Update regarding petition

Hello, is anyone able to assist me in seeing if my petition to Lerajie/Leraje was heard/accepted? I followed this thread

This is what I wrote

“I, __, ask, in the name of Lerajie to assist me in the task to break down and destroy the relationship that person a and person b has between one another without harm on my end within two weeks. So it is done.”

And then I drew their sigil right below this, said it 7 times

The forum’s usually pretty quiet around now but maybe you’ll get some responses later, I don’t know this spirit well enough to assist, sorry. :slight_smile:

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No worries, I can tell the forum is going to be quiet for a little while, I read threads for some time and ran across this name (Lerajie) and someone said that this entity alone gave amazing results with their task the way it burned was unique, as it didn’t take a couple of tries and engulfed the entire paper for me

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