Does evocation have to be done in a dark room?

Alright, here’s the thing. I want to evoke Lucifer. I’ve searched for alternatives on the forum for lighting conditions. The only place suitable space and privacy wise is the basement.

I just have one huge problem. Many threads I’ve read on the forum for evocation involve a dark room.

I can’t do dark rooms or candle light in a dark room.

Why? Too many things try to attack me in the dark. I have 11 Ancient shadow figures tormenting me and attacking me because of a power I had in a past life that I still possess and can’t access. They will never be able to get that power but that won’t stop them from trying.

My only protection from the shadow figures are light, salt, and dozens of entities hanging around that my friend claims are demons, which she called to protect me (long story that I can’t talk about yet); Satan, Lucifer, Belial, etc. Lucifer, and Belial, and 5 other demons were already contacted by me due to putting a few drops of blood on their sigils. The instant I bled on their sigils, I noticed entities appear. Lucifer had appeared one early morning when I listened to his enn while I slept, he stuck around and his attention was really grabbed when I bled on his sigil. Tall handsome man, golden hair and golden eyes, typical of what I’ve read on the forum. The other 6, including Belial, had appeared after I bled on their sigils and made a request that they have fulfilled half of. Belial appears as a tall hooded figure with the face of a goat peeking out from under the black hood, also similar to how he’s described on the forum.

I have Micah’s Seal of Manifestation activated and charged.

But I would still like to officially evoke Lucifer. I need to know if it’s possible to evoke him in a lit room, or if I have to push through the fear and risk of getting attacked by the shadow figures in the dark.

They’re immune to sage, holy water and anything else that is supposed to banish entities. Commanding them to leave in the name of a demon or angel doesn’t work. Banishing rituals do not work. I’ve tried everything I have ever read to make them leave, multiple times. Salt only seems to block them or trap them, it doesn’t get rid of them. And last I checked, salt rings can be pretty insulting to many demons. This is not the result of a mental illness. My friend can see these things too.

Not even my “imaginary” friend, Abaddon, can get these shadow things to leave. He’s resorted to killing one of them. I don’t want to force him to fight for me and get hurt if he goes against something stronger than him. And it is possible for these things to be far stronger than any demon in hell.

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Have you tried Luna?

You don’t have to evoke in the dark. I never do, though usually go from an overhead light to a lamp. :woman_shrugging:

I’ve never heard of Luna, could you explain more?

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Do it wherever you and whichever way is most comfortable.

I’ve summed in my bathroom during the day. And mostly in my dining room because it is easy to setup.

I’ve also summoned in daylight before without issues.

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I could, but it would take too long :slight_smile:

Doing it in the dark helps you to structure the spirit if you’re going for manifestation, but like I said I don’t, but I would want to get the problem under control, before you start evoking, just so you don’t run into any more potential issues.

Most of my summoning is daylight hours lol.

Spirits of the dead and shadow creatures, don’t seem to be affected by the normal means- often, but I see norse typing down there, so I think he’s got that part covered.

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I’ve never had a completely dark ritual area to use. And I’ve worked with Shadow People a bit. I’ve interacted with named shadows in the middle of the day, when it was sunny. Truth is, there’s always a shadow.

You should investigate WHY the shadows are there. Deal with that issue, rather than ignore it.

I have investigated why these things are around. In the past life that I had access to the power they were after I was actually killed by an Ancient shadow. It didn’t succeeded in getting what it’s desired. None of the current shadows are that same entity but every single one of them is after the same thing. If they succeed in touching me, they will drain me. They aren’t here to kill me though, just attack me. I checked using both my friend’s knowledge of interacting with these things as well as pendulum communication with the entity that is supposedly Satan as well as Lucifer.

These things are very stubborn and they only fear my friend as well as my other friend Abaddon. Despite this, they don’t leave. Even the other demons my friend has babysitting me are weary of these things, the only one who I haven’t seen flinch away in fear are Satan, Belial, and Lucifer. And I have a ton of powerful and we’ll known demons in the house, including King Paimon. So if most of these demons are afraid of the shadows, it indicates that the shadow is older and stronger than the demon. Last I checked, demons are ancient gods, they aren’t known to spook easily.

Honestly, I don’t think this resonates with me. I’ve also worked with Abaddon, too. Best of luck.

