Well it worked, but not quite as intended

Ok so, I have performed a couple of love rituals and I’ve had “positive” results, but really now how I expected/desired!

The first spell I did - was this one by C.Kendall

And followed up with the Lucifer Mind Control

I used this for my friend, and his love interest to strengthen their bond as they had been going through hard times, long distance relationship etc.
Their result - well, its hit her like a tonne of bricks, but seems to have the opposite effect on him! She has been calling & messaging him non stop, even some how getting his mothers phone number and reaching out her to “check in on him” because she’s concerned that he is replying less than normal as of late! Note that she lives about 4 hours away and is not able to travel due to restrictions but I’m sure if she could, she’d be on his front doorstep by now.
He on the other hand has completely lost interest in anything with her since I performed the ritual, which seems to only be further fueling her want for him. It’s all kinds of odd.

I also did these same rituals for myself and my on again-off again partner however have not yet seen anything manifest on that front, but he is ridiculously stubborn and there are other factors at play at the moment. Reminding myself to keep moving forward, let it go and focus on myself.

What I have noticed is a far increased amount of sexual attention from men towards myself since performing this ritual for my partner & I. This is seriously unexpected, and I honestly have no idea how to deal with it :laughing: In my mind it shows me the magic is working, but damn my target for being so dang stubborn :rofl:

I’ve seen unwanted attention from others / not the target as a common side effect of love magic - can anyone explain why or is it part of the manifestation process?


The reason why it’s apart of the manifestation process is truly because love spells is equal to splitting the personality.

Love is a powerful emotion that can be driven by irrational, almost desperate choices and when one starts to have their feelings changed by a spell it splits their freedom of choice somewhat in half as well.

There’s repercussions with everything, the same way as you’d fuck with anything to do with “hate” in a ritual (Cursing, vengeful magick) — assisting with love work is on the opposite spectrum but equally as tricky.

When you start to disregard the consent of someone in the form of emotionality, it can truly have devastating consequences — this is all behaviour driven. I know that many here engage in love magick and spells but for me I light a few pink candles and have a meditation session on the day Venus is exalted and I seek benevolence.

I don’t think reaching out far to assist with other relationship problems is even worth carrying the burden. Often times it’s just better to lend a listening ear and that is enough. To take initiative into your on hands, you’ve created a ripple effect which of course is irreversible but will never be the same.


P.s I understand that there are “success” stories with love spells… apparently amazing results and worthy outcomes (breakup resolution?), but from personal experience, and even having someone I trust with his insight and anecdotes, V.K on YouTube even has warned about love spells — I do seem to have a hunch with why it’d be one of the forms of magick I’m not compatible with, I can’t seem to reason myself around it. Then again, most of the time these spells are sought after during times of desperation. Desperate measures sometimes right? :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t typically involve myself with others and their love magik, however this person is my best friend, and my ex husband so when he asked for my help with his current position I made an exception - I don’t think either of us had considered this to be an outcome as he was hoping to fix their issues. Of course, its always the path you didn’t see coming that is the one chosen, at least in my cases :laughing:

As for my own situation, I know there is absolutely no changing my partners freedom of choice, or his will. Even the strongest spell ever I don’t think would help - I have literally never met a more stubborn human being :woman_facepalming: Its taken me long enough to come to that point of realisation, so my position is use the LOA, let go, and whatever the outcome is, I have my peace already.

I find it much easier, and get more consistent and repeatable results to do a ritual or magik to reveal someones true nature to others. Are they a spoilt brat who thrives only off money? A womaniser who wont commit? A liar, thief etc? Let the others see it, and proceed as they so wish.

I’m a big fan of VK - he’s definitely a favorite watch!


Congratulations on getting results for your friends, I know what it like, I have cast a few spells on… long story, no results yet… it’s unpredictable to say the least. Don’t give up, some are more receptive than others.

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You don’t hear people warning you about love and obsession magick because it is ineffective.

You can control this to an extent, but glamour magick will often act in a general way through your aura. Anyone who comes into contact with you will be influenced by your presence, especially when in person. This can definitely be strange at first, but you’ll get used to it, and it really is quite wonderful.

I would suggest that you be careful with it, though, if you have to be around someone on a consistent basis and don’t want them to be attracted to you in that way. I’ve had this backfire on me a bit before, even when I was doing nothing to actively flirt myself, as the magick can be very hard to resist.

And by the way, for your stubborn situation, I would try to influence his mind next, not his emotions. If one’s will is strong enough emotions can be overcome, and vice versa, but get them both aligned and your chances of getting what you want are much greater. It could also very well be the case that the spirits are keeping him away from you for good reason, something I have experienced before too (it wasn’t fun at the time, but I sure am glad now).


You’re not wrong on the overall glamour affect, to the point I’ve even noticed it within myself. To be fair, I’m not hating the confidence boost, having suffered with low self esteem for an exceedingly long time, its been very refreshing!

If you have any tips or suggestions on avenues for mind-influence I’d love to hear them. I’m sure I can find any number of situations that I can put them to good use in :laughing:


You could alway try the powerful layered love spell. Even as petitions.


That’s the lovely thing about glamour - it makes you confident, and it’s also just plain fun. It’s certainly spiced up many otherwise rather dull occasions for me. Just remember that even if someone is clearly attracted to you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be willing to do more than flirt.

And with this kind of situation, I wouldn’t worry about the “how” of the influence too much. As you become more proficient with this skill you will be able to adopt more nuanced strategies (at this point I can’t even always really fully explain what I do at first, I just know it works), but even then it’s sometimes best to leave things to the magick. Often you need to do your part for the magick to have something to work with, but other times the magick can handle everything while you sit back and enjoy the show.


For the quick mind control spell, must I fold the photo before wrap it with the red string or I should wrap as it is?

I wrapped it as it was.