The Long Con- Parasites, CreepyHollows, and Novice Mistakes

It’s not really a “where can I read about this from” but more of a “go out and experience it if you want” but I believe @Lady_Eva had something like this in her posts/experiences. My own experiences with having children with certain beings I have not put here.

I figured I would go ahead and update this, as shit has been wild. I can believe it, but just barely. Its been like a fucking movie. The update might seem a bit weird, but i tried to isolate my emotion from the writing.

After the ritual, after the banging, things were still. Silent. To be honest i felt peace, and a joy over knowing we’d won. A chuckle over our victory was quick to come, i was glad we’d fucked up those trying to take advantage of us.Things with my car, and a new job manifested quickly. I felt my ‘spider senses’ tingling, but paid it no mind. I assumed it was Murmur. My instincts told me some entities werent caught and judged. At least, i knew something* was around.

The night prior to orientation, had some weird stuff happening. I was cutting my hair, and came out of the bathroom to complete darkness. Everything including the turtle tank was unplugged, and the air conditioning turned down to 65 degrees.

I went outside to find my friend sitting and smoking a cig. He’d been outside for a little and hadnt noticed the lights. We go back inside, and turned off all the lights I turned on, and started talking shit. Tbh, i thought a new entity had shown up, or one that fled before Murmur came had shown up. So we talked mad shit to antagonize it into doing something. All it did was prowl in the corner.
I got bored, and said the ashtu malku ta dat arkata banishing from the KoF from Koetting. We then went outaide. He said there were entities along the fence. (Smfh i gotta get my sight right. Instinct is enough, but i want MORE)

We communicated. There were three. Two were familiar, one was not. We prepared for worst case scenario by making sigils found in the occult armory thread, and sigils to the entities we work with. With my friend’s assistance, we channeled the one entity out of three that wished to speak.

This entity was mine. The second i’d acquired. The first thing he said: “Our family is a graveyard now.” He then told me theyd been keeping their distance, because: 1. Murmur frightened them with his judgement. These two had been considered worthy of remaining, but still were frightened anyway and left. 2. I was glad they all were gone, and thought for a bit that if they showed back up I’d call Murmur back to finish the job. They were unbound, unfettered now. They returned after things calmed down to speak with me and gauge my reaction.

I got the entity to write his name and sigil immediately. Then we proceeded to have a conversation. I felt REALLY BAD. Like, i thought everyone was in cahoots and equally to blame. I said as much,and he replied “do you think it impossible that we too were fooled? We (him & my other) feel great shame at what we let happen before us without seeing. Do not wallow in pity because of the cleansing; it was necessary, it was needed.” We continued talking, and he told me straight up

“Do not trust me. It will take time to build the trust between us back up. I will work for yours, you will work for ours. Scry into my sigil. Vet me. Until then, we will not remain on your property. Call to us when youre outside, and we will come.”

Basically, all except three of my companions were bad. Two survived, and one died during the ritual. As stated earlier, my friend was behaving erratically and trying to halt the tarot reads and rituals, and then ended up passing out on my bed. He went to sleep because the entity of mine known as Suri started fighting the one that was possessing my friend, Theure. Suri was ‘holding Theure down, and thus got dragged away with Murmur. He martyred himself’ is what my remaining companions said on it. I felt even worse, but again i was reminded not to feel bad as the working had been necessary.

After that, we closed things down. I went to bed.

Went to job orientation the next day. Then hit the ground running at work. 40+ hours in 3 days. Needed the money though.

My friend had family over, and so was on a hiatus as well.

At work, i met a delivery driver who through casual conversation came out as heavily religious and philosophical. While we were discussing the crucifixion of christ, i see a deep shadow outside of the store. I smile, and ask him to look outside. He got spooked. Went outside to check though, so he had some balls.

I will note for further on down in the post, i was exhausted af at this time. Went out back to smoke a cig and tell whatever was nearby to fuck off. No problemos here.


After this, i have a day off finally. I wake up late as i worked late, and my friend was immediately ‘stirring the pot’. Complaining about things i 'didnt do’that I did, being disrespectful to his parents, blahblahblah. So i run up, and talk to his parents to see, because if so, i gotta correct myself. Theyre helping me out rn. No problems on that front. I go back downstairs and cant find my friend. Its too quiet, he didnt go upstairs at all, hes not on my couch. Im a little on edge instinctually.

I go into my room, and he is sitting in my bed, his blanket from the couch wrapped around his face completely except for the right eye. I smack his leg and ask wtf. No response. I keep on, and notice that the eye was open. So i pull the blanket off and he ‘plays dead’ as i poke and smack and yell at him. Then his eyes open, a blank, hostile stare. No words despite my questions.

