I think I've been cursed

Hello everyone. Firstly I’d like to begin with a small introduction about myself. I’m Paul and I’m 23 years old living in UK. Now, I would like to know, how can I lift a curse? Thing is that I constantly feels touched all over my body. I have tried to stop it though meditation, although doesn’t work, I have come to know that all they have to do is thinking about it. Can someone please tell me how can I stop this, its been going of over a month and I feel like I’m gonna get insane

Any experience with magick evocation invocation ?

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No, but honestly I’m willing to try anything, that goes on for so long, that I strongly belive that the only thing that kept me sane up until now is that thankfully I’ve got a strong mind, but I’ll lose it soon.

Okay, Do you have a doubt if someone has cursed you?

Have you tried LBRP ?

It banishes negative energy

Go to youtube and search for lesser banishing ritual of pentagram

It will cleanse you and your mind of negative and unwanted energy

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Honestly I’ve tried nothing but meditation, as I thought it might be just in my head. But would you be able to tell me what should I do with the LBRP,how do I do that?

Although I’m quite sure now that I’ve been cursed

Do you know who cursed you

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Practice some grounding and Lesser Banishing ritual of pentagram

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I use to think I was cursed but it was just some bullshit energy


Well, yeah. You see I guess there I quite a story behind. But I’ll try to shorten it up. Mainly, I’ve been through a break up about an year ago, and that messed me up quite a lot, so in my own stupidity I started drowning all my feelings in drugs, powder ones, then as I moved into another household, people I’ve been living with for some reason started to literally tell everyone around me that I’m a bad person, so now they reached people at my place of work, so there are a full list of a 100+ people that are holding papers with my name, and just start thinking about it as they see me, I know that because I can feel it, I can just look at the person and feel their energy upon me.

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Okay I have shared you link above

Practise that

After few weeks you can call on Forcalor a goetic spirit to remove the curse

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Paul, when you say touched? Have you though that it might be an entity trying to get your attention?

try this.Safe Servitor for beginners, banishing, protection, shielding and warding

If after using luna, and your still feeling touches it may be an entity, like a succubus, or others who want to be with you. Try acknowledging it’s touches, ask it to try to communicate.

So welcome to the community


Well, interesting thing you e said that, it definitely cought my attention, as I thought it might be some other entities, but I’m quite sure that is human based, as I’ve said that have been going on for some time, and I analysed myself extremely lately, the touches feel exactly like human touches, as if I concentrate I can feel the shape of the finger, the warmth of a human body and even the heart beeting when I’m being touched In more sensitive areas

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It may be something like a Succubus…

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Hey, I tried summon Luna, and I can still feel the touches, also I tried to ask to communicate with me, saying that if wanna have my attention double tap my palm, also that didn’t happen. It can be that Luna can’t protect me cause it might be a mass o people doing it?

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Keep working with luna.
And the seal of manifestation: The Seal of Manifestation - #75 by CyberLord

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A lot of curses are pretty much self prophecy. The more thought and anxiety you give it, the more potential it has towards you. It could also be your own negative energy that you need to work through. Usually when someone wants to better themselves they can give themselves “ojo” and cause self damaging effects. Working through it is like walking after a leg day. Sometimes the first time doesn’t seem so bad until the next thing you know you’re praying for an airlift off the toilet seat, but you know in the end it’ll go away.

But if you really feel that it’s a curse then I would suggest that “Magickal protection by Damon brand” would be good for you. It’s good for beginners.


If I tattoo 1 of those seals it this gonna work?

Usually people draw those seals out onto paper. I put them on my doors and windows and they’re good for destroying any negative intent.