Tutorial: Petition Spells


@DarkestKnight sorry to ask this again, i know that you said the petition spell can be done for any power, but can it work also with angels or saints? What i know is that you atleast need to have a relationship going to be able to ask for requests from any saint in the hoodoo tradition. And how do you address the petition spell to the universe? Thanks


Yes, you can make petitions to angels or saints. When people write down their prayers, that is essentially what they are doing, writing petitions to God.

A petition to the Archangel Michael could be, depending on the tradition you come from, something along the lines of, “Archangel Michael, I, Frater Babaloo, ask you, in the name of the Most High, for your protection. Shield me under your mighty wings and wield your flaming sword upon my behalf. Walk before me and prevent all harm, physical and spiritual, from falling upon me. I thank you, mighty defender, for your aid and may your Name be forever known. By the will of the Most High, so it is done.”

Petition spells are found in many traditions but I don’t know anything specific about hoodoo.

A petition addressed to the universe could be phrased as simply as, “Dear Universe, I, Frater Babaloo, ask that you bring to me the sexiest, most intelligent, woman on the planet so I may fulfill all my physical desires. I give thanks for the fulfillment of this request and ask that this be done in a way that causes no harm to me or to mine. So it is done.”


why? i did this with my last spell and after this i talked to the spirits and they said the thing was going just fine


Here’s a quick question,

Do you dare write a petition that says ascend yourself to the next level of existence?


For the same reason that multiple spirits are not usually evoked for the same task. Some energies just interfere with each other, and unless you know the spirits well, its always better to err on the side of caution.

The whole point of a petition spell is simplicity. Some people think that throwing in multiple names will make things happen faster, without having a clue of who or what they are addressing. That can cause problems, and that is the reason why I recommend keeping it to a single Power, at least for beginners.


You would have to define what the “next level of existence,” is, since according to the Book of Azazel, this physical realm is the most sought after, and the outcome of an intentional Divine will, meaning it is the final level of existence.


Makes you wonder why most here are not interested in seeking immortality or longer life at least.


Personally, I think it has a lot to do with RHP conditioning that says the physical world is dirty and something to be escaped from. In the book of Azazel, EA even admits that he was guilty of the same kind of thinking, always seeking to escape the flesh, which is why he got lectured by Azazel.

But everybody’s definition of Ascension is different, and not everyone follows the line of thinking in the Book of Azazel.

Your question has made me curious though. If one did write a petition for ascension, who would one address it to? And how would one know if it was successful? :thinking:

Ritual not successful with bune

Good point, it has just confused me so much to think someone would rather float around in a non-physical form to do something who knows? Where being here in physical life, we can enjoy all the splendor of existence. Christians/RHP individuals are definitely confused people.

Truly, I got your point of specifying the terms of ascension, but it seems counter-productive to set terms on such a open subject. I guess it would have to depend on what we define ascension to address it to a specific entity??? Idk…

My thought was if we assume ascension is beyond flesh, then would it imply death to be necessary first? haha.

Don’t get me wrong though this was a subconscious thought I had randomly when I read this topic. I don’t actually want to ascend beyond where I am, short of, casting fireballs from my hand, raising dragons, and endless wealth, the nerd stuff :slight_smile:


I wonder if i can do it to help me for the emigration from my country … could u plz tell me an ex. for it and which spirit or demon make my petition to . Thanks advance


I Just wanted to know if you’ve gotten any results from a petition. Well more what have been the results, I believe its a vaild I just wanted to know success and what would make it not work… what could you do wrong?


Who da heck is he? :joy:


It’s just a made up name to go with my examples :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all we have define ascension.
For me it would learning to do astral travel at will. As it will open new doors of getting info n evoking spirits.
Who to write it?
Any spirit that knows how to do that. E.g. i work with Archangel Gabriel.
How to know successful?
Give a timelimit and track progress.
I havent given timelimit, but tracking my progress. I am happy with the progress so far.


I thought so too :stuck_out_tongue:


@eric433 How far with your petition to Duke Sallos? Any progress so far? i would be glad if you could share if any. I have made my first petition and waiting patiently.


I made my petition on friday. Then a member of the forum talked with Satan himself on my behalf and told me Sallos is in fact working in my favour. But it can take up to two weeks. I wasn’t expecting to see results inmediatly either way so I’m just waiting, knowing that what I want is on it’s way.


@eric433 , thanks for answering, really wish you all the best. I have also made my own petition yesterday to the Shem Angel Poiel, to help me with something, not material but of an inner change, which i think would be much easier. Though i haven’t noticed any movement as of yet. I followed your basic ritual process but added a bit of my own and made some substitutions. Used a white candle, performed some banishings and raised energy, meditated on the sigil of the angel while calling out the name in my head, after a while sang the angel’s name for about 5-7 minutes, and i felt the temperature become hotter, so i guess he was there and i read my petition 9x while the candle flame flicked on and off, after i didn’t banish and i snuffed the flame and i went get something to eat. But, i have a hard time putting it out of my head. i keep thinking of the ritual and i hope it don’t block the results i’m expecting.


Forgot after reading i burnt the petition paper!!!


Hello everyone
I am the Suat from Germany.
My wife and I are separated. Would you like to come back to me with love?
How should I write a letter ??
Does it have to be in the present ??
Can you give me examples please.