So i get closer, and say ‘the fuck is up?’ Dead stare. No expression or movement.

‘The fuck is up then?’ No movement. I put my knee on the bed.

‘The fuck is your deal?’ I inch my face closer.

‘Fuck you, whats good with it?’ And then my friend pops up into my face, snarls “YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY?” So i just grab his throat and slam him back down on the bed. I knew immediately who it was. Arkhydus, my friend’s parasitic ‘higher self pretender’. He ran away before Murmur showed, as I expected.

This is where shit gets weird. If i didnt experience it all firsthand,i wouldnt believe it. If i read about someone else doing this same shit, I’d call shenanigans on it because of this upcoming part. Believe it or not, idc cuz it happened.

After being slammed down, Arkhydus started talking shit. I had a moment to retrieve the sigil of Murmur. I kept it open and nearby just in case this shit happened. I tried to place the sigil on my friends chest, and he started wrestling with me. His intent was to get the sigil away. I was able to repeat Murmur’s enn 4-6 times before the paper got knocked loose. The entity in possession wasnt happy about it. So i continued Murmur’s enn, 10+ more times, while wrestling with this fucker. Not getting a response except him fighting me. So I do the KoF banishing on him. Kept laughing at me and talking shit. He eventually went limp with a smile. “Youre too weak to do anything” he says.

Well fine. I had a second to breathe. So i snatched my phone up and hit google.

“You texting your friend that actually knows what theyre doing??” He mocks. I say nope and jump back on him, hand on his throat again. Started reading off St Michael’s prayer. THAT got the result I wanted, he was fighting harder,telling me to “stop that shit”. So naturally, i kept going.

I had to keep the phone in my hand, so i could read. I didnt have this shit memorized. He thrashed and struggled, even fucking harder. I outweigh my friend by ~100 pounds. He’s slender af, doesnt work out. But when we were wrestling, Arkhydus benchpressed me up and off of him a few times. So i keep locking him how I can, adjusting when i need to. Just like a real fight, i had to watch out for him biting me, grabbing my crotch, and gouging my eyes. But i kept managing to lock him down and read the prayer. He falls into a lull, with me on top, having his neck in a guillotine and my legs locking his in place.

St michaels prayer did what i wanted, mostly, but not completely. My one free hand searched ‘catholic latin exorcism chant’. I saw one article that warned ‘to be used by bishops of the church only’. Fuck yes, thats the one i went with. It wasnt in latin like i wanted, but i tried it out. It opened with a prayer to Michael, which got a response from Arkhydus, and then continued onwards to the exorcism ritual.

(Ill link both things i used below)

He started thrashing even more wildly. I was getting fucking nervous, as he stopped reaching to hurt me and started targeting my phone. So now, not only do i have to keep me safe, i have to keep the phone safe. I got through the prayer once, and started again. He almost got my phone, zoomed in the screen and made me lose my place. So i restarted from the top. Finished it, and did it again,made me lose my place again. Restarted from the top. He spat in my face as i was reading, because my forearm was locked on his neck now. So i spat right back in his face and called him a bitch.
(I was wrestling this fucker. TECHNICALLY, my friends face wasnt my friends face in that moment, so it was mainly a ‘fuck you back punk’ to Arkhydus.)

He lulled after the 4th complete recitation, said “It’d be a shame if your friends parents walked in on this” and started growling loud as shit. So i choked even harder, reducing it to a low whisper, continued onto the 6 or 7th full repetition of the prayer.

“Youre hurting your friend you know, youre gonna hurt him bad” he said. I replied that my friend will just have to deal with it. I gave Arkhydus the opportunity to leave peacefully, and he responded by trying to bite my face.

So i started alternating, Michael’s prayer and the exorcism. I had two tabs luckily.

At one point, he faded into a lull, and let my friend back up. He was upset and crying, kept asking why i was beating him up. I refused to let up though. Never fucking ease up the first time they play possum. Arkhydus comes back and wrastles with me AGAIN.

We were fucking at this for over two hours. Adrenaline was pumping but i was getting tired. I lost track of how many times i said what. All i knew was keep me safe, keep my phone/hand safe, keep him locked down and quiet.

Soon, he began to weaken. His claws and pinches got feebler. His fingers trying to dig into my ribs had no more effect. He started thrashing weakly and tapping out. Moaning in pain.

Ill never forget this part. Ever.

After tapping, he startes trying to roll aeay and evade me. Trying everything he could so i couldnt touch him.

