Recurring dreams

Hey all,these dreams are almost like sleep paralysis.I can speek,but cant move.First two dreams are same,with me on back and that strong wind energy in front of my face.That energy has really strong intensity,and i think succubus doing this.I am christian,and that is probably the reason for my situation.I pray for jesus in these dreams,and that is my mistake,but i cant control that.Third dream is me on bed,that energy,i stand up,going in another room,watch through window,and sky has orange dark clouds,with two bats on sky.Can someone give me some advise,what can i do with these dreams?

Not necessarily. There are various spirits that can do this kind of thing.

No. That’s a Christian persecution complex talking.

There could be various reasons for what you’re experiencing, including it just being a random spirit that’s taken an interest in you.

There’s really not a whole lot there though.

Other than the energy, that’s a fairly random dream without any greater context. Other than perhaps “spooky atmosphere”.

If you want it to stop, you need to be assertive (stand in your authority) and declare your boundaries.

You can also print out the first pentacle of Mars (the one with a Scorpion on it) and place it above your bed before you sleep to ward off bogeys.

There’s also banishing, etc.


Doubt Jesus minds you praying for him personally

I’d just journal them and recall what they mean to me

What’s going on in your waking life? Anything that mirrors these situations?

You seem uncomfortable with them… would you like them to stop?

My waking life is fight with stress,with some asshole on my job,too much anger is in me,and i fight with myself,because i keep anger in me,and i am afraid not too explode.My father drink,and i have verbal fights with him.I have succubus,cant see her and hear her,but i feel her body almost like real person.She is Lilith daughter,and i want relationship with her.One member from this forum scan me,and he told me that she has dark energy,and she want too transform me,and help me with transformation.Big question is why she want that?