Layered spells and petitioning for Love workings

I am very new to all of this and was wondering, for the powerful layered love spell mentioned above with all the different spirits…could I write individual petitions to them? I’ve never worked with sigils or did an evocation. Would the individual petitions work just as well as evocation?
Thank you for your help.

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I moved this out as the person you reposnded to is no longer here, and the thread deserved it’s own space :slight_smile:

I think these are the topics you’re talking about?

An example of a love layered spell


Thank you so much! Yes, this was the topic I was asking about.

No problem :slight_smile:

Yes, it looks like separate evocations, so you can substitute with petitions. :+1:

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Thank you so much!

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So do what you want, but if you’re new to this, I’d consider a simpler approach. Layered workings like this can work well, but part of the point is often to give you an understanding of the human mind and behavior.

If you’re just trying to get into a relationship with this person, I’d take a look at Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand, or summon up Sitri and Sallos and pretty much leave it at that. Just make em horny with magick and don’t be an asocial moron and that’ll maximize your chances. Sometimes, the less you “try,” the less you get in your own way and things happen very easily.

Generally speaking, you want to boost your attractiveness, then create attraction between you and the person you desire. It has been said that people have gone to war over horniness. It doesn’t always have to be an ultra complicated procedure.


Hi Shinri,
Thank you so much! I am currently in a long distance relationship with him and I would like to really strengthen our relationship, deepen our bond and his love for me.

This layered spell seemed like it had all the right spirits to do that. Or is there another way to do that with just one spirit?

You can pretty much do with just one entity. From my POV even one spirit can work better than the layered spell. Just gotta have that beleif and connection with the entity you choose. Sallos can pretty much help deepen the bonds.

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Thank you so much! I will try working with Sallos first and see how that goes.