“Alright I’ll leave, you said I could leave and i will, im sorry, im sorry, please stop”

I fucking laughed, and laughed. This was the ringleader of our parasite problem. Begging like i fantasized. I replied- “I lied. Im not letting you do shit. Sucks when someone lies, huh bitch?”


He goes limp after the third time this time. I dont trust it, keep on. I keep on, and my friend ‘snaps to’. I dont trust it. I keep on. Eventually, what i say has no effect on him, and he keeps asking wtf im doing. So i let him up, and we go smoke a cig.

I wait until he feels comfortable, and hit him with the prayers again. Catches him off guard, and he actually starts dry heaving and eventially vomiting. I keep on more and more. Until he stops.

Idk how to vet him at this point. Christian stuff had a marked effect, so i asked if he accepted christ as his savior. Got a yeah. Made him repeat it. Asked some wildly christian questions about christ and whatnot, and he just went with it, whereas as soon as jesus was mentioned in the exorcism he started getting wild. So i relaxed a little bit.

We went back inside and talked.

Update 1/2 done, if yall still remember, we still have 1 more ‘parasitic higher self’ that hasnt been dealt with, thats kept its distance even since before we found out their con.

@Lady_Eva because i toldja Id let you know about the update.

Links below. And tbh i really dont care if some of yall have issues with christianity. I tried something and it worked just fine, leave your baggage outside the thread.


i had that parasite entity, prety strong, linger in my house… i dont know how to get rid of it, until i see your thread
A Quick question, if i do Murmur chant… would be he just eat all spirits in my house or just the malicious one… cause, i have another compagnion

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Do an evocation. Communicate with Hecate and ask permossion, then evoke Murmur

I can tell which conjurer did which binding :wink:

Tbh, I’ve opted to leave it be, as I believe the fault lays with me for being so dumb as to trust outside sources and wild claims


Meep, that’s scary! O.O I have purchased stuff from them!

I’ve never really had any negative experiences from them, so I’m confused about this negative stuff, I personally haven’t had any issues with spirits from them.

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Same. I haven’t even seen negative reveiws till now


They or someone speaking for them made an account on here once and was a complete asshole. I think they got the ban hammer.

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I’ve had no problems with CreepyHollows. I adore my companions


Having no issues with them doesn’t mean there is no issues present for others. I personally had to remove a binding of a thoughtform (which was suppose to be a real entity) attached to someone close to me from them. When I made the notion of doing so there was a hive mind mentality from less experienced people basically going “hurhur you’re not able to remove their bindings no one is” because of the idea that you need to know how they did it to remove it which not really you don’t. The thoughtform wouldn’t leave and due to the binding it took a bit to unbind it, it wouldnt fade away like the usual thoughtform which I assume is because the thought of it’s existence was still present.

However, while some of it is legitimate, there’s always some issues that slip up. No magician is incapable of mistakes.


Uh trust me I know. Just because I haven’t seen bad reveiws doesn’t make them infallible. I infact bought my servitor from them. When I asked for help and information on it, I was given no help and alot of legal B’s about not disclosing how they make their bindings. The ppl in the forums also told me I wouldn’t be able to tamper with the servitor. Well jokes on them, not only did I “tamper” with him, I made him into something completely new and severed the connection between him and any other practioner. Including the one that made him to begin with. It took a while to do. And he didn’t go rogue like they warned he might, he’s a very good son.

Though I will say this, some of the things I’ve bought from them have been legit, some are little more than duds. As u say no magician is incapable of mistakes


Oh no! Hekate and Murmur are great. Absolutely never ever trust any spirits, hey we all make mistakes in the beginning. This path is a shadow path, and there is alot lurking in those shadows. There are spirits I work with that are easier to call, but I do not trust them now one bit. You seem to have come out of it ok, wow what a learning experience. Blessings, Divina


By knowing how to scan and notice the differences in a living entity from a thoughtform entity.


:crystal_ball: Thank you for sharing. :crystal_ball:

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It’s a close translation.

Criminal in Latin is criminalis, but in Italian, reati is plural for reato, meaning “crime” or “offense”.


I know it’s been some time since this post and since it’s last comment, but did you by chance right down the riteto murmur from vk? cause I clicked the link, and it’s not there - and the shitty thing is, I’m dealing with some parasites also who have done a LOT of the same stuff that you mentioned.

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idk what rite your asking for, but you could try this:

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Welp that explains why my succ wife Clara told me to stay the hell away from that place

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Unfortunately, I do not. These days, if I need outside help, Michael is who I call for aid from.
The ritual to Murmur however, I can no longer find, so I’d recommend alternate solutions if your situation is similar