Plz help me, my whole life is screwed up

Hi everyone, I know it’s a too long text, but plz read it, I need your help.
It’s my first post. If I wanna say in short, my whole life is screwed up. Every aspect of it. Job, business, relations with people from work relations to romantic ones. Maybe you think I’m bolding these too much. But it’s true. I’m visited by multiple psychologist to check my behaviors and they didn’t diagnose social behavior issues in me. In other words I’m a normal guy.
I’m a highly intelligent and professional one in my industry but I lose every job I get after a few months. I’m handsome and attractive but I lose every girl I get after a few months just like the jobs. Always with similar patterns and similar time frames and always without a really big and robust reasons. Just for very tiny things that changed to a typhoon in a dramatic and radical way.
From my early childhood I was interested to magic and occultism and have a powerful visualization, even I created an imaginary friend for myself and talked to him, felt he was with me always and I felt his appearance and his colors. Also I named him. So I think he was a kind of servitor if I’m not wrong because I don’t know much about real magic and esoteric learnings I mean structural and fundamental approach to learning and practicing magic.
I watched many horror movies and read and heard horror stories in my childhood. I’m raised in a deep religious family. The kind of families that see casual sex as an unforgivable sin, so I think you know the rest of my environment. I was too religious like them but about 5 years ago I started to change little by little and today I don’t believe in any man made religions.
So everything is locked for me. I think there is force i.e. demon etc. that is watching me carefully and destroy my relations my jobs my financial stuffs etc. Right at the moment of fruition.
With my own self studying I do some law of attraction works, listen to subliminal audios, listen to shamanic drums and journeying, think about my intentions during masturbating, look at some sigils and talismans in books etc. I read in Magickal Protection book by Damon Brand that we might be in crossed conditions, he wrote “Crossed conditions can occur when you are on the wrong spiritual path (through chasing dreams that aren’t really your own), when you have inadvertently offended a spirit, spent time in a place that is sacred to others, or passed through a place that is tainted with evil. You can also be crossed if somebody hates you powerfully enough, even if they have no occult experience. The same crossed conditions can arise from the repetition of negative comments about yourself to yourself.” -Damon Brand wrote.
I feel heavy in my belly and below and some feeling between my eyebrows and no feeling in my chest, like a stone heart. Cold leg and generally low energy. Black screen dreams 99% of the nights without joyful sleeping. I see many many repeated numbers. Feeling truly lonely in the universe. So I don’t have a life really.
Sorry for the long story.

What are your thoughts? Please help me to save my life. I fear to practice magic because I have fear of contacting with dangerous demons and spirits and its consequences.
In my culture there are some guys who changes your name to bring luck into your life, should I do that? I decided to correct everything and start my new life.

Finally I wanna say plz help me. Thank you buddies.


There is an incantation from The Black Pullet, against possible curses: “Senapos terfita estamos perfiter notarin”.
You may also or otherwise say daily a mala of “Om Kali Ma”, or anyway repeat that mantra 108 times. The Hindu goddess Kali may defend from black magick and, if needed, demons.


Maybe its curse too ? Idk

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@yourfriend behemoth x have did video how to remove negative energy, curse etc.

Here is a link to his helpful video maybe you will make good use of it. Its about takeing bath not any ritual

The clip about takeing bath will start from 06:00 minute


Thank you both.
Any other thoughts or suggestion from other users?

Where should I start?

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Lots of people don’t remember much of their dreams.

I wouldn’t take dream recall as a good indicator of sleep quality…

Stress could be causing lack of good sleep though.

You’ll need to get past that fear at some point.

I don’t see the need.

Honestly, the first place you should start would be with learning some kind of banishing, do some return to sender spell, take cleansing baths (salt), and try to keep yourself and your space energetically clear and grounded.

It might also be a good idea to call on the Luna Servitor to help you do a lot of this.


I would also suggest doing some kind of “road opener”, and possibly a cord cutting to help remove negative attachments that might be playing into what you’re experiencing.


Banish and cleanse. Then see if you feel better and continue from there.

There’s nothing wrong with your manifestation ability, looks like: you want to fix the sabotaging that’s going on.

The first obvious culprit for this is energetic parasites.

You’d probably suspect it by now if you were cursed by someone you know: you can feel the hate from them and you will naturally avoid them even if they don’t tell you (does anyone hate you that much?) or if your whole family has the same issue then it could be generational curse. If it’s based on living location it could be a curse in the land that may or may not be able to follow you.

It’s a matter that needs to be troubleshot by a process of elimination.