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I’m curious…

How do you go from absolutely zero experience in magick in March, to being “attacked” by shadow figures because you supposedly possess some power they are after? :thinking:

You posted about your first unsuccessful evocation back in April, and posted in September that you have only astral projected successfully twice, but now you claim to be surrounded by entities? That’s quite the jump. How do you know you possess this “power?”

Have you tried this?


I’ve only been into magick for a year, I’ve been dealing with these shadow things most of my life and they recently turned violent in the past 3 to 5 years. I’m just at my breaking point. As for the power and past life stuff, I had a very active imagination and for the longest time I thought I was just making up having that power in a past life. I only just recently discovered that my daydreaming of a past life were actually memories. My friend remembers me being present in one of her past lives when I had access to the power I speak of and this has been confirmed by Lucifer and Satan via my pendulum. I also frequently see dead people. For the longest time I just thought I was making it all up for entertainment and attention until my friend mentioned that she could see the shadow things in my house.

And no, I have not tried that sigil.

For further insight on how bad it’s getting in the house, let me tell you what these things like to do to me. 2 years ago there were only 6, but now after some investigating into who I was in my past lives, there are 11, but one of them was killed for charging at me, it was mere inches away from grabbing me. There are 3 of them in my room alone. For the past 5 years I would always discover bruises on my thighs with no explanation for how I got them and no instants of bumping into anything high enough to cause the bruises.

Nothing in my whole house is tall enough for me to bump my thighs into and bruise them. And I started to notice that these bruises wouldn’t be there before I go to bed and I would miraculously wake up with bruises.

I asked someone who lives with me and has medical knowledge to watch me sleep a few times to see if I had restless leg syndrome causing bruises. They did. I don’t have restless leg syndrome, all of my leg movements were slow and controlled.

Around 4 or 5 years ago I woke up one night after not having any dreams. I had only woken up because I felt like I was being watched. At the time there was only 2 in my room but I didn’t pay attention to them and ignored and forgot about them because no one believes me. When I had opened my eyes and looked around the room, I spotted a shadowy mass with red eyes behind my bedroom door staring at me and another one that was plain black in my closet. I threw the covers over my head, played dead, and prayed to any entity willing to listen to let me survive the night. I fell asleep with the damn things staring at me at 4 in the morning after waking up at 11:30 that night.

It’s to the point that they’re so aware and unafraid of me seeing them that they are visible constantly even in broad daylight with every light on in my room and almost all the lights in the house being used constantly.

The only room the shadows can’t enter is the living room, for as long as I can remember, the living room has always been guarded with some sort of barrier the shadows can’t get through.

I’m afraid to sleep in my room at night, my one sanctuary! I’m not even going to bother hiding how upset I am right now. These fucking shadow things are assholes. The one place most people go to to sleep and rest and relax I am afraid to even step foot in at night because of these damn things. My sleep has suffered horribly for it and I constantly have a headache. I’m on sleeping medication because of these things and I force myself to take it earlier in the night before they’re active so it can knock me the fuck out so I don’t get the time to become scared shitless and go sleepless for that night. It’s that, or sleep on a damn couch in the living room that’s harder than a rock and will kill your back. And let me frickin tell you, there are many many times now where I have spent over a week to nearly a month sleeping and practically living on that couch because there are some days where I’m too fucking terrified to step foot anywhere near my room even in broad daylight! The one home I normally have always felt comfortable in despite seeing the shadow things and dead people has finally turned into a fucking nightmare for me and no one I live with seems to care because they think I’ve watched too many movies and read too many stories and think my friend is just pretending to believe me in order to not an ass.

A home is supposed to be a sanctuary, it’s supposed to be a safe place. Mine has turned into a place literally worse than hell because of the shadow people. I’m sick of it. And I hate having both my friend and Abaddon stumped on how to help me. I don’t want to force them to help me fight my own battles with these things if there’s a way to get rid of them and stop any more malevolent shadow people from showing up.

Not a single one in the house is nice. Fuck, I didn’t even know that nice shadow people even existed until my friend introduced me to one that was choosing to stay in her house. I thought people were just making up the possibility of nice shadow people existing. How fucked up is that? I don’t care if friendly ones show up. I want the aggressive ones to leave and not come back and for no more of the aggressive ones to show up.

