First of all, Toth is a Hungarian surname which means “Slovak” in old usage. It has nothing to do with the Egyptian god Thoth.

As for you being possessed, it seems highly unlikely from where I’m standing. It is much more likely that you need psychiatric help and medication. There is nothing shameful or wrong about that, you should seek the help of a medical professional in this field and you will be prescribed the right treatment. Given the right medication, you might find that your symptoms completely cease. Good luck.

This is not to deride those that are genuinely possessed, it can certainly happen (though more often than not, it is actually oppression, not possession), but you need the right treatment for any condition and that starts with the proper diagnosis. If the condition is primarily spiritual in nature, then spiritual / magickal remedies are appropriate, but when brain chemistry seems the more likely suspect of causing certain symptoms, then one should pursue the psychiatric/medical route to find the solution.

Well congrats if you are possessed by a demon is a true honour. If by a spirit of the dead devour it or give it to Abbadon or Aeshma to feed on it.


I suggest taking a saltwater bath, getting some rest, and laying off of too much caffeine. Also quit obsessing on negative things.