Okay, so, you wanna do magick

You are new, you found magick, you wanna do things, bla bla, cool. Its much much easier than it looks. You will see how.

If you are only here to get ypur ex back or some annoying shit like that, click to this link.

If you wanna progress in the art, I will show you my biased point of view in a second. Its biased because I am a bit extreme on what to throw and what to pick. Now let’s get to show.

You are new. Its most possibly everything will look impressive to you. In couple of years, most of them turns out to be a fat bullshit. Chaos Magick, luckily, is a dogma breaker. You will have a certain advantage if you start your art with these two books.

You will figure out how all that weird stuff like robes, wands, swords, etc. is not that neccesary. Do they work? Of course. Essential? No.

And meditate. You must meditate. Its most probable that your mind chatters non-stop. You will learn to let those thoughts not effect what you concentrated upon. Then, eventually, void of mind will come. Say, if your mind was a lightsource, these inner chats would be the blockages that doesn’t allow the light to reach where its intented to (your goal). We removed that.

Secondly, you will learn to have one pointedness. Now we turned that source of light to a laser beam. With a mind as clear and sharp as a diamond, you will be unstoppable. Eventually you may add breathe control which will lead you to manipulate your life force (whats keeping you alive, can’t explain this further, really). Which leads us to:

Energy work: In every operation, you will figure out that, as everything else, energy will be needed. Nah, leave that chakra shit alone for now.

Yep. This is it. Don’t believe there is a super secret method or book waiting for you to discover, only thing that is special in the equation, is you. You don’t have to believe on gods. You can think they are inside your mind (how that will turn out for you I wonder). You don’t need any kind of tools. You don’t need to believe in karma, astrology, etc. You don’t have to learn Jewish alphabet and stare into some weird shapes which is called tree but doesn’t look like one. Yet all of that works if you can apply it. You will see how flexible this thing is. This is magick after all. Whatever you do, have fun. I repeat, whatever you do, have fun.

When you do an action for manifesting something, enjoy it. Don’t think about it after the rite but enjoy it. Universe (or whatever floats your boat) is a giant amazon company, you just clicked the order, now relax and wait, it will come. Sometimes your credits won’t be enough but hey, thats just life for you.

Alright, this is it, have fun!


Absolutely brilliant post @anon84423462! Really excellent.

I also want to add that, for those taking a traditional western meditative path, then that is fine too. The traditional western meditation is more focused on making the mind as sharp as a sword, without focusing on the emptiness to return to the source.

There is usually steps to it, like you mention adding the breathwork, but on the western path one usually first focuses on the sensations of the body, then focus on the breath, and finally, when you’re ready, focus the mind.

Picking a “theme” is one way to do it. That is, let’s say you evoked a spirit or you’re into Tarot, choose something that the Spirit said or a card you want to gain more insight on, and focus on it, let whatever comes to mind, and don’t let your mind stray from the theme. This will let you doubly benefit from meditation.


Thank you, Dankquanicus and anyone else, add anything you see useful, fill it in, fill it in. :laughing:


When you hit air grades, or invoke air, it can overload the mind. Crowley said something to the effect of “bind the ass horse and unicorn” in some order, meaning bind and control thought word and act. Binding thought is near impossible without meditation.


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Damn wise words right there.

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To be fair, we haven’t had that many of those get-my-ex-back lately. At least, not as often as we used to have.


Why did you say something you just cursed us.

@Vandheer thank you. It’s an amazing post!


I was thinking of that since he said it lol


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what would be the best book/s for learning or deepening meditation?

This should be it.

This one is, while Eastern, dogma is removed from it.


Never read a western style one unfourtunately, maybe @Dankquanicus can help there.


Thanks a lot!

I always feel like i’m facing a new blockage, like what I want really shouldn’t be what I want. So I can never actually finish anything. Any advice for this?

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NLP could, maybe.

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Neuro linguistic programming? I guess i can do something like that, yeah. But really, I think I might have to dedicate something to this

You have to have a hierarchy of needs then at the top wants. Get your needs out the way firsts. The wants are desires you don’t need them so some guilt may come from asking for something like a cute goth girl for example. But ultimately you’re god and your desires matter so if you want a cute goth girl manifest one.

If you haven’t already I recommend internal work to manifest things, I use the book Angels of Alchemy and you improve yourself, then get results. I find there’s less tension or guilt about manifesting my desires since I’m doing it through becoming a better person.