Invoking Belial/Random offering request?

Well kinda like they wanted me to do something, that goes against my personal values.

I’ve had it happen a few times, and I just say no. Sometimes it’s a laughable situation and clearly they are pushing the boundaries. Either way I say no, let me know if you’re interested in operating in a manner that works for me, otherwise have a goodnight.

I’ve honestly never felt that way. I am the operator and they are the spirit, and I intent to maintain that I am the operator and won’t be walked upon or simply used. We can have a working relationship or you can find someone that will let you do whatever you want somewhere else. :woman_shrugging:

Ok hmmm ok (my way of typing my thoughts). This makes me think I should of asked for something easier considering I’m deathly allergic to bees :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: and their honey is pretty close behind :man_facepalming:. Oh I know this is separate but did he ever refer to you in an odd way? He kept calling me “Sir Chris” (chris is my name) when he showed up i formally introduced myself as Christopher (which I never do) and he kept saying “sir chris”. Just curious

Call him back up and re-negotiate. Can’t hurt.


I did want to evoke him again because I did feel like I had more I wanted to discuss but I went blank towards the end. But I may try that tomorrow night when im not deadly exhausted from work. But honestly didn’t know you could renegotiate. I always thought you deni the request and the spirit is like “welp fine figure it out yourself”.

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Not saying he will. Just saying he may.


This would have been the first clue to me, that I either didn’t have the right being, or they were pushing me to see how high I would go, if they said jump.

No, I’ve never had an entity do that.

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Hmmm yeah now I’m thinking I better call him back and renegotiate and also to make sure it was him for sure! :thinking::thinking:. Any tips to make sure it’s him?

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Use my servitor Luna, and she won’t allow anything to enter your space that isn’t him or sent by him.

Develop good discernment with spirits, use banishing and warding that is designed to keep out the unwanted uhm I’m sure there’s other ways, I’ve read about asking them to show you their sigil, but I’ve never done that. Supposedly only they can produce the exact sigil, but I’d have my doubts about it tbh.

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Luna? Never heard of luna, can you elaborate more? And ooooh I didn’t think of asking about the sigil to be shown. I’ll have to look into that more to see where that process of checking come from :thinking:

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I absolutely could, but everything notable about Luna can be found here:

I’ve seen her name come up in many threads, journals and I’ve gotten many pms that are not also shared in this thread, but many forum members that have used Luna, have graced us with their experiences in this thread, so it’s just easier for my tired self to direct you here, as most of the common questions are addressed either in the initial post or replies. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey that is much appreciated! Thank you so much Keteriya! And from one tired person to another heres to me looking at that thread til I passout from tiredness :rofl:

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No problem, if you have other questions that you don’t see answered, feel free to ask and I’ll help answer them as best as I can, but everything I can think of as far as that goes, has been answered lol.

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Much much much much appreciated! :grin:

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Update to yesterday’s comment on this thread about the offering request I got…this little odd treasure came up on my etsy recommendations…bee and golden rimmed dish. Kinda like what Belial said to me? :man_shrugging::thinking:. Guess wasn’t the way I interpreted it fully.

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Could be a joke from him. He does have a sense of humor, when it suits him.

Could be the lesson he had in mind the whole time. Seems a bit too synchronistic to be a fluke.

I’d reach out and see if you got the message or not.

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I’m wondering because I’ll include a screenshot of it with this post. I logged into etsy just to aimlessly look for Christmas gift ideas. And I get a suggestion for this dish. And I was like…:thinking: when have I ever searched for something even close to a bee or gold dish? And here it is something similar to what belial asked for


Man the artwork on that is awful. (and I’m an awful artist.)

If that’s what he wants I’d order just a plain gold rimmed dish and paint it myself if that were the options! lol

I mean the art isn’t amazing but I just found it to be interesting that it came up as my first suggested item. Especially when I’ve never searched for dishes or bees on etsy before.


Bees are defiantly symbolic. You have to remember they are group animals and basically have a hive consciousness. (so, they don’t really think of themselves as individuals like you or I) They also communicate through scent.) I personally wouldn’t have had many problems with that request, but then I have no allergies, and I especially wouldn’t care if I didn’t have to waste any money getting the dead bees or honeycomb (might be a bit time consuming though, that isn’t normally an item I keep on hand, or I might have to contact someone who works with bees and ask for it.) . The gold platter could have to do with the bees, or it could be an old “I am a king and gold is my correspondence” thing.

For me, when he asked for stuff, it was things I was already eager to give him as offerings. He even said he didn’t care about the food (and drink) offerings for himself, but said that some other spirits like that a lot.

The chocolate, own blood, and sex energy are all just standard energy offerings.

There is also defiantly something about Belial bringing back from the dead (like Christ) but, I’m not sure how much you can trust him. (for reference, one of my ancestors with a Christian Scientist.)

Thanks for the post Jastiv. Much appreciated that you took the time to analyze it from a equal perspective. What I found was a random gold colored dish with bees on it and it was in the shape of a honey comb. It came to me lol I wasn’t logged into etsy, never searched for it and there it was on the suggested stuff.

The bees were a bit harder since its winter, and no bee keepers around the area of Colorado I live in. So I lucked out and found some online. The honey comb was actually the hardest to find. I went to 4 different stores and still had to wait a week for the last one to get it in. And even then it was on in honey and I had to gently pull it out which seemed easier than done.

After I got everything prepared I evoked him but the weird part was I couldn’t get an image of him. I could faintly hear him but I did feel him… when I asked him to physical touch me to prove he was really there I felt like I was vibrating and floating off the ground.

He does keep coming to me in my dreams which I love. But I need to find a way to summon him as strongly as possible to fully see him. Any suggestions?? I’ve tried using copal incense, frankincense, and sandalwood. I do it facing south as someone on another thread mentioned but only get glimpses of him each time. And hearing him is hit and miss.

Also the belial bringing back the dead? Interesting I’ve never heard this can you elaborate more?