First fix the obvious and get your spiritual hygiene (tutorials above) and start getting your psychic skills up to snuff (everyone can do this, it’s a matter of pracice), then take stock,if it’s not enough yet keep going with the investigation, once you know what it’s not then what it is can come to light.

Only work with named entities that you yourself summon, no randoms, banish all randoms, all the time.
None of the Goetia are actually “demons”. They’d old gods, some are angels and some are human made egregores. They exist to help, as do the angels that made it to the church’s whitelist. But as you know, taking the churches word for anything isn’t sensible, so why do it for so called “demons”?

Randoms can be more like what you know as “demons”, they can be worked with but I’d say don’t try. I call those “parasites”, because they make you miserable in order to feed on that negative energy you make. I don’t use the word demon, the church made it meaningless on purpose to confuse people: be specific about what youre dealing with if you can, “demon” is not a specific enough word to be helpful: that’s like saying “human” when you mean “lawyer”. :smiley:

This needs investigating sooner rather than later. It sounds like your energy is blocked (and I mean literallty the energy channels in your body are clogged up, like blocks in blood vesselscause problems too. You cannot ground properly or connect to the cosmos and your energy stagnates and gets cold and sticky like this.) Picking up an energy working practice and learning how your body’s energy works will help a lot. This sort of thing goes hand in hand with being parasitised or cursed and one can be caused by the other.

Get the banishing done as a matter of urgency, set up your wards and get your space clean and clear of parasites. This is called “having good spiritual hygiene”.

Some heavily religions families attract these in droves through fear. Because their behaviour is controlled not by personal responsibility and doing what’s right but by fear of punishment: it’s very negative energetically, which is yummy to lesser entities and it’s not uncommon for prior catholic and related extreme religion refugees to have this issue. Seems like trying to leave that sect triggers an apostate reaction that forces some back into it. It’s a very evil cult, basically. The more I study it the more I see this kind of thing. It’s not your average JCI religion and gives you zero tools to recognise and fix problems with the unseen, I suspect on purpose: you are only allowed to go through the controllers for that to keep you dependent on the church, everybody knows is except the people in the cult. Banish and then banish some more.

Again, reevaluate this after a good round of banishing and getting your living pace clear.

Excercise to get info:
Sit quietly in meditation (just a thoughtful, serene state), ask yourself a question like “is a parasite attached to me?” and write down without questioning or thinking about it the first thing that comes to mind. Practice that and trust it. Keep asking more questions. You are training your subconscious to communicate with you and tell you what’s going on, because it’s connected to all and knows. The more you do this, the better it gets and your subconscious, which isn’t used to being listened to, learns to talk to you the way you can hear it.


Thank you all for the responses, seems I should start doing some real works…
I appreciate it if anyone can add more to this thread.

You’re welcome! Good luck.

I forgot to mention, please do make your next post your Introduction here, which we need per the forum rules. :smiley: :+1:

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Yeah, Ok, But in fact I don’t consider myself as a real practitioner, maybe yet. So I thought a practitioner should introduce him/herself. I need some helps and insights for my situation. So by all means I didn’t want to break the forum rules. Sorry if I did it. :pray:


Honestly, It’s rare that people read the rules, or the pinned start here sticky so few know we would like an intro, and we have to ask every time… I had to be asked the day I was new too! :slight_smile:

We can’t mod though on who is a bona fide practitioner or not, that’s a subjective judgement that’s going to be questionable so we just ask for one from everyone.

But part of the reason for an intro, is because the professional mods we had that wrote the rules noticed that asking for an intro discourages those who are not here to join us in our seeking knowledge, but are maybe thinking of only trolling: it’s too much effort for those not actually interested in the forum as much as what entertainment they can get for free. :slight_smile:

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I swear by the “Practical Psychic Self Defense” by Robert Bruce.

I use to feel the same way back in Highschool and even a few years after Highschool being a worker, until I finally had paid for a consultation and gotten recommended this book.

It has literally saved me from some very harsh attacks.

But I warn you… as soon as you start this book, you may start getting attacked by negative entity’s.

I have had multiple instances where people get partially possessed right next to me and get very fucking angry like they are about to physically attack. I did a simple banishment using my energy with the techniques within the book and I swear bro I just banish and reverse all day if I have to, on the fly… If it gets tedious I just do some black magic. If you read this book I promise this will be a serious step into your next level reality.

I should mention being careful with the reversals, you might notice people getting Into car crashes and even worse, I am sure your higher self will help you make those decisions for what you really want to do.


