Can you please help?

I’m new to this forum but I have been going through the posts for awhile.

My family and me are suffering the effects of evil being done against us for about 6 years now.
People more powerful than us are making our lives hell.
They want to destroy our lives.

Can anyone please help?
I’d love if someone can suggest any invocations or anything to do to overcome our enemies.


Call on Prince Orobas or someone who grants dignities.


How do you do that?

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Go to Sacred Texts and search for goetia. This will tell you the 72 demons and what they administer in their office.
To invoke Prince Orobas, you can use his enn to summon him, state your needs and give license to depart. Ot just call out to him and state what your needs are.
@anon25000386 … would you agree in this case?


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As for your question, someone with experience will answer.


Well, how do you know it’s magically related? I’m not saying it is or isn’t, just asking why you feel this way.

Have you done any banishing rituals?

Any wards to try to keep things out?

Have you petitioned any spirits or feel that you should ask one or.more for help?


I’d say first reconciling with the hostile party would be in order, them dignities.

They need to use an actual petition or evocation to achieve This.


Also, try a freeze or binding spell and another advice given in these cases it’s to ask the goddess Kali’s protection: for starters it’s possible to just do like E. A., using a mala and repeating “Om Kali Ma”.


Can you please explain a bit?
How do you do the petition or evocation?

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It isn’t related to magic. They are doing it physically.
Can incantations or magick help in this case?

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Sorry, I saw “evil” and assumed.

They could help, yes. Tell us some of what’s going on, to help focus our answers. If it’s too personal, no worries, general advice will still work.


Here are a couple tutorials to help you.


Does this work for people trying to harm me physically?

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I don’t know the specifics of your situation but if your physical safety is in peril the first thing you should probably do is report any danger to your local police. If this isn’t an option for some reason you could ask the spirits to assist with protection. King Bael is famous for invisibility, King Belial can be exceptionally protective as well.

As far as reconciliation, there are many spirits that can bring reconciliation to friend and foe alike.

I hope this helps. Others mag have different opinions that could help you also. Take care.

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