My first evocation (Sitri)


In this thread I would like to describe my first evocation ritual and my current work with Sitri. I am new to magic and would like to hear the opinions of experienced magicians on this. I also hope that this thread will be useful for the complete newbies, who are still planning their first evocation. Actually, I just wanted to cast a petition spell first, but then things went a bit further.

So, let’s get straight to the point. On 18.02 at about 3-4 o’clock in the morning I performed my first ritual. I turned off the light, lit a candle which was the only illumination. Then I meditated for about ten minutes to clear my mind. After the meditation I drew Sitri’s sigil completely concentrating on the process and trying to make it as beautiful as possible.

Then I whispered EA’s incantation to summon all magickal powers three times. As I was doing it, I felt magickal energy filling me up. The text of the incantation for those who don’t know:

“Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu
Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza”

After that I started meditating on the sigil and chanting the enn. It didn’t take long, just about five minutes or maybe even less. When I felt it was enough, I asked Sitri to reveal himself. Right after that I felt a really strong flow of energy pressing me very hard into my chair. The air thickened, it became harder to breathe. Tbh I was scared a little but eager to proceed.

I told Sitri that I wanted to work with him and to establish a deeper connection with him. I was just speaking from my heart without thinking about every word. Then I asked him some questions and listened to the first thoughts that came into my mind.

Finally, I took a sheet of paper and wrote my petition specifying some details and conditions. I wanted to read it aloud three times but after the first time the word “Enough” crossed my mind, so I stopped. I thanked Sitri for his presence and politely asked him to leave. I left my petition on the altar, next to the Sitri’s sigil, and burnt it next morning.

So, what do you guys think? Can consider this my first successful evocation? BTW I didn’t even use any incense, didn’t draw magic circles and triangles. Even the candle I used was a regular paraffin candle. Of course, in the future I will buy and use proper incense and proper wax candles.

P.S.: This is not everything, but I’m really tired and sleepy now. I will continue tomorrow. Sorry for possible mistakes, I’m not a native English speaker.


I think you know it is successful. You were respectful, and noticed feedback- good on you.
I think you may be equating traditional evocation with evocation. (Traditional evocation as using triangles, circles, wands and swords.)
It is perfectly legitimate to evoke as you did. I have evoked using just words and a sigil.
Maybe something to consider, if you keep working with Sitri, is how the use of additional stuff (incense, triangles) impacts your ritual. So take notes!
Solid stuff friend, your English is better than some native speakers I know.



Sitri won’t work with me right now due to my extreme stubbornness the last few times I tried working with him :sweat_smile:

I’m impress by you doing your first evocation at 3-4am in the dark room ! It’s been over 2 years for me and I haven’t done a single evocation after dark :joy:

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What did you ask for? You’ll know it was successful for sure if you get what you requested. But it sounds like you did a good job for your first time through

Thank you for responding, guys.

Since it was my first experience, I wasn’t very original with my petition and asked Sitri for a one-night-stand with a girl which is attractive according to my standards. The timeframe is 30 days. Last weekend there was an opportunity for me to get what I want, but I didn’t use it. I just wasn’t prepared for that. Well, at least I got a lesson that opportunities can come anytime. Hope there will be more of them in near future.

I also have a long-term goal: to become a man with lustful aura who can easily seduce any woman he wants. A man who women like and whose company he really enjoys.

After that ritual I carry the sigil with me almost everywhere and put it under my pillow when I go to bed for better connection with the spirit. I also really want to see Sitri in my dreams, but this has never happened yet. Unfortunately, I don’t remember my dreams at all now. Maybe this is because I usually go to bed very late and very tired.

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Is there any problem with evocation at night? I thought 3 am is a perfect time to summon demonic entities. I don’t know about the US and Europe, but in my country 3 am is considered to be a demonic hour.

Best affairs ever and unforgettable sex. Romance is not really his but hey maybe a mix of romance and excellent sex might be given

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Nothing wrong with that I’m just scared of doing that as I live alone and there are usually noises after evocation :joy:

I like how everyone says that my experience with him hasn’t been good , he brought me useless trashy idiots , I’m on non speaking terms with sitri for the past 2 years :joy:

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This is the type of request that got me in trouble with Sitri I was provided the opportunity with someone I found very attractive, but her personality flaws I knew made it a horrible idea. I basically didn’t fullfill my end of the pact and have received the cold shoulder since.

