Millionaire after contact withith claunek and lucifer

It’s possible they have these decks online but I altered my tarot and that’s how I pick my numbers basically I picked a game 2 games in my state and whatever numbers are in the game of choice you shuffle and choose but as I said before I altered my tarot deck in a form I understand to choose my numbers it started off with 2 numbers coming out and I was like oh shxxt then I kept doing it on the nights I would go play I would see the same 2 black cats cross my path and on those days I would win money and I kept at it but on the very last time of trying before I left my home I chose my numbers got the sigils of my entities and wrote a petition to the entities with the numbers that came from my tarot and that was it. I privately got my money in my state they have an option of being anoymous but I had to have an appointment to claim my money due to covid-19 they give out appointments now to get your money because of the pandemic.


Using Tarot spreads for winning a lottery | I used this method with tarot cards altered on my own deck the 12345 method was a method that worked for me


Games of chance I have previous post using bune before I started using other entities to help assist me when I first started contacting entities I didn’t have most of the materials especially when I started with bune I always made a petition of the situation I was going through towards the end I would list what it is I would offer the entity but I do things different or as my mind was telling me to do I treat all my entities as guest because I’m asking for there assistance so when a guest comes to your house or in your presence what do you do you make them feel as comfortable as possible I was told that I was wrong for offering them there offering before my request was granted but I always give offerings before during and after the process I also take there sigil with there enns on it and leave it in grocery stores or bathrooms to acknowledge them that way to show them I am very dedicated to them to get there name and there sigil recognized by others. Simple gestures go a long way.


Thanks for a nice reply.

Its really great that you fulfilled all of your wishes
It may take time
I am still trying
Gazing at sigil ; visualizing end goal
And I took the sigil of glasya and andras

Currently I am surrounded by bs people and parasites
I am doing banishing to get rid of bad energy but I also need to get rid of bs people


Thanks again

I have already wrote petition to andras and glasya labolas along with their sigil
Charged it with my intention
Burnt the sigil

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Not to derail the thread, but if you suspect you have parasites, you may want to try Luna, a servitor made for the users of this forum to deal exactly with that.

Here is the link:


Very good when you see the sigil flash your on point but even if you don’t still speak your intent as if you already know there there I take some alcohol and I pore it on my sigils as I have my petition written above the sigil yes the petition is wet but damp wet and I use herbs on the petition fold the petition up and then burn it I moreso dab the sigil that’s under my petition to the entities with alcohol to bring about the spirit of the entity im trying to bring forth if I have no drinking alcohol I use rubbing alcohol basically same effect magic and rituals change with each individual but I did use a entity if I say I remember which one I’ll be telling a lie but it was a test as to see if it would manifest but it was an individual that was constantly irritating my mom basically her boyfriend and I simply wrote what I wanted to happen to him wrote the sigil underneath it of the entity including the litany or enn dabbed the sigil with drops of alcohol folded the sigil with certain baneful powders I own and set fire to the petition in a small cauldron I own a week later on the highway the car went into flames started smoking continuously before getting ingulfed in flames but said boyfriend got out of the car in time. I just write what I want to happen and if I’m angry crazy things come into my mind and I don’t care if I write death it die on the petition if I’m pissed I’m going for someone being crippled killed whatever pops into my brain but I’m grounding myself as of lately and I don’t lean towards baneful rituals or magic unless necessary


You have some pretty good entities that will sure get the job done :ok_hand:

I thank you for this so much


No worries.

We should make a new thread with the resources that were added recently for the forum’s users.


I love you

Thanks for the description

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Not a problem starting reading literature Eve if it feels boring or basic you’ll be happy you did happy holidays also keep florida water in your home I use it before and after I do rituals it protects me I pour it in a pray bottle and spray myself from head to toe all over basically begin my ritual then I use it again after I’m done.


Yes I know the recipe of florida water

Thank you

getting herbs would be difficult for me
Also you mentioned the baneful powder

Florida water is charged with a particular deity or loa for protection against all negative entities its something i recommend keep in yoúr home at all times


It’s a plethora of herbs and powders I have plenty powders simply because I make my own or I order some but I learned how to make a lot of baneful powders if i run out of the ones I order. I have a platform where i call myself kitchen bitch because i make most of my pwders from herbs in my kitchen or if i buy certain powders such as black arts pwder i do a half and half mix of graveyard dirt black arts powder and my own powders that i make and I sprinkle these powders on my petition to bring forth whatever request I wrote on my petition to be done to my target that may have wronged me I got powders and oils i use for my love spells lately love spells is something I’ve been working on a lot lately.


Congratulations honey. That what I’m talking. I’m going to continue to keep working with him.

The basic story that includes this is here, though I left the “thin air” part out:

I’ve experienced being borderline stalked already due to something I posted, which was misread and a load of wishful thinking added by the reader, so I err on the side of caution.

Luckily E.A. writes books for a living, has a shit-ton of guns, and no such bashfulness about those types of things, so I refer you to Ipsissimus, where he describes a spontaneous manifestation of fruit. :+1:


Congratulations on your success, if you ever want to do some investing and grow that money let me know. I work in motion picture ventures. Most people don’t know that the studio only puts up 30% of a film’s budget and the rest is all private equity. Elon Musk actually made a good portion of his fortunes investing in movies and people think he did it all by selling electric cars Lol :laughing:


And you’re not letting me pitch a script? I feel betrayed, Adam.

I’ll go cry myself to death in a lonely corner.


You have a script written?