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This thread collects together the various discussions, opinions and tutorials for recognizing and addressing entities that are acting parasitically, whether by accident or by design.

I do hope this is useful. :slight_smile:
If you think of any other Parasite threads, videos, books or other resources (please, no adverts or commercial links) that you liked or helped you, please feel free to add to this collection!

Xag Darklight’s Parasite thread, symptoms of parasite attack, and many linked posts on how to remove and heal from parasitic energy drain.

Parasite’s 101 Thread: how to attack and remove parasites.

Excellent discussion re recognizing parasites while astral traveling.
Thread includes varying opinions on whether Succubi and Incubi are parasitic or not.

By extension, discussion on whether Lilith, as the entity petitioned for attainment of a Succubus/Incubus is a parasite, or an egregoric entity created by occultists mimicking her is the parasitic version.

Working example of how someone dealt with a sexually oriented parasite with more links and useful youtube videos:


I think this is a great idea and I’m sure it will be useful.


:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: you are spectacular thanks for creating this!!!


Wow, thank you, it seems I have some work. I’ve seen these on me before, they are very long and disgusting worm beings, they look like rotting intestines to me, they’re somehow a slimy rotting black, I didn’t know what those were before. I’ve pulled some from my sacral chakra on a few occasions, I didn’t know they had any sentience to them, there was no face, and I never managed to pull them all the way out no matter how long I’d pull, I would end up becoming overwhelmed with how long it takes, and how gross it was, and it would make me feel despair, so I would always end up cutting them with the intention of working on it more “later.” I had no idea it might be connected to health problems I’ve had in my lower organs, the weird skin problems that the doctors “never seen before.” The constant bad luck. Nightmares about moving into spooky dark house filled with hoards of garbage. I also have a recurring dream where I have to swim in parasite infested waters, and after the hospital would be filled with sick animals and no one would help me. These dreams have no light in them. They’re grey. It’s nice to know the problem so I can solve it. When I started reading I felt extreme panic in my heart and saw “maggot like beings” en masse in my mind’s eye. Thank you, friend.


Anti harassment Sigil to ward off attacks from unwanted entities by @DarkestKnight, which has been tested by many forum members and found to be both effective and beginner friendly.



Still using this to this day
Thnx again @Mulberry


Stumbled on this gem from @C.Kendall, to remove an entity attached in your field and bind it to a vessel for interrogation, future use or disposal/burying:


Ideas for deep parasite infestation.

Parasites, like ticks, can dig deep and get embedded within your energy bodies, making removal more of a process than a simple “pluck it off” affair. Here’s a conversation with experiences of heavier hitting protection work.


I’ve just been reminded of this basic parasite or unwanted energy clearing technique that I used to rid myself of depression:

I drew a picture of it that I still have somewhere. if I can find the notebook I’ll post it. It looked like man-sized snot with teeth. :joy:


Like a fat slimy maggot?

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Just wanted to throw this one in here with the other resources.


Yeah pretty much, and green and gooey and dripping. Just disgusting. I was not a little horrified that thing had been inside me.

Some parasites look black and spindly, some like goblins, some like fog, but that was the only one that really grossed me out.

The bit that got me, it’s if I hate simmering I get away from it, why hate me and stay so close, right inside me eating me? But I guess that’s all it knew, it was a manifestation of self hate so what else could it do?


Well, I’m glad you got it out of you. I love the stronger version of you. Mario fist jump


How to detect imposter spirits and other time wasting things

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