Rituals on New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse

There is a New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse tomorrow. It’s something you can look up to see why etc. It makes sense when you read about it.

Because it’s a partial solar eclipse, magick isn’t really recommended because of its unpredictability but to each their own if they do I suppose.

Despite this warning, I will be doing a petition ritual.

Happy New Moon and Eclipse! Good time to set your intentions for the month-even year!


Yeah I’ve been wanting to manifest a few things but I’ll refrain from doing any “big” rituals, petitions, or magick for the next couple of weeks, until the energy dissipates a bit.

It’s happening in Scorpio and Venus will also be conjunct the Moon and Sun, so it might not be ideal for Venus-related workings (love, beauty, money).

Not that the magick will backfire or go wrong, but the energy is dense and chaotic, so it’s just not the best time for it.

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