Unofficial Tutorials: Love and Lust Collection

Seeing @anon52885131’s excellent post today reminded me that there are common questions that have had some great answers, that will get asked again.

This thread collects our favourite tutorials and tips seen over the years. Please feel free to add your finds or advice to the list. Then link this thread when it can help someone out with a question.

Goetic Entities for Love, obsession and break up work:


Ex gf and bff friend-zoned me - a tough love thread.

And, all the “get my ex back” threads - you’re not alone here, advice is mixed, depends on the situation:


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I would like to add something to the ideas i wrote there (this comes only from my own perception of relationships).

In general I’ve seen that the common approximation to love works it’s like: i will make this person loving my, and somehow magically named targen will be with me. And that might work in some cases but it probably won’t if you haven’t development a relationship in some way with that person or that was broken, because yeah, that person can get interested in you but maybe will never talk to you.

So a good idea could be also work in a friendship development, so you could interact with the person and lately get a relationship with her/him.
In that case there’s some demons that can help:

  • Belial: friend reconciliation which could help with exes.

  • Botis: he’s said to turn enemies to friends which could also help with exes situations

  • Gusion: can make someone to be your friend or reconcile an old friendship.

  • Barbatos: creates a friendship.

Again, this approximation to love works it’s solely based on my vision about romantic relationships, because i feel that an important part of being with someone in a romantic way, it’s firstly constructing a relationship with them (or reconstruct it in the case of an ex).


An example of a love layered spell

An easy sigil work

Literally a thread about getting someone back

Useful advice


Comparison of the energies of different entities that are often called for love/sex workings…

what’s the difference in how Sitri, Sallos, Dantalion, Zepar, Lilith, Gremory, ect work or reach their goals?


Moon working from the “To Make a Girl Come to You” Spell in the Grimorium Verum, or the True Grimoire, a little 27 page powerhouse from where we see 4 sigils of Lucifer, one of which is the commonly used symbol of Lucifer today and a must have on the occult students bookshelf.

Some parts of this book appear to be blinds, or jokes, as toward the end in one spell we read “do not omit anything as this is not intended as a joke!”, which implies other parts are. Definitely don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater on this one.

I have just given this original and unique spell a run and holy cow it was fast and effective.

My version was on a man, with the intent that he contact me and be real in his communication. So you can adapt no matter who you are this to work on anyone for any purpose, I believe.


Stumbled on a previous love spell compilation thread here:


Found where I put a post that lists out all the Goetic demons/daemons/entities/spirits that help with issues of love, sex and attraction.


Are you blackpilling yourself and maybe setting yourself up to fail through the unhealthy attitudes you’re exposed to on social media?

An excellent analysis by @Verdo on how this is sabotaging your magick


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Lust Sigil

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Clearing, unbinding and healing from unwanted attachment. Similar to cord cutting concept in goal.

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More layered love spell advice …


To destroy, kill or forget and dissolve the link that causes the wanting:


Re Forgetting old love… a grabbag of ideas:

Wanting to forget is already a good start.

There’s many techniques and everyone is different, so if one doesn’t work very well, don’t worry about it, just use other techniques instead.

The connections between people can be complicated and exist and multiple levels of your being. It depends on the strength of the attachment at different levels for what techniques have the most effect.

  1. First of all, change your self-talk. That means, instead of saying “I’m hurting and I want to forget” say “I was hurt and I’m getting over it” - use your Will to put it in the past already.

  2. It can take weeks and months (it took me 4 months in total) - don’t give up, notice it is getting better, and doing so faster than if you let time take it’s course. Be happy about the improvements and congratulate yourself.

  3. You probably still have energetic attachments to the person - these are often talked about as “cords”. Look up ‘cord cutting’ techniques to use your intention to sever the connection. Literally seeing scissors or a knife cutting them is a good one. I liked to set mine on fire.
    Tip: keep looking for these, about once a week - they can grow back and there can be so many that as you clear some you find more underneath.

  4. You many also have energy forms in your emotional body, to get rid of these, try dancing - physically shake them loose and let them fall away. Listen to music that reinforces what you want. If you want to not care, I really like “I don’t care” by Three Days Grace, for example. Let the energy of the music cleanse you and build in you the attitude you want. Listen to the song on repeat for an hour or until you feel exhausted and there’s nothing left for the music to teach you.

  5. Do NOT listen to breakup songs or watch media that reinforces the hurt. These will undo your workings to fix the energy.
    6. Try poppet magik, with or without herbs to reinforce the energy. Make a poppet or fetish item that represents the relationship and destroy it, then bury it as it is dead and gone. (I posted details on this - search for amaranth poppet). This is another way of cutting cords.

  6. Get real: Take of the rosy glasses when you think about the other person and see them as they really are, as if you had no connection to them. Imagine their words and actions made by someone else and notice if you feel differently and are less accommodating, or how you’d judge the situation, if they did to your best freind what they did to you. Start to see them more judgmentally as a stranger.

  7. Use the planets and zodiac energy. Work with the seal of Uranus and the sign of Aquarius to fill yourself with the ability to be coldly logical and detached. E.g. do a ritual with the planetary seal of Uranus and invoke the god Uranus, asking him to teach you this aspect of his strength.

  8. If you get maudlin, get distracted asap. Stay busy and get out and into new energy, even if it’s just the grocery store.

  9. Use exercise to full advantage and get your adrenaline and endorphins up - run until you hurt - it completely changes you brain and body chemistry, cleans out your liver and very importantly, your lungs (lungs are where the energy of sadness is stored - get rid of it). You will have cleaned out your mental, energy and emotional bodies with the first few steps, this last step washes your physical body clean as well.

  10. Work with an entity known for helping in matters of love. I was introduced to Orisha Oshun, the Goddess of Love and Sweet Waters of Yoruba tradition by Papa Legba. I set up an alter for her and worked with her for a month and she helped remove attachments in ways I didn’t have the imagination to reach by mere intention by myself. Raphael would be helpful. Bune, Marbas, Innana/Ishtar/Astoreth, Brigitte, Freya, Isis and others can all help. Work with someone you already know and trust if you can, or follow a recommendation - reach out with your mind and call for help, you will be answered - watch the signs.

  11. For obsessive thoughts, see these as parasitic thoughtforms residing in your head and look up parasite removal here in the ‘Unofficial Tutorials’ thread.
    So with this you will have fixed the energy at all levels of your being except the spiritual and the base animal attraction. The animal attraction just needs no contact, or for the person to be really abuse - best to go no contact and the animal forgets.

Spiritual attraction I prefer to leave alone, and view it as unconditional love - i.e. love that literally has no requirements, no wants, no desire to it, you can just be happy for the energy you experiences as it is. There may be spiritual reasons it exists, but if you understand these and you want to cut this connection, the poppet spell will work for this too.

This connection doesn’t hurt, just watch that it doesn’t cause the other layers to regenerate attachment and re-cleanse if needed.

I know that’s a lot - maybe pick one week by week and work your way through it. I discovered these slowly over months and hopefully it won’t take you that long. But I was able to fix the most painful parts in a couple of weeks with the cord cutting and amaranth poppet. Obsessive thoughts took the longest to get rid of, but they were just annoying in the end.

I hope you feel better soon, sending the strength of Aquarius.


Get my ex back spells that worked thread:

Lust spell from E.A. Koetting