Tutorial: Petition Spells

Hey All,

For all the new magicians coming to our forum, I thought i would make a tutorial for a simple, and easy, yet powerful magical technique : the petition spell

i know the petition spell isn’t as sexy as evocation, but it has a long history as a traditional form of sorcery. We have evidence from ancient Greece, the defixones tablets, that this was a very common form of magick used for everything from love spells to curses.

The petition spell has become a staple of Wicca, as well as Law of Attraction practitioners and even psychotherapy!

What is a petition spell? Essentially, it is a written statement of intent, calling upon whatever external or internal powers you feel closest to, to bring to you your desire. It requires no trance state, no open astral senses or “third eye”, no magic circle, and no tools beyond a pen, and paper.

In ancient Greece, the petitioner would call upon the gods of the underworld. The Letter to Lilith method of our own mighty @succupedia is an excellent example of a petition spell.

So, how do we write an effective petition spell?

In his book, The Casting of Spells, author Christopher Penczak states that the petition spell has six parts:

Announcement - here you state your name, either your magical one, or your given name. Both are effective. You are announcing yourself to the Powers

Evocation - here you evoke the powers that you are petitioning to bring forth your desire

Intent - this is the meat of the petition, the declaration of the desire you want to bring about. It should be as clear and precise as possible

Conditions - these are the stipulations around the manifestation of your desire. An example would be a statement of no harm in a money spell so you don’t end up getting the money you want by being crippled in an accident

Gratitude - thanking the powers evoked for your desire

Declaration - Sealing the spell. An example would be, “amen” or “so mote it be.”

A petition spell can be to anyone and anything, from a generic petition to “the Universe” to a particular god, goddess or demon.

So let’s go through an example. Since this is mainly a black magick forum, let us petition Lucifer for some money.

“I, Frater Babaloo, ask, in the name of the Lightbringer, Lucifer the Morning Star, to grant to me $1000. I thank mighty Lucifer for His aid, and ask that this money come to me without harm, and within two weeks. So it is done.”

You will notice, in the example above, that one of the conditions placed on the request is a time frame. A time frame isn’t an essential condition for every request. but will depend on your intention. In the case of money, you don’t want the money to come to you 5 years in the future, because you probably have need of it a bit sooner than that so adding in the time frame is helpful.

Now that we have our written petition, what do we do with it?

Find a place where you can be alone for a few minutes. Relax, maybe meditate to calm your mind. Then, read your petition out loud. You can do this once, or you can read it a number of times that has magical significance to you like 3 or 9.

After the final recitation, you dispose of the petition. This is usually done through the elements. You can burn it, or flush it, or cast it to the winds. In ancient Greece, because the petitions were to underworld spirits (and written on clay tablets), they were most often buried. If your intention is to remove something from your life, you could bury it, and, as the paper rots in the ground, so will your intention manifest.

Sometimes, the petition is not disposed of, but left on an altar until it manifests. In his book Sorcerer’s Secrets, Jason Miller talks about leaving a financial petition in a cash box consecrated to Jupiter until it manifests, and then disposing of it. In our example, if you had an altar devoted to Lucifer, then you could leave the petition there.

That is all there is to it. You can take the basic format and dress it up as you wish. You can add a circle casting, or a calling of the Watchtowers or whatever. Add your own creative flair as you see fit. The possible ideas are endless.

For my own recent petition to my God self, I chanted EA’s conjuration of All Magical Powers 9 times, before reading my petition, and then burned it. Simple.

Try one out and tell us about your experience!


“What may that be?” I hear someone ask. :thinking:



Wouldn’t they want something ? How would a demon feel giving $1,000 and not getting anything .


Demons enjoy exercising their power. They love having the chance to put their abilities to work in the world. That is what they get out of fulfilling a task.

If you read EA’s book Works of Darkness, he doesn’t once talk about having to make offerings.

Petition spells are simple. Don’t over complicate it.

I have given an offering only once to a spirit and that was because I wanted to build a relationship. Yet, the tasks I ask of them get done.


This post is why I requested membership. the petition spell is how my former boyfriend got started. He would ask for guitars, amps, etc. and they would somehow make they way into his hands.
Your petitions have been to Lucifer or Satan and you’ve had success. Would this type of petition be safe/effective to use in requesting a favor from Sallos? How would you modify it if need be?


Yes, you can make a petition to any power, inside or out. The petition to Lucifer in my original post was just an example. You can certainly petition Sallos.

There is nothing to modify. Simply follow the basic outline in my post, using your own words, asking what you would like Sallos to do for you.


Thank you for the very quick response. I’ll likely have more questions.


So my question is there any advantage or disadvantages of adding more than one god, goddess, or demon?


You want to keep a petition to one specific god, goddess or demon. It’s meant to be an easy spell that requires very little ritual and no trance, and addressing a single petition to multiple spirits would cause all sorts of interference, and would make the result very unlikely to be fulfilled.

However, you can do a petition to a group of spirits, for example addressing it to the “gods of the underworld,” or “spirits of the dead.” Doing a petition in this manner does not name individual demons or gods and so would not cause any issues.


You think this can help me to make a person love me? Like, I write to Sallos to make certain girl love me?

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Yes, you can use a petition spell to contact Sallos. You can address a petition to any power.


Ok I just did it. I meditated a bit staring at Sallos sigil and said his name like 150 times (all this using the light of a red candle). Then I wrote something like this. I, (my name), call upon thee, Duke Sallos, in the name of The Lord, to ask you this: Make (name of the girl I love) love me madly but in a healthy way. Make her think only about me and to forget about other men, and to confess her love to me. I want this in 7 days or less.
I thank you for your help.


Then I masturbated and camed on the letter. After that I burned it and threw the ashes to the wind.

You think this will work? Now I have to let go of my lust for results for it to happen right?


I also need to clear my room from the smell of the smoke hahah

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Yes. You have to let it go and wait.

In my opinion, though, your time frame of 7 days might be too short, especially if the girl you want has no feelings towards you that the demon can capitalize on. I would have set it for at least two or three weeks just to give Sallos time to work, but 7 days is not impossible.

Now, you just have relax and forget about it.


Well this girl is my ex, and she said “I love you” (in a romantic way, I know that) to me a week ago. But, you know, hot and cold treatment. She told me that and the next day she says she doesn’t care about me and that she wants other guy… It’s not an ideal situation but I know that she has some feelings for me. I think Sallos can work on that.


Then good luck on your petition :slight_smile:


What language is this? :thinking:

This post has interested me and I’m going to try it. Is there a limit how many petitions? Is it a one and done deal? Can you ask for an increase in astral senses? Can the things you ask for be both physical and spiritual? One last thing can I state in my petition that if the spirit does this thing for me I will do this thing for the spirit? Thanks


No, you can make petition spells to any power you want for whatever reason you want. Most people make them to the gods/goddesses they work with, or to the universe in general.

There is no limit to the number of petitions. However, I would stick to one at a time just to be safe. In other words, don’t fire off 5 petition spells for different things or you could wind up either slowing or stopping any results.

With a petition spell, you have to have patience. It is a “one and done” kind of thing. Once it is sent out to whatever power you invoked, you have to let it be. Think of it like a letter to Santa. When a child writes his letter and mails it off, he no longer thinks about it. He just assumes Santa will get his “petition” and bring him what he wants, and that is the kind of attitude you want to have.

And yes, you can state in your petition what you will offer to the spirit.


Okay thank you for clarifying.