URGENT: Help, Demon Trying To Kill Me

It’s a very long story, but about a year ago I tried automatic writing for the first time. A demon got access to my body and I have not been able to get it to leave. I have tried medication, I have called up angels, I have tried the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, nothing has worked. There’s a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel that’s been working a little, but I’ve had to prayer it at least three times every day since September just for minor impact on its control of me.

This demon constantly flips my hands around, touches my nipples, makes me feel like I’m being r*ped, gives me bouts of depression, anxiety, and intense fear, and I am trying not to commit suicide like it keeps telling me to, but at this point I am hopeless. Please help me, I’m at my limit.


Call lord yeesch


Sounds like it’s a parasite, not a demon.
The following servitor might be helpful:

And/or get protection books.
I used: Damon Brand - Magickal Protection and Ben Woodcroft - Angelic Protection Magick with good results. They both have rituals for attachments/parasites.


Something sorta similar happened to me one afternoon. Murmur helped me, you can try evoking him. Sabnock may help too.


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Thank you!

Call upon Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Metatron to surround you with brilliant, healing and impenetrable light.

Maybe there’s a reason behind all of this. Whenever I’m depressed I see it as my mind’s way of telling me that I need to make changes in my life.

You said this started after you did some automatic writing. Do you think it’s possible that you have fear for the unknown? It could explain why some unknown invisible force is screwing up your life.

Intense fear, stress, depression and anxiety can make you experience all kinds of things.

I believe everyone knows what they want and fear. It’s just hard being honest about some of these things when you live in a society that makes you think the right thing to do is bottle everything up inside.

If you’re someone who bottles everything up on the inside then perhaps that’s how your demon got created.


Hey there, I do fear the unknown and have anxiety about lots of things, but I don’t think that’s what’s causing this. This thing, which I guess is a parasite and not a demon, has the abillity to move my body against my will and it won’t stop. It assaults my mind with horrible images and at this point, it also has the ability to speak through me and say profanities and growl at me. It’s unfortunately very hard to explain and when I try to, people default to mental illness, but I was already evaluated by a psychiatrist before it got this bad. When my hands would shake uncontrollably, they gave me seizure medication and medication for bipolar disorder, but they did nothing to help the problem I was taken to them for and the side effects from the medicine made me worse.

I need to know how to get this parasite out of my body or away or whatever so it can stop torturing me.


This might help. I hope it helps…


First and foremost you should still continue following the advice of your doctor.

If you think it’s something spiritual then I’m sure you’ll get to the bottom of it. There’s a lot of great people willing to help here.

Have you ever considered the possibility that you’re a psychic empath? Has anything like this happened to you in the past?

I’ve picked up on energies and spirits that have had a similar effect on me. If you’re new to this then it can be a terrifying experience that feels like something out of your control.

If this is the case then you need to learn how to shield yourself. Also you need to be more confident in yourself. Learn how to be more confrontational. Whenever I have a spirit harassing me that I don’t want to deal with sometimes a simple fuck off will suffice.

You just have to be confident in standing your ground. The more fear you feed this thing the more power it will have over you. You need swallow your fear and fight back.


i know that forneus can protect u from other demons.

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I don’t have a seizure issue and I don’t have bipolar disorder. It’s whatever this thing is attached to me that’s giving me grief. In this fiasco trying to fight this thing, every mental issue I had that I thought was just me and needed to be medicated has been less and less prevalent the more I combat this thing, but there are times where it charges up and oppresses me again. This is the worst thing to try and explain, but I trust myself at this point enough to know I don’t need a medical doctor for this issue.

I think the reason it’s been so hard to get rid of is because it’s probably been hanging around me for a long time, at least the last 10 years feeding off my despair. I’ve had horrible depression issues that just do not exist the way they used to anymore since I’ve been fighting this thing; depression so debilitating I couldn’t even move. I only experience that now when this parasite riles up and assaults me with more force. I was not opposed to medication before I went through this; now that I know there’s nothing actually wrong with me and it’s this spirit, I’m just going to focus on getting rid of it. Once it’s gone, and I STILL have issues with my mental health, then I will consider seeing a doctor again.


I just want to make sure we are crossing all our bases here – is there a possibility that the medication you are taking could have caused myoclonic jerks? (I ask because you said this parasite is causing movement against your will)


If it doesnt match up with what you are experiencing, disregard this – I just want to make sure! I definitely understand and believe what you are experiencing.

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Nah, because my hands, feet, and legs were shaking before I started taking the medication as a result of letting this parasite use my body during automatic writing (typing). I didn’t know I was communicating with a parasitic entity. It started shaking my limbs as a form of harassment and it’s gotten worse from there.

I took the medication, the erratic body movements didn’t stop. The side effects from the medication gave me rage and breathing issues, so I stopped taking it and haven’t had those issues since. The parasite, however, persists.

I’m reading a lot of helpful stuff on this site. What might be working now is this page right here: Some Banishing Methods

When I say, “In the name of the Most High, I command you to depart.” it’s like it’s stopped for a few seconds and then it comes right back. It’s like it’s so deep and entrenched in me it’s going to take some massive or consistent effort to get rid of it, but I’ll keep saying this for a while and see how it goes. It’s all I can do to keep from losing my mind at this point.


Okay, I just wanted to make sure!

Please make sure to update us with what is or isn’t working for you so that we can all pitch in and help you to the best of our ability. I’m glad that you are finding the help you need, and I hope this problem will soon be out of your life! Take care of yourself as much as you can.


Okay I’m going to preface this just for context:

  • some Djinn are Muslims, and will respond to Islamic law and even get quite angry if it’s violated around them. I am NOT a Muslim and don’t have Islam on my list of favourite religions. That fact does not change the reality of the Muslim Djinn, though

  • some spirits respond to the name of Jesus Christ, which as with the Djinn is a long way from saying “oh yeah we should all just become Christians”!

If you feel like it’s in line with your own beliefs, try commanding it to depart from you “In the Name of Jesus Christ and the Ascent of Man.”

I could continue to ramble all day about theories, but the fact is, this works on some types of entities better and cleaner than any other method. :woman_shrugging:

(I discovered that phrase in 2017 doing some work to clear out dangerous parasitic stuff.)


Hmm the neg is deep with in you probably staying in one of your chakras.
I dont think banishment is effective against negative beings that stay inside the chakras or anywhere in the energy body.

You need to flush this being out of you first then banish.
Enrgy work might work by bringing in fresh new energy and making your energy body stronger.
Also try and do some meditation and visulize a violet flame fire spreading allover your body.
Visulize this flame as clear as possible.
Take a bath with lots of seasalt but make sure you got no kidney problems.
You can also go and swim in the ocean or sea water as long as there is natural sea salt.

Also check out the book from Robert Bruce Psychic self Defense.
Also there is Psychic self Defense course also you can try book an appointment and talk to EA Koetting and i believe he can do a ritual for you.
On Becomealivinggod.com


You could rry this:

Other have found this to be effective.


have you tried any vamprism style technique? parasite off of the parasite.
then take his negative energy and transmute it into positive energy. Or you can cleanse it