Astral Parasite Problem

i’ve noticed with my senses i’ve been having astral parasites they have been multiplying. i have a shield on my right now and i’ve had someone try to help them unattach.

-all they did was multiply spread around my house more and my room the most and everything looks so black. my room has black blobs but now the room looks fully black. and my body looks black least my back and it’s spread to parts of my house a bit and i do have protections and i have banished and i do have archangel michael helping me currently but i need more help to get rid of these things.

-they itch and make my head hurt i’ve felt my hand be warm then a day/hours later(bc i don’t remember) and then it felt like a snake thing slither on my arm like a peice of hair or slide web but nothing was there and why would my energy be only at that place. they slither and when a friend helped and i breathed it all out they slither and fly around and reattach some of them.

Well. If you have parasites all over, your not that protected and might not even be reaching Michael.

Here’s a few things to try:

To banish and kill the parasites, erect new wards/security:

If you believe it’s a psychic/magic attack:

To repel them:

To remove them from thy self:

If you are truly infested you may need a combination of methods in addition to whatever you are currently doing.

Side note: What you are doing already might be useful information to share here, in case someone stops by to trouble shoot where you went wrong or to otherwise help :slight_smile:


i got it fixed.

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