Duke Sallos, sleep paralysis and earthquakes

Okay, so first off I am a complete amateur. Related to this topic, I only read a couple books including E.A’s book Evoking Eternity and watched some of his videos. I need help interpreting these things. I’m not sure if I fucked something up or not but I’d rather ask dumb questions here than do nothing. This will be pretty long but I don’t want to leave out any information that may be important.

About a week ago I wrote my request do Duke Sallos using this method. I meditated, read it out loud three times, burned the paper, threw the ashes out the window and went to sleep.

I had sleep paralysis 5-6 times in my life. Two times I had hallucinations with shadow people but nothing spectacular. After I did the petition spell i went to sleep around 1 AM. I woke up between 3 and 4 AM. I didn’t open my eyes yet. Then I saw a light turn on, which I thought was my phone done charging, but later I found out that wasn’t it. After that I heard dark, quiet, human like growling. Then I opened my eyes. Immediately my whole body felt paralysed, I heard loud buzzing and on my chest a saw a girl similar to a yurei. She had dirty white clothes and white hair which completely covered her face. I sleep in complete darkness, but the light which turned on made it possible for me to see her.

First I’m thinking it’s just another sleep paralysis. The girl dissapears into my chest and I shake my body to free myself from the paralysis. I then turned my body sideways. After a few seconds I was paralysed again. I open my eyes and see the girl again but flying above me. She went into the wall and I shake myself, move my body and try to sleep again. Now to make the story shorter, this happened 4 more times. I didn’t open my eyes anymore but I just got paralysed and shook it off again and again. I was really tired and just wanted to sleep.

Now after the 6th time I got really pissed and started thinking. Then I remembered Duke Sallos and thought it’s probably him. In my head I was thinking “Okay, you had your fun. I’m sure it was amusing for you, it was also quite amusing for myself. But if you’re trying to scare me it didn’t work. You can do it again later if you wish but not too much. I have to wake up early so please just let me sleep now.” I am sure I didn’t sound disrespectful when I was thinking that.

At that moment I wasn’t paralysed anymore, I was wide awake and the light turned off so I was back in complete darkness. I looked at my phone and it was 4 AM. After some time I went back to sleep.

Now, fast forward to this sunday. I wanted to strenghten my bond with Duke Sallos while I waited for my request. I had no other tasks for him, I just wished to talk if possible. This time I lit a candle, drew his sigil and stared into it while chanting his enn. After some time I felt ecstatic. I took that as a sign of his presence and told him to communicate with me. I also said since I may not yet be able to see or hear him, he could talk to me or give me some other sign of his pressence while I’m sleeping. After I was done I pit out the candle, put the sigil away and went to sleep.

This was around 3 AM. Even though I was tired, I did not sleep at all that night. First I felt wierd. Like I was slightly drunk, drugged, euphoric, i felt some dread, like I was falling, moving in a boat, the darkness I saw with my closed eyes was moving around. I felt all of those things at once, I really don’t know how to describe it, it wasn’t a bad feeling it was just wierd. After some time I either got used to it or it went away, but I still simply could not fall asleep.

At 6:30 AM an earthquake woke me up. I was tired and didn’t even get out of bed. Some time after the third earthquake my phone was buzzing non stop with messages. I decided to check what’s going on and get out of bed since I’m obviously not going to sleep at all. Later I found out the first was an 5.5 earthquake and it’s center was about 20km from my home. There wasn’t an earthquake this big here for 140 years. There were dozens smaller earthquakes after that through the whole day. Half the country felt it, there was a lot of damage and alongside the coronavirus it was the main topic for everyone the whole day. Now I seriously doubt I was the cause of this but I still think it was some kind of sign.

So can anyone better informed make sense of all of this? Is it good or bad? Do I need to do anything? Thanks to anyone who took their time reading this and answering.

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