Seconded! It’s very accessible for beginners and advanced alike, a great resource. :+1:


Thank you buddy for the recommendation but honestly your text is a bit scary to me. I’m a beginner. I like to stay away from black magic as much as I can. You said “people getting into car crashes and even worse”. What do you mean? Do you mean the negative people who probably hate me and cause sending negative energy to me and maybe cursed me? Or it can be a random person? any person? even good ones? Actually I don’t want to hurt anyone I want only to correct and tune my life.
So please explain more with details.
Why do we get attack from negative entities when we start banishing rituals? I read it in a few other sources. I don’t want to make the situation worse.

How long does it last? weeks? months? How long does it take to banish completely and get rid of those fucking situations? Do you think a true beginner such as me is ready to handle it?
So please tell me more and everything you think I should know before starting. Tnx.

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What John N describes is very much of the light.

It’s the opposite of black magick to banish the dark influences around us, he’s basically “exorcising” the uninvited presences in people getting angry due to the parasitic influence. You don’t have to be an ordained priest to do that, and you don’t need a handy herd of pigs either. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, what you don’t know and can’t see can hurt you, and it seems it already is. This is an easy and risk free way to help yourself. It’s beginner level basics you have said you need.

If you read this book instead if making assumptions, you’d see it’s not even framed in occult language, it’s all energy working, relying on only your imagination and intention.

Honestly, if you can’t do this much, there’s nothing you can do or will do, and you might as well give up and go back to xtianity, you’re done before you started, it’s that basic.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying. :woman_shrugging:


Great questions!

Look… I apologize, don’t be scared.
I am only speaking through my personal experience.

You see… once you read this book you’ll have a much more thorough understanding of the many things that can cause issues to happen.

Such has:
Your goals
Seeded thoughts
Implanted images
How your thoughts are controlling your energy body.

There is a lot of things that can really screw with you…

But the main thing I find that can cause a whole bunch of issues is your goals.

Your goals will determine what situations you are “technically” putting yourself into.

For example… if you want to be strong and capable, then you might find that you tend to coincidentally be around people with anger problems a lot time.

Also parents, my real father is pretty fucking crazy and well… unfortunately I had to go through the process of breaking family curses through which negative entity’s try to utilize against me.

Look… no matter what your goals, if you want to live a peaceful life with no danger, well… unfortunately that is just not going to happen, too easily, it can be hard or easy depending on you.

Your going to have to defend yourself and do a reversal at some point.

These things can attack you so fast, that you can all of a sudden start having a heart attack. That’s why I recommend to do black magic in combination, because trust me I have woken up plenty of times to immediate psychological attacks that force me to hold my breath and my adrenaline to rush, feeling like my heart was about to explode, but it’s okay, because you just stick to your training and demanifest the living shit out of it staying calm and focused.

The pressure can be real.

But like I said, depending on your goals you will most definelty have a much more calmer experience.

If your getting really scared, then I highly recommend to train yourself to do 100 push-ups in 1 minute.

I’ve personally been trained to think worse case scenarios but, now that I have been learning black magic, I’m accelatrating at a much faster pace, and now I feel like my senses are a gift now.

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I should also probably say…

I have been traumatized a lot before I learned psychic self defense. I want a peaceful world aswell. The first course I ever learned was how to manifest and heal… that’s the first thing I ever learned… and I did that for 5 years and It was the almost absolute beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced for the first 2 years, but then… all of a sudden I started to have anger problems and all sorts of shit to start going wrong in my life.

I mean you start to heal people but your actually getting attacked by there negative entity’s and I didn’t even realize it!

It wasn’t weakness, it was actually and still is our love… But now the manifestations and situations are set up up in place to see if your ready for the next level… but nooo, you start to hesitate because you think of how beautiful your life is right now and how awesome music sounds and ect… but then something inside subconsciously, you know that it’s time to continue.

And that right there is where it starts to go wrong, you gotta learn to defend yourself against entity’s who want all your happiness and life force. So you gotta get real strong if you want to be a real good person and live life with love.

Knowledge is power and it’s very important to study… I relied on my heart to guide me but unfortunately being manipulated because I did not understand how these negative entity’s operate.

And so on

And so on…

Living life through the heart seems to be very reliable, as long as you learn to defend your self, because anything you manifest will most likely be met with some unnecessary negative entity’s that will try and destroy whatever you want to have sooner or later such as a relationship, a new job, meditation, ect…

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Here is some workout music, it is very friendly and polite (:slightly_smiling_face: