Purple's Beginner Advice (Basic Magick Energy Exercises)




I have been an occultist for years and my Path is calling me to be the Fool again. So relearning and expanding myself this time I know what personally works for me. Simple and basic is the best foundation for energy work.

The first thing is to shield yourself and energy.


An aura is a quality or feeling that seems to surround a person or place or to come from them.


·Now, imagine a ball of pure white surrounding your body.

·The mirror technique is quite effective for many reasons. Imagine a mirror in front of you when you speaking to someone that is bothering you.

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My own personal view is fully falling back into your body.

·Go outside and walk bare foot on grass.
·Imagine a cord going down from your back to the center of the planet. Call it back when it feels right.
·Rub your fingers together.
·Rub your ears for a few seconds.



protect (someone or something) from a danger, risk, or unpleasant experience.

·To expand on the mirror technique, imagine a complete mirror 5 feet from your entire body. Feel it deflecting all negative energy away from you.

·Imagine white solid ball of energy under the mirror.


Gotta admit this technique is one you MUST learn. I didn’t do it for a period of time and it really fucked me over.


Beautiful!! Nature always helps. I generally imgaine my roots touching the Earth.


Cutting Cords

Cords- thin, flexible string or rope made from several twisted strands.

*There is a difference of plucking and cutting cords.

·(Cut) Take your fingers and start to cut all energy cords. Do this until you feel the need to stop. Wash hands.

· Imagine scissors cutting all energy cords.

·Imagine a sword slicing all cords.

·Fill (feel) in the empty space with white light.


** Plucking Cords**

take hold of (something) and quickly remove it from its place.

·Feel the cord, and gently pull it out and send it back to it’s source.

·Fill (feel) in the empty space with white light.

(You have to discover for yourself which one, or both you feel is right for you.)

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I’m gonna strongly recommend that everyone performs this ritual. It really helped.

Thanks Purple!!