If I have to, I will straight up evoke some of the most badass demons this forum has ever mentioned, pray that they are willing to work with such an absolute fucking noob like me, and ask them or beg them to absolutely fucking destroy these things in any way possible. I don’t even care if I get blood spilled on me in the process, if these things even bleed. I don’t even care if a demon straight up rips out their whole fucking spine for use as a coat hanger and then peels off their skin to use a fucking carpet in their throne room. I want these damn shadow things gone and I want them to never ever come back

My friend Abaddon isn’t even sure that he can beat all of the shadow things. He has full free will, I have no influence over his behaviors and emotions. And I can almost swear based on what he’s talked about that he could very well be the REAL Abaddon.
And let me tell you how my friend Abaddon works: he will straight up tell any demon king, to their face, without fear or hesitation, to fuck off and give ZERO shits about the consequences, if he deems it necessary to tell them off in such a manner.

Despite him being called imaginary for the longest time, other spirits acknowledge his presence when he’s near me, he straight up scared the shit out of all the demons in the house except for Lucifer (who oddly seems to be familiar with his antics as if he’s seen Abaddon do such things on a daily basis, Abaddon is normally pretty calm, so the look of familiarity Lucifer kept giving him really made me question who my friend is) just last week because of something he said aloud in front of them that was directed at one of the shadow people and the demons in the house proceeded to avoid Abaddon like the plague for an hour. I’m pretty sure he can beat just about any demon in a fight.

I originally made Abaddon’s whole backstory back before I realized that he had gained free will and he talks about the fall from Heaven as though he actually participated in it. His backstory that I made that sticks to him has nothing to do with the fall, from my knowledge and what he’s told me, he was brought into existence after the fall. And yet he somehow has very distinct memories of participating in the fall that line up as though he was actually there, and this isn’t the first time he’s given me such complex answers or conversation pieces that I didn’t give him if he was a figment of my imagination.

I’m pretty fucking sure that he is either the real Abaddon and chooses to behave abnormally from what I’ve read on the forum for the sake of my comfort, or he’s only an aspect or part of the real Abaddon, much like Apollyon or Kali.

But no matter what or who he possibly is, I know my friend Abaddon to be absolutely fearless and nearly unbeatable. So if he, of all entities, is having doubts about fighting these wretched shadow things, that’s a huge worry and indication to me of the severity of the situation.

I usually don’t scan people, but if you want, I may try to take a look, in order to give you some insight.

Sure. That would be great.

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Okay, there is something there. And it looks like a frightened chihuahua who doesn’t like me taking a look.

I saw it IN your face, as in, inside you, so I don’t think banishing once is going to kick it out.

And no trace of anything resembling Abbadon or any demon.

Pale skin, no nose, red eyes with black where the white of the eye should be, too many arms? If that’s what you are seeing, that is something else having to do with an incident in September that I can’t talk about yet without permission from specific entities. I know that is there, I know what it is, and I know it’s nearly impossible to get rid of. If that’s the thing you are seeing, it’s already being addressed.

It has a mouth full of viscous teeth as well

It’s not a demon. The demons are weary of it.

I don’t think any spirit would dare not to listen to abbadon belial

No. Small frightened chihuahua.

You kick a chihuahua, you kill a chihuahua. Whatever it is, doesn’t look all that strong to me. He got scared by someone taking a look.

The real problem here, I think, is that it may be too entwined with you. You’ll need more than a banishing.

There are others stronger than them. In any event, I’m not into the “who is stronger” debate, so I’ll decline to continue talking about it. I know it never ends.

But more importantly, did nobody thought that Abbadon and Belial may not be there?

As I said: small frightened chihuahua. Doesn’t look all that strong. Not sure exactly what it is, thought.

Abaddon doesn’t reside in my body (most of the time). Again, I’m not 100% sure who or what he is actually, but he’s been with me since I was 6 years old and I consider him a very close best friend. He could be the real one or he might not be, I honestly can’t say for sure.

I think the Chihuahua you see is the entity inside me that you saw. Abaddon is aware you scanned me, but since I gave you permission, he wasn’t worried about it. I can’t tell you what the Chihuahua thing actually is yet.