Pact with pazuzu questions/ plus intro

Well, I personally would ask for clarification on what serving entails, as is it simply showing devotion, or are we talking about worshiping or what- but it seems like with this:

You sorta already had clarification.

I personally wouldn’t have accepted those terms, it’s almost like worshipping any god in any religion, and then brining as many people as possible to it, or sharing the truth and what not. And I guess I need to ask how you are sure it is Pazuzu, and maybe ask @Dralukmun to take a look at this, I’m not sure if he works with Pazuzu, but he’s pretty good at ferreting out imposter like spirits.

Honestly you can do this without any entity, you just need to put in time and learn how. They can make it easier in some ways, but they don’t usually just grant power. Usually it’s a lot of study and a lot of work.

I think since you were able to discern that he proposed a pact, if this is the real Pazuzu, you’re best off asking him on whether or not this was accepted.

Thank you for giving the rest of the information we needed for your intro :grin:

I am sorry for your loss, I know that things like that can certainly drive us to attempting to make big changes and the like, and I’m sure it has impacted you greatly, in many ways.

Welcome :netherlands:

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@Dralukmun could i ask your opinion about this?

i am pretty new to this indeed, how do you all think i should proceed in advancing my practiceses?

I usually am very suspicious of a being who asks to be served for life in exchange for power in general, especially if i have never worked with them before. It tends to raise red flags for possible abuse or imposters. Not to say Life long pacts are necessarily bad, but this is not something to rush into, no matter how sweet the offer.

Have you tried working with Pazuzu with other tasks via petitions or other methods to see if he fulfills them? It would be a good way to see if he is indeed a spirit worth considering a pact based on the results. You don’t welcome someone as a business partner without seeing at least some of their potential first.

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he asked me to this pact a week or 3 ago, i asked him for signs and some small wishes first to show me his potential. i saw multiple results almost emmidiately after this. up to yesterday a lot of my deep wishes where granded, without even asking him for it. and after he granded these wishes he would whisper in my ear i am with you. now sign our pact. we will be strong together. last night i was asleep for a rough 3 hours when wake up to a bounce on my bed, when i turned i saw a bird like face with horns coming through the matrass, i am pretty sure it was pazuzu himself. which demon would dare to imposter him

Any spirit (not just a demon) can and often will impose as another if there is energy to gain from the attention if the door is left wide often for them, regardless of who they are imposing as.

Well, then the next test would be to set up a barrier against imposter spirits (such as the seal of manifestation, the circle of black flame, or @Keteriya servitor Luna) and see if he still shows up.

From there, the decision to go through the pact is up to you.

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sorry never heard of that before, can’t find much of that online, only picture’s how should i proceed with this method? do you have any links for me with the guide on how to do this?

The three examples i mentioned are actually here on the forum


and also is it a normal thing that ever sinds he first showed up, i am having bone pain sometimes, am feeling tired during the day and very much alive at night. but also am feeling so much anger. i have the urch to attack people when the say the least thing that i take wrong! i also notice that people don’t want to look me in my eyes for to long, i dont get it but they look scared. my aunt says i make weird noices when i sleep, like i am possesed!!

Yeah, i would reconsider the pact and banish


is that even possible to end a pact on life and dead signed with blood?

Pacts are broken when either party doesn’t fulfill their end of the bargain, no matter the length or how it was signed.

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and when there are terms strictly say that when one not fulfills their part their of the pact are cursed to suffer and are eventually banished to the abyss?

when i not fullfilled my end of the bargain my soul would be his

No, it will not be. Threats like that are meant to keep the subject loyal out of fear and pretty much confirms to me abuse or an imposter, completely.

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soo just ignore and move on from this? should i do a ritual or evocation to pazuzu to punish the imposter?

banish it, perform a cord cutting ceremony to remove any possible attachment caused by the blood, and move on.

You could go back and punish the imposter later but it may be wiser to wait until you have developed yourself more to prevent any reattachment. And never allow a spirit to make those kind of threats again, as you have the ultimate authority especially in ritual.

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How To Do A Cord Cutting Ceremony - YouTube is this a good example of how i should do the ritual

I would say so. I tend to prefer the string technique that was mentioned although I have done the visualization as well. Both have worked for me. The candle magic example was a new one.

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