Black Magick Training for beginners and adepts

Almost everything you need for black magick.

First of this is for the beginners.

Items i’d suggest you acquire.

  1. Candles - Black, Red, Purple, Green, White etc.
  2. Incense - Sandalwood, Dragons Blood, Lavender, Opium, Frankincense etc.
  3. Crystals and Gems - Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Black Onyx etc.
  4. Journal - to write notes, spells, symbols, rites, sigils etc.
  5. Athame / Knife - To use for rituals and energy manipulation and blood letting.
  6. Black Mirror - To scry and train your sight.

For the adepts.

Items i’d suggest you acquire.

  1. Candle Making Kit - Items necessary for making candles.
  2. Incense - Just like the ones above, including sticks and resin and cones.
  3. Herbs - Basil, Lavender, Dandelion, Cinnamon, Ginger, etc.
  4. Gems and Crystal - like the ones above and more.
  5. Journal.
  6. Black Velvet Bag - To keep consecrated items inside.
  7. Canvas and Paint - To create a portal / window into the other realms.
  8. Wooden Staff or Sword.
  9. Big Stone / Rocks.

Lesson 1 - Setting Up A Basic Altar For Beginners.

First off require a table, best if made out of wood, if not then glass is fine too.
Next get a Altar cloth this is a simple covering material to place over the table.
Now before setting all your magickal items on the altar it’s time to consecrate, empower and awaken your altar.

Killing The Altar - For Both Adepts And Beginners.

This is a death of your altar to die as a object and to be reborn as a magickal creature.
Take the table into the center of a room, around the altar place a circle of candles, simple tea light candles will do.

As you light each wick of each candle simply say in your mind
" May the powers of fire be invoked into this flame, rise " and then light the flame.
Do the above until a perfect circle surrounds the altar.

Once all the candles are lit, say this incantation below pushing your strength and will into your words.

" This table before me has served its mundane purpose, for that i am grateful, your mundane properties are no longer needed ".

Now take a athame or knife and as you inhale visualize energy in the air flow through you and as you exhale push that energy into the blade and hold its power inside the blade repeat this over and over.

Until the blade is bursting with power, visualize this as the metal heating up going red and begins flaming with power, stand with the blade held in both hands in the air, now hold the blade up in the air and vibrate the word " ALPHA ", while visualizing the blade shining white, now point the blade to the floor and vibrate " OMEGA " seeing the blade glow red.

Now stand looking at the table and say
" You may die and give up your memory, spirit and energy "
stab the table gently, and hold the blade point on the table and
as you inhale deeply, as you do this simply program the knifes power to destroy the soul of the table.

Then exhale pushing that power into the table, close your eyes and visualize the atoms of the table and energy inside its material burning, now cover the table either with a huge black cloth or a black garbage bag.

Now blow out the candles place one candle on top of the bag or cloth and burn incense in the memory of the table, sit there and just meditate in peace, then remove the candle and incense and leave the table for a few hours covered.

Resurrecting the Altar.

At 3.00am remove the cover of the table, you might be able to sense almost a presence of death radiating from the table. Next sit in the dark with one black candle on the table as you light the candle " May the fire awaken and may the powers of fire awaken ".

Next sit comfortable on the floor, and meditate consuming energy.
Now extend your arms and repeat

" Itz ranchu mantantu vespacha kaltamu,
itz ranta mant kala, mant atzu belt tazu
vaskalla itz rachu mantantu vespacha ".

This incantation should be repeated over and over this will summon all the powers of magick unto you. Close your eyes and feel the powers of magick radiating all around you in the air.

Now draw a simple cross in the air pushing energy tracing a glowing red cross above the table, now repeat the incantation of summoning all magickal powers again.
Push and command the energies internally to flow into the table charging it with the forces of magick, place both hands on the table, pushing your energy into the mixture of power within the table.

Close your eyes and visualize the atoms of the table become glowing and ignited by the powers of magick and your energy. then say

" May the powers that be, the force of eternity, now be channeled through me ".

Visualize a white glowing sideways 8 which is the sign of infinity, in the center of your chest, now inhale deeply awakening the power of eternity within, as you do this visualize it glowing in silver fire, and see in your minds eye a circle of flaming silver flames.

Exhale and say in your mind

" By the powers that be, the force of eternity, awaken the soul within thee ".

Then repeat the summoning of all magickal powers underneath, increasing the amount of magick that’s inside the table and visualize the aura of the table, shining with power and then say

" May the forces of magick enliven the table so it shall serve the cause of magick and ascent ".

Then give a drop of blood at each corner of the table and one in the middle and say

" May my blood, the blood of a living god awaken and resurrct the soul of this table, so it shall be a living creature of the forces of magick ".

Now with your hand rub the blood all over the top surface of the table visualizing the altar’s aura shake and roar, then say " Awaken, Awaken ". The powers of your blood shall anchor and house the forces in the altar and the blood shall pass on life essence into the altar giving it life.

Consecrate The Altar Cloth.

Now face the west and meditate in total darkness with your eyes closed, see in your minds eye, a mist of darkness and just say in your mind " Darkness come " over and over and over.

Until you can feel the mist literally in front of you, see it in your magickal imagination, now simply say

" May the powers of darkness come, rise and descend upon me, solidify around me above me and below me ".

Close your eyes hold the cloth in both hands folded and say

" May darkness radiate upon the cloth in my hands, may darkness eternal and absolute empower and consecrate the cloth so it may hold the forces of the nightside ".

Then inhale deeply and visualize the darkness, imbued inside the clothes materials blackening the atoms within it.

Now place see the cloth radiating total darkness leave it under your bed, in the night, then when you wake up cover the altar with the cloth so now the table holds the forces of magick and the cloth holds the powers of darkness.

Consecrating the items to place on your altar.

Consecration incantation.

" By the forces that be hear me, by the forces of eternity come to me, by the powers of magick may the powers be channeled through me, may the ancient dark gods, surround me, may darkness aid me, may the powers that flow through the infernal empire choose me as a conduit of its power.

I am the creator and consumer as my world, i am the macrocosm and the microcosm, may the dragon of the nightside bless this ( Object ) with your power and might, may the powers of the left hand the lady of the dark empower this ( Object ).

I call to the forces present send forth your blessing and power to enliven this ( Object ) and awaken your powers within it so it shall be used in the path i walk, the path of pour upon the left road into the darkness ".

Do this on each object and then place them upon the altar and meditate on the power radiating from them.

Now you may adorn the altar with statues, candles, gems, crystals, etc.

The radiance of power is incredible from the altar, the cloth and every object is charged with total power.

Lesson 2 - Learning How To Enter The Trance, Theta Gamma Sync.

Now the Theta Gamma Sync is a trance state used to scry, open sigils and to communicate, hear and see spirits. Individuals normally complicated the process of entering this state.

This is actually quite easy follow these simple steps below.

  1. Sit either in a meditative position or straighten your back in the chair.

  2. Now get relaxed get all your wiggles out of your body and relax.

  3. Next look at the point where the wall and ceiling meet for example.

Right into the triangular part in the corner.

  1. Next look at that point, draw your sight back and relax your eyes and kind of drift off as if your day dreaming, unfocus your sight letting your vision blur slightly, feel yourself dropping through rings of reality.

  2. Now you’ll start to see the sprites, these appear almost like static rain, in front of your vision blurring the reality, before you, if you keep doing this then you’ll go deeper, feel the world rotate with you and feel yourself dropping.

  3. If you do this while looking at a sigil the sigil will vanish for a few seconds and reappear or even glow, or morph slightly these are signs if you call the spirit while doing this, you’ll hear a voice in your magickal imagination which is the most powerful internal gateway used of spiritual communication, you’ll hear the spirits voice don’t worry if you believe its your imagination just go with it, you must trust in yourself.

Now you’ve learn’t how to enter this magickal trance, you can now use this to scry into other worlds using a scrying device, or communicate with spirits etc.

Lesson 3 - Meditation.

Meditation is the corner stone to the development of any one on the path of ascent and developing their power and abilities. I’d recommend daily meditation for any one who is serious in magick.

Here are a few meditations below each have different purposes.

List of meditations.

Awaken Your Inner Black flame using the meditation below.

Meditation Powerful for connecting with Lucifer

This one is to develop your spiritual senses

Here is another meditation to awaken the soul, accessing more of its power

Here is another to hold and sonsume more enmergy by housing and anchoring it into the your skeleton which has many energetic benefits.

Use these meditations and also simply meditate on siphoning energy into yourself, or meditate on nothing to disconnect from this illusion world, meditation can also be used for many many other benefits depending on the technique used.

Lesson 4 - Candle Magick.

Okay candle magick is a very simple form of magick and can be used to manifest basic desires fairly quickly first we must understand the color associations of candles.

Table Of Candle Color Associations.

  • Black - Can be used for Baneful rites, Can be used to absorb baneful energies, For working with darkness, use for black magick rites,used for binding, curses, hexes and uncrossing rites, Manipulation, can also be used to bring dark energies and spirits to the practitioner, used to work with Saturn.

  • White - For purity, For Banishing, Light, cleansing, meditation, enlightenment, protection, balance, heals emotions, friendship, peace, for clearing your mind, truth, used to work with the moon.

  • Silver - Ambition, Awareness, divination, Astral, insight, Success, beginnings, fame, consciousness, intuition, influence, also used for the moon.

  • Gold - Money, Wealth, Attraction, Success, Knowledge, Abundance, Beauty, illumination, prosperity, Skills, used for working with the sun.

  • Gray - Balance, Secrets, Authority, Wisdom, Lost, Quests, problems, Negativity, Endings, Patience, used for working with saturn and the moon.

  • Brown - Efficiency, disruption, Grounding, Renewal, Nurturing, Rebirth, Order, Work, Home, Nature, Animals, Used for working with earth.

  • Lavender - Affection, Tranquility, Growth, Shielding, Manifestation, Paranormal, Indifference, Used for working with Neptune and Venus.

  • Purple - Abuse, Power, Ascent, Awakening, Meditation, Divination, Mastery, Control, Wisdom, Past life, Business, For working Neptune and Jupiter.

  • Blue - Calmness, Rest, Astral, Dreams, Loyalty, Courage, Breaking bad habits, Peace, Water, Bliss, Emotion, Sleep, Water, used for working with Jupiter.

  • Green - Abundance, Fertility, Money, Wealth, Finance, Health, Goals, Harmony, Chaos, Cooperation, Greed, Jealously, Earth, used for working with earth and venus.

  • Yellow - Expression, Self-Esteem, Creation, Blockages, Brain Power, Persuasion, Confidence, Memory, Control, Approval, Communication, Used for working with Air and Fire and Mercury.

  • Orange - Energy, Stamina, Attraction, Flexibility, Repulsion, Career, Justice, Will, Creativity, Jobs, Used for working with Fire and The Sun.

  • Red - Love, Lust, Blood, War, Hatred, Revenge, Passion, Wrath, Anger, Sexual, Strength, Bravery, Desire, Fire, Infernal and Demonic, Aggression, Used for working with Fire and Mars.

  • Pink - Unity, Honor, Love, Attraction, Separation, Slander, Affection, Family, Used for working with Venus.

Now we know the candle association here’s how to do candle magick.

Candle Magick - Basic Instructions.

Okay so first choose a candle associated with the color that associates with your goal, now, place the candle on your Altar. Sit in front of the candle, don’t light it yet, simply meditate and rise your own power and energy.

Next you must charge the candle itself, think about the desire and goal you want to make manifest, the more you think about it, feel that desire manifest as a energy in your chest, fill it with your will, desire, the goal and power.

Next with your right hand push that energy into the candle, you can also increase this by using olive oil or cooking oil, pushing this energy into that letting the oil charge in sunlight or moonlight and anointing the candle rubbing it into the candle either way this is charging the candle.

Next light the wick, look into the flame allow the candle to pull you into trance or use the exercise of entering the theta gamma sync.

Visualize the wax and wick and even flame of the candle shining in the color energy associated with your goal, hold you right hand over the flame high enough that you won’t burn but low enough that you can feel its warmth.

Now visualize your goal in your mind as if you are viewing it happening, and with the force of your magickal power and godlike will, push your desire into that possible future timeline.

Now say something like

" I ( Your name or magickal name ) awaken the fire of my desire, may my powers and this ( Color of your goal ) flame, open as a gateway pushing my power and influence through the astral into this world, ( Say your desire ) This is my will and so it shall be so it is already underway ".

When you speak this don’t think of it as just words conveying meaning, but rather vocalized sound waves carrying almighty power, flowing in accordance with your desire.

Now you must release your attachment, from the spell simply, just know and believe it has manifested and the rite is a success and don’t think of it anymore, release it this will release the magick into this world manifesting your command.

Your ritual will always be successful once you forget about it, this will ensure the rite manifests.

For adepts you may use seals and sigils and open them and place them under the candle, even call legions of spirits to possess the flame and by charging the flame like above, you are charging the legion of many spirits that will carry out your command.

Combing herbs, symbols and incense that are associated with the goal will increase the potency of the spell, but do not complicate it, do not dwell on the rite manifesting as this will create thought forms which will work against the power of your magick.

Lesson 5 - Structuring.

Structuring is the magickal practice of creating a magickal form and solidifying it in a manifestation base to become physical, this type of magickal feat takes time and you senses should be developed.

This is mostly used to evoke spirits to a physical manifestation, okay so here is how its done. You don’t need to do this and can see spirits without making physically visible.

First understand what manifestation bases here is a list of some of them below.

  1. Thick incense smoke.
  2. Darkness.
  3. Ectoplasm.
  4. Manifestation Elixir.

Now for an example let’s use incense, so light a charcoal incense, once the coal is fully heated up place incense resin on it, resin is because this creates a thicker smoke.

Enter the theta gamma sync, see all the room and take a ‘snapshot’ this basically means remember the whole view in front of you, close your eyes visualize the body of the spirit in the incense smoke see this in your mind for a while.

Then open your eyes enter the Theta Gamma Sync while looking at the smoke of the incense, now at push godlike power from your Zeal Chakra which is just at the base of the spine and skull, inhale deeply pulling energy into that chakra.

Exhale pushing that power from that chakra down your right arm, out your right hand into the smoke of the incense, the static rain seen in trance combined with the smoke and godlike power directed in that area will manifest the body.

Deepen the trance, build the body also you can use more coals and incense to produce more substance for the spirit to build its body, as your building the body, summon the spirit by vibrating its name, repeating its enn, etc.

Then tell the spirit to possess the body built in the manifestation base.

Lesson 6 - Soul Travel.

Soul Travel is the practice of leaving the body and travelling to all realms, worlds, dimensions etc. This is different to astral travel as astral travel only takes us to the astral realm soul travel can take us there and even beyond.

Below is a post with instructions of Soul Travel.

Follow it trust in your experience and success is a guarantee.

Lesson 7 - Ritualistic Concoctions.

Below is a powerful type ritual water, called absorbent water it is probably one of the most potent magickal creations I’ve came across.

Spirit Urns

Spirit urns are very powerful vessels for spirits, here are the items you’ll need.

  1. An Urn.
  2. Gems and Crystals associated with that spirit.
  3. A Anchoring stone / a possessed rock.
  4. A Seal / Sigil Of the spirit on wood or tin or even paper.
  5. Herbs associated with that spirit.
  6. Blood Sacrifice.
  7. Three black candles.
  8. Incense connected with that spirit.

Okay first step take the urn, then get salt water and place your middle and index finger on your right hand into the salt water, next visualize white light travelling down your arm into the water.

Now with that water physically clean the urn, now once done hold your right hand above the urn draw a white pentagram with your middle and index finger using the energy fromn your heart chakra.

Now the urn is cleansed, take the anchoring stone, which is a normal rock draw in thick marker on the stone the sigil for the spirit, now that’s done, cut your finger and place your blood on to the sigil on the stone.

Then summon the spirit and structure a orb above the stone in incense above the rock then, with your right hand ask the spirit to enter the orb mentally, pushing your will into the orb, the spirit will condense itself into that structured astral matrix.

Then pull down with your right hand the orb, inside the stone, then hold the stone with both hands, repeating the spirits name or its enn, then visualize your energy leaking into the stone creating energetic walls, stopping the spirit leaking out.

Now open the sigil by looking at it while in the Theta Gamma Sync, the blood would have charged the sigil and stone, now hold the stone in both hands held up and vibrate it’s name another nine times.

Now place the stone inside the urn, next open a sigil made on wood and metal if you can as this is better if not then paper is fine, give blood to it, then place that into the urn.

Next take a mixture of herbs that are associated with the spirit or with the planet or element its connected to then awaken, the herbs by breathing on the herbs visualizing the breath passing on prana giving life to the herbs.

Then say

" ( Name of the herbs ) May you be the link to ( The name of the spirit ) feeding ( name of the spirit ) presence ".

