Weird dream. I have no idea what this means

So this is a Of spiritual growth, I’m trying to search for a new Journey that’s correct I am struggling and I even admitted that to lucifer.
Could it possibly be family relationships because I hardly communicate with them as much as I used to because they hurt me and I don’t wanna get hurt again.
Is there a way of telling when one is ready?

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Yes. It sounds like you’re backing away from your family and are looking to fulfill those needs elsewhere.

I guess I better get talking to them then.
I have a question does it make me weird for feeling like a stranger to them as they don’t know me and for me to feel like if I spend time with them they will only hurt me like last time

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I don’t know. I would perform a specific divantion and ask your patron what specific paths to take, he should give you a sign.

I don’t know how to do divination also do you have any suggestions for doing divination
Do I just ask him for a sign

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You might try a simple petition casting, which could get you started on your journey and help you define the future.

Also try to create a sigil and work that into your casting. Sigils work with the subconscious, and help break down barriers towards what we desire with heightened energy with a full moon phase.

Sigils are one of the most powerful tools of magick, and are perfect to work with to get you started with divination.

See these links:

Thank you for that I remember I did one petition spell before and made two Sigil but that was about two or four days or so after I started this journey

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Keep going it should work.

Okay thank you so much for your help :smile:

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Your welcome, you might also try the sites search engine the magnifying glass on the upper right of your screen as there are many posts and threads that may give you an answer.

Okay thank you also regarding asking my patron I don’t have one well not that I know of right now so could I ask lucifer instead

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Yes, I would compose a petition casting and formally address it to Lord Lucifer, maybe he will become your patron.

Okay thank you so do I ask him to be my patron or does he choose to be

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Both, the deity does choose but if you formally requested him to be your patron first, ask for a sign of accedence or acceptance, then see what happens.

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Okay thank you so much I appreciate all the help it means lot

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Sorry to bother you again but I juts wrote a petition to lord lucifer to gain £1000 within two weeks but I said so I could give it to my mother as she really needs it so will it still work

Yes, why not give it a try.

Okay thank you

Hey sorry to bother you again.
So last night I asked lucifer if could be my patron and that it was okay if no and if he could give me a sign like you said and before I fell asleep I heard this clear voice say nope and it didn’t sound like my own do you think it was his answer

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If you heard a voice that wasn’t yours with telepathy, that unfortunately does sound like a sign.