Automatic writing headache

Does anyone else get a throbbing headache while doing automatic writing or is it just me. It seriously hurts lol.

Sounds like you are not used to the energies around you. Are you banishing left over energies regularly and practicing good spiritual hygiene?

If not, try it. It will probably make a difference. If you are, take it slower or just push through, whatever suits you-so that you can adjust to the change. Eventually it will lessen, unless it’s just not something your compatible with.

I seem to remember that you didn’t banish regularly in the past. You might be surprised how many ways it helps take your practice to the next level, if you can stick to a good routine with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been doing the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram after every ritual. However, I do have 3 activated sigils right now. I am not sure if that acts as a gateway. Lord Yeesch destroyed parasites that have been with me for over 7 years. They didn’t leave after my banishings. My life and magick has been 100% better since then.

I am doing a path working with Duke Bune. She is so friendly. She appears to me as a brown woman for some reason.

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I have never worked with Bune but I have read reports that she is tied to the Egyptian goddess Wadjet, so make of that what you will. :wink:

Never tried automatic writing but I do get a headache when I work with any kind of deep immersion with the subconscious. (In my case, subliminal audio.)

Oh my god yes. When I scry she ALWAYS appears to me in the desert or some place with sand and water behind her. She definitely looks Egyptian/middle eastern.

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Did you try shacking the hands like oft after the session, just to be sure that no strange energy remained attached to the writing hand? :man_shrugging:

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I like your thoughts here.
I’m emerging from a period of “suspended animation”. I could use a good cleansing to remove any traces of a negative energy I housed for far too long. The physical being has just recently left, but I feel the energy has remained. Any suggestions?


I was going through the mastering evocation course again and Ea didn’t mention it.

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For every witch a different method :joy: Try it you will see it helps a lot :wink:


In the course he said open the sigil, call the spirit through its name, ask the question and whatever comes to mind first write it down.

Is this how you do it as well?

Like I said I had a massive headache through the whole thing. I never get a headache when I am doing an evocation or scrying. It’s as if the spirit was implanting the words into my head and it got overloaded with energy.

Call on Lord Yeesch @La_Pungere

I prefer the ouija board but is very related and similar to automatic writing. Sometimes the energy is so strong and the demon you channel is close to possession and yeah there is where headaches, tachycardy happens… one can even faint and so on.

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I use my own energy and this servitor for left over energies