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I remember being scared too, I jumped right in to at night and everything as well. Still, sometimes a bit scared like 5 years later, it’s okay. “Enough!” I’ve had spirits do similar things, always leaves me a bit humored.

Successful … depends on how you define it but I would say absolutely. Feeling the energy is really the best part of ritual. So congrats! Also though, I hope you came to an arrangement with Sitri on your petition because there’s not enough here to know about that.

Anyways, really awesome of you to do this and congrats!!!

There are different times for different spirits. Doesn’t mean you have to follow them, but consider looking into (astrological) correspondances.

Honestly, Sitri left me with unforgettable sex. I’m not sure if I can call it that, but mind blown. I can’t wait to have another round of whatever that was.

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This Wednesday I evoked (well, I hope so) him again to ask some questions. So, I started at about 3 am again. This time I tried to add some visualization to the process, like in this guide on evocation by @Lady_Eva .

What confused me is that I didn’t feel the energy as well as I had felt it during my first ritual. When I tried to visualize Sitri, I could see an indistinct shadow with my peripheral vision. It seemed to be moving, but every time I looked at it closely the shadow disappeared. Anyway, I decided to trust myself and go on. I asked Sitri my questions, which I had written down a couple of days before the ritual. Then I just listened to the answers coming to my mind and wrote them down.

Honestly, I am still not completely sure whether it was Sitri or just my own thoughts, but I am happy with the result anyway. In the worst case, I was just listening to my own subconscious mind. This is, I believe, also not a bad thing. The answers I got were quite reasonable and helpful. By the way, whatever thing I was talking to told me to buy some incense (cedar preferably, but rose and lavender are fine too). I’m going to try this next time.

I also have to add that I didn’t feel well during the ritual. In the middle of it I got a headache and nausea. The entity I was talking to told me that I felt nausea because of crisps I had eaten not long before the ritual and recommended me to eat shit like that less, because it’s bad for my appearance, lol. I finished everything at 4:01 am and felt really drained next day.

A lot of the time, your first evocation will be the “most” strongly felt one. When you contact a different deity it may be stronger the first than second time with that one as well.

Also, sometimes the energy just makes you feel funny. I remember thinking I’d legit throw up on the floor in the middle of my ritual my first ritual with Sitri. That among other things like being scared I was gonna die right then.

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Well, I asked him about that on Wednesday night. He told me that it was my chance and there would be more. All I have to do is not to miss them anymore.

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Yes, I read about this. Perhaps I should experiment with this in my future evocations.

For now I have only one thing to add. I’m starting to see my personality changing slowly. I’m a shy, introverted and unconfident person actually. I guess, I wouldn’t need to evoke Sitri, if I weren’t. But now I feel like I’m becoming more confident when talking to girls. Maybe even impudent. This week I even wanted to slap my boss’ ass just for fun. Gosh, my hand almost did it, luckily, I stopped it at the last moment :grin:


Sitri can be very overpowering. I was nearly overwhelmed when I summoned him to. His presence was sickly sweet and thick making it hard to breathe.

You have made a real connection with Prince Sitri .
He can be a wrathful spirit do not try commanding him in the name of YHVH or anything like it or you’ll end up sorry that you did that.
Just treat him like foreign royalty find out what he wants and give it to him.
.way to go man congrats we salute you.

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Okay, it’s been a while since I started my work with Prince Sitri, so I can summarize things for now. I’m absolutely sure that I managed to summon the spirit. After the evocation I definitely got more attention from women than I usually do. But it all eneded like a month ago. Prince Sitri delivered some opportunities for me and I want to thank him for that. But the problem lies within me. I didn’t use those opportunities because I have tonns of inner blockages. I guess, I have to deal with it myself. Anyway, I think I have learned something from my mistakes and I’m going to evoke Prince Sitri again very soon. Perhaps next Thursday, during the sun eclipse.