Now place those herbs inside of the urn, now take the gems and crystals that are associated with that spirit, cleanse them like we did with the urn, then hold one in your right hand over a open sigil of the spirit, and say

" ( Name of spirit ) awaken your essence within ( Name of the gem or Crystal ) for i ask you to come and awaken it now ( Name of the spirit ), possess ( name of the gem or crystal ) Awaken it, Awaken it ".

Visualize a energetic vapor release from the sigil inhale deeply, pulling it into the gem or crystal. Do this with each gem and crystal, then place them in the urn.

Place the three black candles around the urn, place the lid on the urn, give blood to each wick of the three black candles, let the blood dry then when you light them say

" I ignite the blood with fire, the gateway of blood and flame has opened in unison ".

When the three candles are lit, the triangle will help focus the manifestation of the spirit, now light the incense make sure the smoke touches the urn, the smoke will be a process of fumigation, charging the vessel and charging the manifestation of the spirit.

Then meditate on the urn give a offering to the spirit and say

" ( Name Of spirit ) for i am the living god, you are housing the urn as a vessel, by my blood i have fed your new home Hail ( Name of the spirit ) ".

Then meditate before it vibrate its name over and over, the vessel is what i call a super vessel, every month feed the vessel a sacrifice, you may also add more object connected to that spirit inside the urn.

Window Of Worlds.

This is a potent device that i would advise to place on the wall hung up on the altar.
This a powerful window in to any and all worlds, i created this many years ago and it was the greatest tool i had.

Items needed.

  1. A Canvas - Size depends on how big you want the window to be.
  2. Black Paint.
  3. Blood.
  4. Amethyst.
  5. Celestite.
  6. Clear Quartz.

Now take the Amethyst, Celestite and Clear Quartz, break, destroy and grind into powder, i don’t care how you do it i combined many crazy ways to do mine, so experiment like i did.
Once ground down into powder place your right hand over the powder, and channel energy from the ajna chakra into the powder.

Now mix this powder into the black paint stir four times clockwise and four times counterclockwise, now add your own blood into the paint.
Let the paint sit for a while, now place your right hand over the paint pushing energy from your Zeal into it and say

" Almak al ten ron tal, alash kala kal,
peref ron felish tal ".

Now dip your paint brush into the paint, paint the entire canvas black, do this in the day, place the canvas outside to dry in sunlight and the suns light will charge the paint, then on a full moon leave the canvas to charge out under moonlight.

Now place the canvas on a wall above the altar and say

" Sua lesh itz mala’kel, sah zin tru uhm
bitz’awel vo linch, dales inz za zal’ess ".

Repeat this while focusing on the gateway you wish to open, visualize the particles in the air become engulfed by hellfire, the more you repeat it the more the particles beam with power and vibrate at critical mass.

The more you recite it over and over the particles will be pushed into the gateway feeding it, activating it and opening it.

Now enter the theta gamma sync and look into the darkness of the canvas and see into the otherworlds.

Lesson 8 - Psychic Vampirism.

Here is the quickest and most potent form of psychic vampirism i have ever done, and i continue to use it till this day.

Lesson 9 - Empowerment Rites.

Here are some of my favorite empowerment rites.

I’m not going to overload this as you can gain millions of methods of empowerment right from the spirits themselves.


As you can tell i have released quite a lot through this post, from trance work, to altar work, to soul travel, to creating ritualistic objects, empowerment rites, meditations, Psychic Vampirism, Structuring, Candle Magick, Consecration etc.

I believe this is perfect not just for beginners to have step by step of everything, but also there is a lot of stuff here for the adepts too.

Anything for my brothers and sister walking the Left Hand Path for she is a dark beautiful one.


Conner Kendall.


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Some great advice


Hi, thanks for the guide.

I found difficulties attaining TGS. I did “draw sight back” for like 10 minutes but nothing happened. I also don’t know the difference between “draw sight back” and “let vision blur slightly”. Aren’t they just the same?


When you draw your sight back it’s almost like you’re looking a few inches away from your target. You can still see it but your line of sight isn’t focus directly on it per say but is focused on the space right in front of it.

A cool trick to get yourself to get used to this is to bring an object close to your nose.

Keep it a palms distance away and then focus on that object, unfocus your stare and keep gazing at it, then look at your nose with that same unfocused stare. Do this back and forth for 2 times and then simply start staring an inch or so away from your nose but not at the object itself.

This will eventually train your sight and also increase your concentration


If the target is 10 feet away, draw my sight back is like focusing on something which is about 8 feet away, right?