Ritual for Renouncing Vows of Suffering/Shifting Negative Beliefs

I would like to share a ritual I recently put together from various sources. It’s essentially a ritualized way of releasing disempowering beliefs by reframing them as “vows,” the benefit being that they are seen as a conscious decision made in the past and can therefore be consciously renounced. It doesn’t involve calling upon any spirits, unless you so choose. There are plenty of rituals out there that are quite similar, but I felt like putting together my own that draws from member contributions on this forum and some books I’ve been working through.

I recently sought guidance from King Paimon about a situation I have been struggling with, and got the intuitive feeling that this would help. I remembered a promise I made to myself years ago in the form of a very strong wish (to no one in particular), which involved helping someone else with a very frightening situation of a spiritual nature at my own expense (I wished to take their place). Naturally, this came from a very disempowered place, so I decided to design a ritual to renounce this and any other vows that cause suffering in my life, and to replace them with an intention to help others from a place of power in the future.

I created this ritual by blending aspects of petition spells, some text about renouncing vows of suffering by Doreen Virtue, the emotional transmutation method used in many of Damon Brand’s books, the ritual for evoking the higher self posted by a member of this forum, and one of DarkestKnight’s angelic mantras:

Although it may not be necessary, I like the idea of contacting one’s Divine Self by way of evocation because it makes the ritual feel more powerful and real to me.

Before you perform this ritual, it can be helpful to spend some time thinking about why you no longer wish to keep your vow/vows. For me, it helped to dwell on their fundamental absurdity, because this shifts the power away from your limiting beliefs and towards your own center.

Here’s an example of what I mean by noticing the absurdity of your vow/vows: perhaps you felt guilty about something you did in the past, and you made the decision to punish yourself at the time by restricting your self expression and power. When you believe that you don’t have the power to address harm done to others, punishing oneself may seem like a fitting end. When you realize that you do have the power to change your reality, it makes absolutely no sense to punish yourself, because you’ve simply removed an avenue (you) by which they could have been helped by limiting your capacity to do so. This is an absurd solution. You could say that this is a lot like putting a dog collar around your neck and tying yourself to a post. No one benefits from this, and it just looks dumb. It’s a weird and random image, but it came to mind because it successfully creates a link between the vow and a sense of futility and absurdity, or at least it does for me. When you have completed this process, renouncing your vows of suffering feels as easy and logical as taking off a flimsy collar.

Ritual for Renouncing Vows of Suffering:

Preparation: see #7 and write your own version of this petition on a piece of paper. Have your written petition and anything you need to burn it (metal bowl, tongs, etc.) if you should choose to do so. Aside from your written petition, all you will need for this ritual is a candle. White is preferable, but if you don’t have a white candle, use whatever you have.

  1. Perform the LBRP.
    Although this may not be necessary since spirits are not involved in this ritual, the LBRP places you at the center of your own universe, which can help you get in the right state of mind.

  2. Light a candle.

  3. Chant DarkestKnight’s mantra for connecting with your innate divinity for as long as you like.
    5-10 minutes probably makes sense, but it’s really up to you. EH - TA - LA - VEE - DEH - LUM

  4. If you would like any deities or spirits you work with to witness the ritual, call them in.

  5. Take a moment to consider the vow or vows you would like to renounce. Imagine how bad it would feel if you were to continue living with these vows for the rest of your life. What would your future look like? Really let yourself sink into these feelings.

  6. Image yourself in a temple space and notice a light form on the ceiling. Say “Divine Self, appear before me” three times in your mind or out loud. Imagine a beam of light coming down from the ceiling and pouring into your crown, filling your body with light. Take a moment to really feel the connection with your Divine Self. Visualize a wiser, calmer, more advanced version of yourself coming down to meet you.

  7. Say "Thank you for coming. I have summoned you because I wish to find a solution to (your current problem).

  8. If you can remember a specific moment when you made a vow of suffering, explain what happened, what vow you took, why you thought it was necessary at the time, and why you no longer wish to keep it. If you can’t remember a particular moment when you did this, explain the general theme of your vow, give an example of how it is affecting you, and why you wish to change this. Express a desire to move into a different phase of life.

  9. Say “I reside at the center of my own self. Limitless energy is available to me from where I stand, and I am powerful enough to effortlessly transform my entire life and the lives of those around me.”

  10. Pick up your written petition and recite it once, or as many times as you like if you feel that repeating allows your emotions to build up. As you do this, imagine yourself to be so big that you fill up the entire universe. Let your voice echo throughout the cosmos. Allow yourself to feel a sense of relief, as though your current problem is already resolved.

"I, (your name), in the name of my Divine Self, hereby sever all vows of suffering I may have made in this, or any lifetime, and I ask that all effects of those vows be undone in all directions of time. I ask instead for opportunities to (insert whatever intention you’d like to set instead. In my case, I said: help others, especially those I have wronged,) from a place of power, abundance, and joy. I thank my Divine Self for her aid, and ask that this be done without harm to myself or others. So it is done.”
The no harm clause is probably not necessary here, but I included it because it made me feel comfy.

  1. Burn the petition in a large metal bowl, or leave it somewhere that makes sense to you after you have closed the ritual (your alter, desk, etc.). As your petition burns or is put down beside you, imagine how you would feel as you reflect on your situation from a future date, long after your problem has been resolved. Allow yourself to feel a profound sense of gratitude at the positive course your life has taken.

  2. Say “Thank you for coming. I grant you license to depart, and may there always be peace between us.”

  3. Blow out the candle.

  4. Perform the LBRP.
    Again, it’s probably not technically necessary, but it reinforces the idea that you are at the center of your own universe. Also it’s good practice, and it feels nice.

This ritual can be modified however you like. If it feels unnecessarily complex and you’d like to remove parts of it, or if you’d like to add something else in, you definitely can. The most important thing is that it feels right to you, because your emotional engagement in this ritual is what matters most. You are declaring to yourself that you wish to make a change in your life, so make it your own.