Any spell/ritual that can help me stop caring/move on/stop loving my ex gf?

I’m a novice, having only dabbled in the account as a teenager. To be honest, I originally came here searching for a way to bring back my recently ex girlfriend, who I still live with because we are in a lease together. She immediately rebounded, something that she has been known to do when exiting a relationship with someone that she loved.

When we broke up about a month ago I put on a show as if I didn’t care and that caused her to tell me that a piece of her still cared. That in turn caused me to open up and spell my guts and tell her I hoped that one day we could share a love again once I became the kind of man I needed to be. That was obviously a mistake, but it’s made now.

I really feel what’s best for me now is to truly stop loving her And be able to stop caring. Is there any kind of magick that someone with my level of experience could do to stop loving someone?

You don’t have to stop loving her or caring about her. The problem is your emotional attachment to this person and what you once had.

In my opinion, what you need to do is what is called a cord cutting. This is a simple ritual to sever the energetic connections to someone that you naturally accrue in relationships.


Does it work both ways? Since she at least said to me that there are still some feelings on her part…If I do the cord cutting ritual for myself will that also end her lingering for me?

Visualize your ex and yourself in a room, a dark room. Visualize that both of you sit down on a table where a white candle is lit. Visualize that your partner makes a bowl with his hand and you do the same. Say in your imagination thank you for all the experiences we had and all the emotions we have had, but I give them back to you and take mine out of you. Visualize that your expartner says the same. His energy should come out of your mouth into his hands and vice versa. Then swallow the energy you’ve taken back and he/she does the same as representation that the emotional cords are cut and you and your partner aren’t attached any longer.

Hope this helps, breakups can be rough :slight_smile:


I’ll be honest here, I just want the cord cut on my end. I would rather her feelings for me continue to linger, considering how she breadcrumbed just to get me to tell her that I still cared when she perceived me as moving on.

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To answer you bluntly, no.
Time is the only way to heal a broken heart in terms of the psychological as well as metaphysical.
You can meditate and reflect on it in a positive light by thinking about how you can develop yourself into a new person from the experience.

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Seek friendship and move on if she has moved on. A spell to bring them back may backfire in your face. Keep that in mind before going knocking on the door of a relationship. You still can love each other just don’t in that way. You will harvest more from it simply by doing that and a hell of a lot happier for both. Love doesn’t always require marriage as marriage is just a tool of power. But keep in mind are you loving only because of lust or for who they are as a person and not talking about just deeds.

Hey as was said cord cutting is great also what i call LAL death ( love, affection,lust death = you stop feeling those things to person) is really good on this type of cases … but LAL is for little bit experienced mages because it can backfire in hundreds options :joy: … but if you feel like you can handle it i can pm you how to do it :woman_shrugging:t2:


Agreed with the cord cutting suggestions. You can also do a simple healing spell on your self to heal a broken heart and a love blockbuster\road opener so that you clean any blockages she’s left on you and are able to move on and find something better. If you wanna be extra you can also banish that girl so she’s not around you anymore to cause more trouble. But that’s kinda mean. tsk tsk.

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I know a method that can help deal with any emotional trauma/pain. It’s incredibly effective, but it is pretty hard…

Basically, you gotta get into a relatively deep trance state, then bring up the emotions and memories that caused you to feel the way you do, good and bad, then accept them for what they are and let go of them.

What makes it hard is that you have to be completely honest with yourself, and you are basically forced to experience the emotional pain all at once while you do it. But afterwards you feel scrubbed clean, albeit emotionally vulnerable for a couple hours.

After you renormalize, it shouldn’t bother you anymore.


The energy (attention) you give an emotion the more power it has over you and also the more you try to deny it like it never existed or force yourself to forget it, that creates a subliminal belief which will effect you the rest of your life.

What you have to do is to accept it. Yes accept the emotion, allow yourself to feel it, however in a different way. Saying some few powerful words.

You say theses words to yourself anytime the feeling comes to mind:
I am accept this feeling, I am okay, I am not alone, I am loved, I am always loved.

Do not try to rationalise what you are saying.
Saying the words in trances will eliminate any conscious obstacles.

Okay! That is it!! Goodluck :innocent:

Lingering feelings are toxic and give the other person power over you.
But just like closing and locking a door you have to throw away the key and never go there again.
Recently I had a about a year long platonic partnership with someone I considered special to me. When we began to be at odds I was made to see his true intentions and it devastated me.
But I myself could not kill my feelings for him.
So, under the leading of Amaymon I found an old key, a measure of rope and I took the rope and looped it thru the key, I tied the rope nine times and spoke of nine reasons why I cut off his connection to me. I then took a knife and cut the separate knots apart each time I would say’” for this reason (name) I sever me from thee”
By the last knot severed I felt empowered - I threw the key in a lake to symbolize never opening a door again to him and I burned the knots thanking Amaymon for his guidance.


OH man, I have tried the cord cutting thing, emotional healing and always ended up doing love spells again to get them back.
What I noticed that really helps is to look very closely and see which of the traits that you love in the person you want for yourself. Then do exactly these things and grow, become better than your old self and you will be able to not idealise the person any more. Do all the things that you admire most about them YOURSELF. It is often what w really crave, we want to be like this person in specific ways. And we feel the lack if they reject us.
This was the only way how I got over someone who I was obsessed with at age 26. Today I only laugh because he seemed so incredibly perfect and powerful, but today he’s just a little frog to me because I did everything that I admired about him.
Hope this makes a bit of sense to you

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you can ask Belial to remove that attachment from you